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The membership year in review....

Well folks, its almost that time when another year gets struck off the record, and another one presents itself for exploitation.....

I have only been a member here for less than a year, but in that time I've

Been on 2 FF cruise events (Portsea Pub and Xmas, was booked for the RAID as well but still have a keyring to show for it)

Made some great friends here, and destroyed many a brain cell with them

Managed to introduce the GT Club boys to the FF boys, an aspect I find particularly pleasing

Learnt that people have as much passion and pride for their modern day rides as their older cousins

Friendship and mateship is alive and well in the land of Oz

Never doubt the existence of a PornBus.....

BSR HQ while having no race track connections whatsoever has many other redeming features

6 FF beer mugs are an essential item for any Ford man

U Turns in Portsea have a quality and satisfaction not found at the end of many other courts....

Ford were not the first to invent the XR6 Turbo

NOTHING is better than sit ups

The R world may well be out there somewhere, but no one can seem to confirm this

On a broader note, Ford regained the pride and recognition it had lost in a remarkable year, proving that near on 20 years of faith sometimes pays off

Team GT put some passion back into motorsport, and extended some great hospiltality to their supporters

Marcos Ambrose showed nerves of steel and put the blue oval right where it should be, on TOP

The Stone Brothers showed that substance can win out over marketing

On a personal note

Added my all time favourite XY GT to my own personal stable - something I would never have dreamed possible

Enjoyed every moment of my XR8

Moved house

Put the dog in for a successful restoration

Brought the Australian Muscle Car Day into existance, something I will continue to organise for as long as I'm not in an institution

Organised the first GT Tour of Tasmania, something I will continue to organise for as long as I'm not in an institution

Laughed hard, cried a little, smiled a hell of a lot.

All in all a year that goes down as a damn good one. As you will notice, a lot of it revolves around one brand of car, but really its more about the people who own, support and enjoy that car.

Hope your year was as good as mine. Look forward to seeing you all on the other side of it.


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Re: The membership year in review....

It has been a great year for me.

Joined exactly a year ago last december & in that time I have been on the Great Ocean Cruise, Arthurs Seat Cruise, GT40 workshop day, Clader Park Drive Day & the Eildon Cruise.

Met some cool people & got to passenger in some pretty cool cars, thanks Mal.

We moved into our first house this year, which is probally a highlight of the year.

Anyways, it is almost another year over & I hope next year can be better than this one.


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Re: The membership year in review....

Ok il share as well this may get a little deep sorry in advance!

Has been a very hard year for me personally but in reveiw I have grown immensly

reunited with my wife, then seperated again

Spent a lot (read;too much) time at work

moved into the city for 12 weeks for work

drank WAY too much,too often (not entirely bad but altogether not good!)

Met a great guy by the name of Steve on the GOR cruise

Organised with steve the Portsea Cruise and met some great guys (drank WAY too much again!)

Resigned from my job to start my own buisness and it is going fantastic!

Reunited with my wife again and now its like our honeymoon period all over again!(YAY ME)

spending a great deal of time making up for 18 months of lost time with my son.

My son turned 3 this year

Went on a well deserved holiday to Thailand

Introduced the lovely Mrs Kooky to the forums

Took an active part in the first "Ford Forums Christmas Cruise" and what a day that was

Well its been a full year for me and looking for next year to be a great deal smoother!

Most of all I am looking forward to sharing it all with my "Blue Blooded Family" with plenty more events to participate in. Bring it on!

..........Black MY02 WRX..........

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Re: The membership year in review....

Ok a review on the year thatís been for me. (LONG POST) and probably with heaps of errors.

Started out bloody hectic as I work for the Victorian Electoral Commission. I had just finished the State election in Dec 2002 and there were Council elections to be done. This meant around 2 months of flat out preparation and 1 month of 16 - 18 hour days with no life for shit pay but hey whatís new.

I had join FF the year before but I had my EB series II still. After umming and arring I decided it was time to purchase my AU I could not afford a XR so I decided that a classic would have to do. I love it its my pride and joy but I still miss my EB.

After getting the AU I decided the event on FF were a little to far apart and were not really to big so I decided to just make one up and see how many people showed. It was a tiny turn out with a few cars but that where I made first contact with other humans from FF.

This bloke named Darryn seemed to be one with the words and a lot like myself in ways so we hit it off. Also met Twin system(tm) that had a bloody nice GT and was a top bloke. Maximus but still didnít believe he had a car because I was still yet to see it. Mal and the turbo which made me fat and thatís when the ole Team galaxy roots were starting to form.

The meet went well so I decided to organise another cruise with Darryn (Kooky) to Portsea pub and also had a stay over where we met up with a lot of ford forum members and had a top day and night. Thatís where I also met a top bloke named XWGT (Roger) we had a few ales but didnít really hit it off there as such. The morning after was enough to know these boys new business and how to drink plus waking up with a stubbie in your hand half full after 6 hours sleep must mean something Iím an alcho LOL.

Weeks passed and Shane (Smciner1) had put a few good words in to the mods and FM decided that he was going to be flat out and was looking for a Ford forums Events Organiser for (VIC) I applied and a few days was notified that I had a new position (You bloody ripper). I got stuck into it and organised 3 driving courses, which spanned 3 months. They were a huge success and enjoyed by all that attended.

During the time between the first and second course my employer informed me that with all of the hard work and money I saved for them. That I would not be needed. And was out on the floor by New Years Eve. That had come as a blow after 3 years but I was sort of ready for it. I changed my views picked my head up and carried on.

