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Monaro series 2 pics

Here are some pics of the Series 2 Monaro.
It looks nice in the new Purple Haze colour.

Press release:

The Holden Monaro Series II

More refinement, more features, more performance, even more style

Holden has introduced an updated Series II version of its highly popular Monaro sports coupe. The dynamically designed new millennium Monaro has dominated the sports car market segment since it hit the showrooms 12 months ago.

While the sleek exterior look remains largely unchanged, the Series II Monaro CV6 and CV8 models are distinguished by fresh interior styling treatments which include a new instrument panel with binnacle-style clusters and multi-function digital displays and a new steering wheel design. In addition, body structure refinements combine with powertrain improvements to offer better-than-ever build precision, performance and safety.

Simon Carr, Holden’s Brand Manager, Large Cars, says the latest evolution of the Monaro legend continues a remarkable sales success story that began well before the new coupe’s high profile launch at last year’s Sydney Motor Show.

“We held more than 500 firm orders months ahead of release time. Not surprisingly, Monaro jumped to the top of the sports car sales charts right from the beginning – and it has remained there, by a large margin, ever since,” he said.

“ With all that the Series II has to offer, we confidently expect that level of demand to continue. All the assets that have made Monaro such a success – particularly the great chassis dynamics, responsiveness and predictability that make it such a pleasure to drive – are there in full measure,” Simon Carr concluded.

The top of the range Monaro CV8 is now powered by a 235kW high output version of Holden’s Generation III 5.7 litre V8 engine, complemented by a specially tuned twin exhaust system.

Added to the standard equipment listing for CV6 are ‘twilight sentinel’ automatic headlamp control and road speed sensitive intermittent wipers.

Both models receive high-feature Blaupunkt audio systems. The CV6 now has headlamps off programmable time delay, while the CV8 offers a six disc in-dash CD player and audible Rear Park Assist. Optional on both models are satellite navigation and the Holden Assist 24-hour satellite security and support system.

Good Looks
Stylish ‘mechanical’ design 5-spoke alloy wheels – 18-inch and 17-inch respectively – distinguish the Series II Monaro CV8 and CV6 from their predecessors. The CV8’s high output V8 performance boost is advertised by twin chromed exhaust outlets.

The choice of an exclusive new exterior finish, Purple Haze (named for the 1967 Jimi Hendrix classic released a year before the original Holden Monaro), is also available with the new Monaro series. On CV8 models, Purple Haze is complemented by instrument cluster colours and a choice of colour-keyed or Anthracite leather trim.

Inside, the new-look cockpit features a smoothly integrated and redesigned instrument panel with updated controls and graphics, a centre console incorporating large screen readout radio fascia and smart four-spoke steering wheel.

The CV8 sports a black Anthracite centre fascia with silver-accented surrounds, colour-coded instrument clusters and alloy pedal covers. Its leather-trimmed steering wheel, new design park brake and transmission shifter feature colour-coded stitching and satin chrome highlights; door handles are also satin chrome.

Anthracite black leather trim on the CV6 Monaro is matched to a centre fascia finished in Dark Tempest metallic, a colour also picked up on the steering wheel spokes. Steering wheel, park brake and transmission shifter are leather trimmed and stitched; pedals are alloy-covered.

Four-ring instrument dials, a feature of Monaro’s new binnacle-style instrument cluster, subtly reflect retro themes. The CV6 cluster features red, white and black-accented graphics with model ID, and a single window multi-function display.

The Monaro CV8 has colour-coded instrument clusters (with white or red indicator needles) with black hubs, highlighted by satin silver binnacle rings, white-illuminated instrument graphics, model ID and a three window multi-function display.

Both models now feature black upper interior trim and new technical knit headlining, also in black.

The operation of Monaro’s electric slide fold-forward seat system has now been made even more convenient with the provision of an extra control on the side of each contoured front seat which can be used to slide the unoccupied seat back into position.

Performance, Precision and Safety Holden engineers have improved the all-round quality of the Monaro driving experience by applying leading edge technology to achieve advances in build precision, powertrain and safety performance.

The CV8’s high output Generation III 5.7 litre V8 engine delivers an extra 10kW of peak power (235kW) and 5Nm more torque (465 Nm). Its deep V8 base note comes courtesy of a new, full-length twin exhaust system with twin balance pipes, optimised to provide a sound quality that does not become intrusive at cruising speeds.

Recalibrations and shift revisions improve the performance of Monaro’s automatic transmission systems and V8 automatic transmissions have been upgraded for greater durability.

Service intervals for the Monaro CV6’s supercharged V6 engine have been extended to 15,000km from 10,000km. Additionally, the supercharged V6 is now fitted with a 'dampolator’ – a combined accessory drive isolator and crankshaft bending damper which enhances engine smoothness above 4000rpm, resulting in a freer-revving engine character.

Body structural stiffness has been further optimised using Finite Element Analysis.

The new park brake lever has a revised release mechanism for smoother operation with lower effort.

