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Thumbs up Just saying hello to the aussie forum for the first time

Gidday all you blue blooded boys and girls.. Ive been an avid observer of this forum for about a year now but very frustratingly havnt been able to post till now cos of hte restriction on non isp email addresses.. anyway enough crap let me say some stuff about myself in case you are having trouble sleeping.
Ive been blue blooded since birth, a trait passed on by my old man I think, I like fords obviously but I like them with open eyes, and i know like all thigns they have faults, but somehow they seem more holy and honest than the unspeakable evil that is assembled at fishermans bend, probably by decendants of lucifer himself.
Although i have only owned three fords in my life, and not very glamourous ones at that, I always felt a strange loyalty towards them, even though on several occasions they turn around and slap me in the face. The three fords i have owned are the following models:
-1977 mk 2 escort 1600 sport, (great driving car, great handling (esp on those dirt roads .. yeehar))
-1980 XD 3.3 (well initially anyway)auto ex taxi, running a duel fuel setup, with not a straight panel on the body, that had seen 750 000 no doubt semen and vomit laden kilometers in its life.
-A 1988 XF "3 on the tree" 3 speed MANUAL panelvan with again a wheezing 3.3 engine and ever new ventilation forming by way of the non stop ferocious rust in the seam where the roof joined the body, with the associated "urinal p!ss stain" paint damage to the paintwork. (curtesy of cairns' tropical weather)
Ok.. well at this point i feel i shoud get some stuff off my chest about these cars.. Ok..here goes.. bloody escort drive shaft bearings unis and gearboxes... effing effing effing weak x* series falcon door handles... by crikey i hated those things. I have never before had to order doorhandles for a car in advance in anticipation of their demise before. Bloody effing Xf leaky bodied rustbucket bodyshells. Shit if your gonna make a car leaky as a standard feature, please dont put the electronic box that controls the engine underneath where the water falls.. Never mind though, two massive grenade strength backfires a near death experience and two mufflers later I was a wiser man and skilled in the craft of sealing electric boxes with silicon goo.
I guess I was partly to blame for the demise of my xd's 3.3 engine between laverton and leonora in the wa outback though. I shouldnt have expected the ol girl to stay healthy at speeds of 140 kmh in 40 degree heat for long. Mind you... to her credit she did allow me to limp the remaining 50 km's to leonora and onto a waiting semi's flatbed trailer after cracking its pistons.
several times in my life during dark blue moments such as those mentoned above, i have asked myself why i have such loyalty to the blue breed. I have had to consider whether the followers of hte dark side may have a point (a thought that was quickly dismissed though) well I've thought about it long and hard, and Im still not sure that i have a definative answer. Sometimes i think its almost like a predjudice that a father can give a son from a young age, that then gets adopted and developed by the son, much in the way allegiances to a footy team or brand of crap beer can, but then i think of the sound of a bda engined escort belting through the forest sideways, or the sight and sound of a gtho bellowing out from the heart of its well hung engine bay at bathurst or at the disused street that forms the unofficial proving ground behind the railways in my hometown as it leaves a creation of hte dark side in its wake...
All of a sudden all is better, and the blue oval regains its poise in my view of the world. I feel right, and justified and good again...
so fellas.. There it is i guess. Thats where me and teh blue oval stand. I just hope that since i seem to end up buying the cars after they have been chewed up and spat out by 18 previous owners over an equivalent number of year during which their hundreds of thousands of kilometers have to put it kindly taken the edge off them, that ford make them durable enough to make it down to my level on the food chain with strong doorhandles and the good solid feel that the 'coons have always had...
Ok... now skip to the modern falcons(well by my standards anyway).. After the pleasing tight, integrated styling that was the EA falcon, I knew bad times were immenent as soon as i first laid eyes on the AU. Designed to appeal to the females of the species they said.. hmpf.. bloody Political Correctness gone mad i thoght to myself. Same goes for when ford dropped teh V8.. You just know that its like letting the school bully punch you and not get him back with a quick left right on the ol snoz.. its gonna get worse if you appear weak. You'll lose respect, freinds and become setup for a lifetime of dissapointment . Luckily Geoff p has made ford stand up to the local bully, he is training teh blue oval in the jujitsu of the automotive industry and were all loving the results.
I just hope that teh momentum is kept up and the blue oval is wher it belongs, on top of that evil red kitten badged thing that well all know and despise.
Ahh shit i can go on cant i? Im beginning to bore myself now, so ill leave my introductory rambling right there..
Nice to finally be able to say something. In the future my posts will probably be a bit more to the point of the matter hopfully.

VIVA LA FALCONE!! ( and my first post... (actually Its my second cos i copeid it from the into section)

p.s.... Geoff Polites.. please let me have rustproofing, invincible doorhandles and more than a three speed manual on my ba panel van when i get it deliverd to me in probably about 20 years.. thanks.
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Interesting descriptions of your previous cars LOL... :p WELCOME AND ENJOY YOUR STAY! :s6:

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A true Nutter!

Welcome and post on!!!!!!
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Welcome Ricecooker, to the nuthouse,you will (hopefully)enjoy your stay here some say you can book out but you can never leave. Others will tell you it's addictive I don't believe that....nurse..nurse where's my valium...nurse? Anyway enjoy :grom: :fairy

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Generally we dont like rice ! But you are gonna fit in great !! LOL Welcome and have fun !

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Thumbs up

Originally posted by Milo Kerrigan
Generally we dont like rice ! But you are gonna fit in great !! LOL Welcome and have fun !
Thanks mike Well you dont have to like rice, that doesnt really bother me. Im not saying anything about my food or car preferences by my name. It was just something that popped into my head for some reason, although i have cooked a few "rice" engines in my time. Damn nissan sunny vans mostly, but also a skoda coupe once too, I guess in that respect ricecooker is kind of relavent to me.. but thanks for the welcomes anyway guys.. i feel right at home now..
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Originally posted by laminge
A true Nutter!

Welcome and post on!!!!!!
I think you might be right Laminge, he might even fit in!

Welcome to the NUTHOUSE (tm) Ricecooker!


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Welcome aboard fella.. May I ask your jacket size?

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hey ricecooker, welcome.

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Welcome ricecooker.
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