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Linux or Windows

Just wondering who here uses windows and who uses linux.

I have a windows box with windows xp which is the biggest piece of crap on earth and 2 gentoo boxes which are a million times better then any microsoft piece of junk and red hat.

If you do use linux what flavor are you running??

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Re: Linux or Windows

Mostly windows, but I have played around with redhat and mandrake. Too hard so I gave it up

I'm surprised your having probs with your XP box though, I reckon its great.
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Re: Linux or Windows

I'm also wanting to change, as I really dislike microshit products with a passion.

W2k was quite stable and worked quite well for me, however XP was a slight backwards step in reliability.
95 and 98 were just complete crap, tying themselves in knots th emoment you have more than 2 things going at once.

I'm very interested in what others comments are on Linux.

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BA'o'Matic 100% working.
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Re: Linux or Windows

Windows and some unix boxes here at work I deal with, couldnt be bothered setting up linux


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

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Re: Linux or Windows

I have only ever had I can't really judge Linux, Mac etc. XP isn't the best piece of equipment around, but the previous versions were all right...they have to chuck one in with bugs after all, how will they make money otherwise? :s6:

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Re: Linux or Windows

Well XP is running off the 2000 platform so I can not see to many problems besides having 1000000 hot fixes and 100000000000000000 service packs.

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Re: Linux or Windows

Windows here but I use a few RedHat Linux boxes in my job. Each have their own merits but at this stage I find Windows much easier to use.

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Re: Linux or Windows

I run XP, which is the first OS that i have loved. Every just seems to work on it. But I dabble with Linux, various distros from time to time. Mainly Mandrake as that seems to have most things i need staright out of the box. One day i'm hoping to be able to ditch Windows, but i still think that is a few years away yet. By the time Longhorn comes around Linux may have well and truly caught up on most of the issues letting it down now. The biggest things getting in the way of it becoming a mainstream desktop OS at the moment is ease of use, and compatibility. It's made a big leap the last year or so on the ease of use side, but still has a fair way to go. Installation is amazingly simple now on most distros, and Lindows 4 takes about 8 mins and 2 or 3 mouse clicks and it's done. And KDE seems to have made an attempt to make things look a bit nicer, and the start menu is now mostly in plain english, not Linux-speek. But delve into the actual programs and you'll still find a lot of weirdly named programs that have lots of letters(mostly starting with a K) but not many easy to understand words. If your the sort of person who uses email, instant messaging and browsing the net, there is no real reason to not use Linux now. But if your heavily into games and multimedia, like audio or video editing, then it's still in it's infancy. Mplayer is great, but installing it is way too difficult for the newbie.

Linux has mostly, up until recently, been aimed at the hardcore user. The people that don't need their hand held every step of the way. The average Linux user likes the fact that not everyone can use it. For example i'd never dream of giving my mum a PC with Linux on it. While she could stumble through basic tasks, if she got into a bit of strife, she be in trouble.

But XP is good for pretty much everyone. It is aimed at the newbie or people who just want an OS to do exactly what it's suppose to, without having to get their hands dirty. No compiling, no having to sort through a website to figure out which file is for their distro. It just works, and from my experience, it very very rarely crash's, unlike the old days.

But the biggest thing that will get in the way of Microsoft, is that they assume everyone is a criminal and the whole activation paranoia is over the top. It's even turning legit users away. But i think in another 2-5 years it'll become much more of a choice, than a necessity as to which OS you run. I know i'll be doing my best to be in the linux camp.

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Re: Linux or Windows

I find XP to an excellent OS in terms of a Microsoft product, I've run it on stacks of machines and never had any major problems with it.

Linux I find has no place (for me anyway) in a desktop environment. I run about 100 servers at work running a combo of FreeBSD / Slackware Linux. I keep away from the n00b flavours (Redcrap, Mancrap, etc)
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Re: Linux or Windows

I've tried many times to use Linux (Redhat/Mandrake) and just seem to give up on it. Too hard and I personally think it is raved about a little too much (flame suit on!). I was really hoping for something super out of it, but I think I will stick with Win 2K.

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