I had a lot of time to think of what I was going to do and in the end I decided that I am going back to school. So I am heading back to do my Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering that starts in the New Year. I will pick up casual work, as there is plenty around and will still fight on.

Around the same time as this bad news Roger PM'ed me about some info and friends in IT that I could use to my advantage. I decided to go around and meet up with these top blokes and had a huge night playing games and getting pissed with Roger and Jasper. Roger is now officially one that get a phone call every couple of weeks to see how things are and whatís planned to organise other binge drinking sessions I'm glad I met ya roger same goes to you Darryn.

I knew that funds were starting to run low and that I would have to save so I had to back out of the driving events. Kooky coming to my rescue and taking donations off the rest of the FF blokes to keep me on and enjoy these courses. Laminge give me his ticket to the Last driving course but in the end I had to decline fearing something would happen to my AU's Auto and never having the money to fix it.

Those events finished and itís pulling up towards the end of September so I thought Iím going to get stuck into organising an Xmas cruise. That went down well and I thank all who was involved you guys know who you are. I become even closer to the other Moderators and Admins and also to all other FF users on the night. You guys know who you are to many to mention. Thanks Gazza, Xa and Kooky for all the drink's you guys made me smashed. Thanks also to the guys that stayed on until around close we sure did have fun you are now an extension of my own family, youíre my ford brothers and sister.

Heaps has happened this year with FF and me. I have also taken a helping roll in moderating the huge pub and Asylum sections and for now I have enough on my plate.

There countless phone calls to Philbie lately has made him another regular on my phone call list and a top friend.

Oh I also forgot Smciner1 &Casper you have been top blokes to me and we never get to catch up enough. Will have to do something very shortly with the both of you and have a few quiet beers.

A few other things have happened in my life at recent with my dadís heart bypass complications and now luckily everything is looking like itís leading up to be a top new year for me.

To whoever else I forgot I didnít mean it its just getting to bloody long thanks for a great year.

(Also LunaticSVT we will get to meet one day mate and we can down a few jugs together)

(RussellW, FM we need to kick back and have a few pale ales together when youíre not so busy. Laminge needs a hand to finish off some southern comfort I will put my hand up for that.

Until next event Heathcote Stay Safe, drive safe

Keep up the posts and keep the Forums Going.

Steve B

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Re: The membership year in review....

the big disadvantage of living in Tassie
miss out on the cruises and meeting all you fine folk

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Just give me an excuse...
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Re: The membership year in review....

My year in review. Well its been a fairly decent year, working shift work makes it a little difficult to plan to attend some events organised for ff. So I have only attended 2 this year (FPV cruise day and christmas cruise). Both were a fantastic way to meet and chat with fellow ford freaks. On the christmas cruise I had Shawn (FordHawk) as my passenger and it was a great way to get to know a fellow FF'er (thanx again to AU1SIXA, laminge, mrs xa, russellw and everyone else for a great event). fordforums has made me mature in my way of thinking in the whole car industry scene. i have gained incredible knowledge as well. I have also annoyed a lot of people with the constant chatter about the forums. A big thanks to LunaticSVT, Donut King and all other admins for maintaining a great site and to all other ff members for making it such a great experience.

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Re: The membership year in review....

Originally Posted by TS50
the big disadvantage of living in Tassie
miss out on the cruises and meeting all you fine folk
hey thats no excuse!..I have a gf in tassie and ive been down there 3 times in about a year and a half!

Yeah the spirit of tassie is a boring as bat shit but its only for 6-8 hours. Then you let all that frustration out with a nice drive.

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Re: The membership year in review....

Originally Posted by FoMoCo4eva
hey thats no excuse!..I have a gf in tassie and ive been down there 3 times in about a year and a half!

Yeah the spirit of tassie is a boring as bat shit but its only for 6-8 hours. Then you let all that frustration out with a nice drive.
ok point taken
well when the next cruise is on down the great ocean road i will try my hardest to make it, i think my little car would love that road

2002 Narooma Blue Manual TS50
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Whats traction?
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Re: The membership year in review....

I'm not sure why but I feel compelled to post in this thread....

I have only been here just over 5 months but i've had a fantastic time already. I've been to a mini FF calder drag night, on cruises to Mt Dandynong, Eildon, the great christmas cruise and the brockinest weekend up at Mt Brock with the 3FB boys'n'gals for the 24 hour race, damn what a blast that was!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has assisted me to get to and enjoy these events during the past few months. My cars have been nothing short of a disaster this year but i'm finally getting on top of them, so I hope to be repaying some favors soon!

And last but not least a HUGE thanks to the tireless efforts of the forum admins/mods. Its your hard work that makes this my favourite place on the net!


Just like a Tsunami.
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Re: The membership year in review....

A good year indeed.

In my mind it will be remembered for the following things:

1. Ford regaining market credibility and then losing it again.
2. The RAID that never was (and may that be the last one of those).
3. The hospitality of the TEAM GT people at Winton and the superb efforts of the TS50 on track.
4. Getting to meet some of the GT Club people (thanks XWGT).
5. Attending the AGM and elections of the GT Club of Geelong - 2 hours of watching everyone duck and weave their way out of the presidency was the stuff of legends.
6. The Calder drive day (both of them).
7. The Xmas cruise - thanks to kooky and AU1sixa for a great event.
8. On a sad note saying goodbye to the TE50.
9. On a happy note getting both the GT-p and the Mustang in the same year.
10. Watching the forum continue to grow.

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