The application of new, lightweight noise absorption materials assists in further isolating the Monaro passenger compartment from engine noise.

Occupant safety is enhanced by new load-limiting seat belt retractors, re-optimised front airbags and structural reinforcements which reduce the risk of lower limb injury.

Monaro’s new instrument cluster features a large multi-function digital display which offers a range of customised information settings. These include radio station display and PRNDL ‘gear selected’ indicator, trip computer with stopwatch function, service reminders and a help facility.

New Blaupunkt audio systems include features such as road speed-dependent volume levels which are adjusted through the instrument cluster, a security link which does not require PIN number re-entry after servicing and an auxiliary input to enable phone and Holden Assist audio to be fed through the speaker system.

Rear Park Assist, standard on Monaro CV8 and optional on CV6, is enabled automatically when reverse gear is selected. Four ultrasonic sensors mounted in the rear bumper trigger audible beeps which increase in frequency as the vehicle gets closer to obstacles behind it, alerting the driver to their presence and proximity.

A new mobile phone power outlet under the centre console armrest powers the phone charger, out of sight, leaving a second socket to power other items. Monaro CV8 also has a lidded compartment for mobile phone and other small item storage.

The CV8 is also equipped with two additional cupholders which pop out from the dash and spin into position.

Series II CV6 and CV8 models are available in a choice of seven exterior colours, two of them – Purple Haze and Devil – exclusive to Monaro. Another exterior finish, Vespers, is new to the Monaro range.

The colour selection is:
Purple Haze (smoky charcoal with violet accents); Vespers (dark, inky blue metallic); Devil (highly chromatic solid sports yellow); Hothouse (bright metallic green with brilliant highlights); Quicksilver (sharp silver with brilliant highlights. Red Hot (highly chromatic solid red); Phantom (metallic black with silver highlights).

CV8 Custom Trim Combinations
  • Purple Haze offers Purple Haze or Anthracite leather trim with purple instrument cluster colour.
  • Vespers offers Cobalt or Anthracite leather trim with blue instrument cluster colour.
  • Devil offers Anthracite leather trim with yellow instrument cluster colour.
  • Hothouse offers Anthracite leather trim with green instrument cluster colour.
  • Quicksilver offers Cobalt or Anthracite leather trim with blue instrument cluster colour.
  • Red Hot offers Red Hot or Anthracite leather trim with red instrument cluster colour.
  • Phantom offers Red Hot or Anthracite leather trim with red instrument colour, as well as Anthracite leather trim with yellow instrument cluster colour.

Option Highlights
Six-stack in dash CD player $595 (CV6)
Holden Assist $1,990
Rear Park Assist $495 (CV6)
Holden by Design (HBD) Satellite Navigation $3,800
HBD rear spoiler $750
HBD alloy wheels:
17”x8” Y series multi-spoke (CV6) $1,070
17”x8” I series six-spoke (CV6) $1,050
18”x8” J series (CV8) $1,720
HBD sports profiled leather steering wheel $295

On Sale: Late January 2003

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looks like the same 2 door commo as before

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235kw....Sports car....High Output V8?
Gee those options look expensive. Especially on an overpriced 2 dr commy.

Seriously though,
Hss the ride height been raised or is it just the wheels. For some reason it looks 4 wheels drivish to me??
I like the wheels but still not a fan of the car.

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Looks good I reckon. Good to see they haven't used the crappy looking VY headlamps and kept the rear clean with no spoilers.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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Thumbs up

Hate to say it but geez that looks horn. I love it. I would love to borrow one and drive around on a friday night.

I think if i ever changed to the dark side and bought a CV8 thats the colour i'd take or the delph mica "Metallic Blue".

The instrument cluster looks far more upmarket with the black and chrome.

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The dash looks exactly the same as the SSX concept..

Nice 300kmph speedo tho.. To be fitted to HSV as well I guess?
There must be alot of Mondeos with out steering wheels..

Good to see a nice diffrent purple tho...
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Good thing they didn't VY-ugly-fy it. I do like the neatness of the monaro, and I guess the holden supporters will be thanking god holden let up on the 'slap-across-the-grill-with-a-ruler' treatment for it.
High output 235kW?

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'dampolator’ – a combined accessory drive isolator and crankshaft bending damper
LMGDAO! You gotta love marketing...

Will have to agree with Mr Strider here, if I was going to switch sides, that'd be the car... Although I'm afraid to even look at a Gen3 incase something goes wrong, so it isn't likely to happen. Very tidy interior too.
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Originally posted by ford.boy
Good thing they didn't VY-ugly-fy it. I do like the neatness of the monaro, and I guess the holden supporters will be thanking god holden let up on the 'slap-across-the-grill-with-a-ruler' treatment for it.
High output 235kW?
I agree.. but I think they could've done SOME external chages apart from wheels. I guess if it ain't broken don't fix it a? Thank God they didn't ruin the rear end (the best view of a Monaro IMO) with the Magnadore lights...

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