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Question Laws for learner drivers in WA

Have the laws regarding learner drivers changed recently?

This is the third day in a row that I have seen a learner driver on the Freeway doing around 100km/h.

I was under the impression that learners were not allowed to exceed 80km/h and were not permitted to drive on the Freeway...
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If thats the case, WA sucks :)
in Vic we folllowed the same road rules as fully licenced drivers.
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The rules were changed recently

WA is the same as VIC now

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When I got my licence last year my L's said I couldn't drive on Freeways or in Kings Park Blah blah no danger of that they are both 3500+kms away.
But i was allowed to do 100km/h but when I got my P's I was only allowed to do 90km/h. But due to an error it wasn't specified on my licence which the cops reckon is supposed to be... Anyways I don't really think its right for an L plater to be allowed to go faster than a P plater.
I doesn't matter if they have licence holder of 4 year+ with them at 100kahs anything could happen and an un-expeirenced driver could do anything in reaction and 100kahs the consequences can be very nasty.

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Im a Second Phase L Plater and I go on the Freeway as much as possible, what the point of getting your p's and then being to shitscared to go on the free way

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the whole idea of getting your learners is so that someone can sit beside you and help you with what your doing wrong and stuff like that. Whats the point of not being able to drive under certain conditions and as soon as you pass you test and are fully licensed you can go and do what ever you like. I would have thought it would have caused greater accidents and fear in the new driver of new situations. Its like saying you not allowed to drive in the rain. Completely stupid. Get out there, have fun and be safe. Do a defensive driver course if you can. Well worth the investment and piece of mind. Pitch it that way to your parents and they might even pay for it. I will be getting my kids to do them. That way they will hopefully not get caught in a situation they don't know how to deal with!

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I have to agree with harasn, the only way to learn properly is by experence. There's a heap of drivers here in Perth that don't know how to merge properly, I believe as a result of old rules that didn't allow learers onto freeways etc. A defensive driver course is definately worth the money. I did one 25 years ago & its saved my arse plenty of times.

Regards Paul
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It WAS the most idiodic thing in WA next to Rose Portius. When you start learning on a job the boss doesn't go "Now I want you to be able to use this thing when you start work, but I ain't going to let you use it until then, teach you how to use it or fart sideways, got it". It order to be able to learn something you must be able to experiance everything it has going for it. You can't learn something will being prohibited from key points.

Most L platers are nervous balls of shite. I'm 1 year off my L's and I loved it. I was so calm and didn't struggle with a manual and didn't shit myself in busy traffic and all that normal L plater crap.

The current L plater laws allow you as a L plater to go on the freeway and go 100km/h. Which is good because you need to be able to get on the freeway early why somebody has the abilty to get out of a bad situation. Before you'd go on the freeway for the first time fresh off you P's and soil yourself without that experiance in the car. Thank god they smartened up.

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a little bit sideways
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It WAS the most idiodic thing in WA next to Rose Portius
come on!!! nothing gets close to our dear Rose for carziness. she is the of all things ridiculous....

as for learners on the freeway, a couple of points;

1. having someone experienced beside them is the best way to go. think of it like this, monday morning you are a learner, with experienced drivers being in the car with you at all times. you go out to the licencing centre at 11am and go for a 1 hour test. you drive about a bit. you reverse around a corner, you do a 3 point turn without hitting the kerbs and a whole load of other useful life saving skills, and they hand you a licence. Monday afternoon, you go play on the freeway with nobody beside you.

2. OPEN SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c'mere little learner, uncle gerry wants to show you some driving tricks

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Back in the good ole days when i was a P plater (going on 5yrs ago now, /me gets out the walking stick) i was over joyed about hoping on the freeway, all alone, first time ever, punched it along the on ramp in the hell gutsy 1.5L laser, and cruised along at 90kph (max limit back then for P's) and every mother f'er aimed for me, went flying by at 120+. I think its good that L platers can go on the freeway now, but they need to learn to drive at 100kph, and not piss fart about at 80kph, or drive REALLY slow coming onto the freeway.

Also people young and old dont know how to merge, i have had so many P platers lately try and take the pain off my doors lately, they dont speed up slightly, they dont fall in behind if im going faster, they sit there, next to your door, hoping you will move over. I mean its not hard to tap the go pedal or the slow pedal, or even change lanes when im coming on the the freeway, or when they are coming on.

As much of a shock it is seeing an L plater on the freeway, its good they learn to drive at the posted limit at a young age with someone there to guide them along.
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