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a little bit sideways
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mc inerney ford

well, today was the big day. after waiting nearly 7 weeks, my au3xr6 was built, delivered and ready to collect. everything was going fine until it came time to pay. i produced the visa card, they shat. they refused to do the transaction, but did concede as long as i paid the merchant fees.

a number of issues are here;

1. with this purchase, it would have taken my spending at mc inerney ford to $80000 in three years. so much for customer loyalty and service.

2. they claimed there is not enough margin in the deal to cover the merchant fees. this may or may not be true (i suspect they are full of it) but, even giving them the benefit of the doubt, there is about $8000 profit to be made on the two trade ins.

3. my understanding of the merchant facility is that the merchant CANNOT refuse to process a transaction. if they do, they can lose their merchant facility. further, my understanding of contract law is that they have created a breach of contract (by refusing payment) and therefore i am able to walk away. i will be checking the second point tomorrow with consumer affairs. on the first point, no matter what happens, i will be taking this complaint to visa.

4. under the merchant agreement, they CANNOT pass on the merchant fee. if they do, they can lose their merchant facility. once again, i will be pursuing this with visa.

the business manager came into the office (i shall leave his name off here...for now) and really couldnt give a s#*t. when i pointed out each of the above facts to me, he harped on about the deal costing them $462 in fees. and the best part was when he told me he would do the deal if i paid the $462. no matter what i said to this guy, the best i got out of him was a shrug. he couldnt care.

i am at the stage where i may not take the car, if i receive advice that i do not have to. at the same time, i may well proceed with the deal if things are going to get messy. the best part about walking away is that they will now have a car on their hands that is going to start costing them interest. it would be cheaper and easier all round to do the deal.

one way or another, i will be going after their merchant facility. i told the business manager about the potential loss of the facility, and politely reminded him that the loss of the merchant facility will cost him a lot more, but he shrugged. tomorrow i will be contacting visa (i work for a bank and have contacts all over the place) and lodging a formal complaint with visa.

after spending so much money there, after being told that i was no longer a customer but a mate, after having my cars serviced there for three years mc inerney ford treat me like this.

this is one pissed off angry little irishman. oh, and i am a vindictive b#@*ard too.
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Cheerful Idiot
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Our Ford guys couldn't be more helpful! Great service always (every time we turn up for a nosey we have one or two guys following us around having a chat) and the biggest discount ever on our XR from Ford NZ and the dealership - mainly because no one wanted to pay for the premium brakes. Bloddy briliant.

Doesn't sound to good on your side of the ditch though.

Good luck!
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Tear them a new arsehole mate!

We went through SO much crap when we bought our XR6HP (we paid cash but it was build and paint quality issues that we had) we rejected the first one and, after much bullshit, threatening and grandstanding, we made them order another one that conformed to our standards.

There is the rare salesman who is a nice person, but on average they are uninformed turd eaters and the higher one goes up the dealership foodchain, the more likely you are to find the dumbest, most rudely indifferent, staggeringly unintelligent pieces of excrement ever to wear suits and ties (I base this on personal experience). Do not backdown, and if you end up going through with your purchase, don't go back there for any servicing or to buy anymore cars there in the future.

The only thing I hate about buying cars at a dealership is dealing with the excrement that work there.
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Thanks for the tip, rsgerry, I certainly won't be going to McInerney's. Its sad in a way that Houghton Ford went under, cos now its just a few big dealerships that sell Fords in Perth.. And it seems as though they've got a monopoly on the game now..
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The SparkleHunter™
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Sounds ordinary mate. Keep us informed how you go re the merchant fees & visa..

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I'd be keen to hear how you go with the obligation to not refuse the credit card and not being able to pass the fee on.

Lately when buying stuff you get three prices depending on how you pay:

1. Cash or cheque
2. Master Card or Visa
3. Amex or Diners
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Ohh mate mate sucks

I as well works for a Bank, and agree on every point, but i would be dealing with the dealer principal and Ford Customer Relations on this one!
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I want a turtle!
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That realy sux.. wonder if they will back down as soon as they realise you are serious about taking this further?!

FPV - Tickford Club of NSW
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kick their arse rsgerry! what a bunch of tossers...

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I totally agree 1000% HP Dude! I have never purchased a new vehicle but I spent $16000 on a used one and was treated like a piece of sh*t from start to finish, especially when I came back with warranty problems. I tried to pull out of the deal but they had me over a barrell because I'd already signed the paperwork, Consumer Affairs were about as much help as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Good luck RS Gerry with your credit card payments, make 'em bleed.:fmad:

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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