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wanting 6 gears!
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more cameras

Well this is my story..

Going down the bruce highway (south) just ending the 110km zone and up to the caboolture exit i go into the right lane. The reason for this is just after the exit the merging lane is very short and nobody seems to be able to get in. Well im in the right lane and everyone has merged doing about 110km as practically forced to by the people around me and the taxi driver touching my bumper. Everyone now in the left lane speeds right up got people all round me pissed. Then bout 30m after they have joined is a speed camera right hand lane !!! Nabbing every single person in the right lane nearly !! What is the point of this it aint safety its just making money. Its one of the most dangerous merge lanes in qld (iv heard) and they have it in the right lane cant they at least give us 100m to get our act together before they throw a camera at us. I saw it between the bushes got down to bout 104--6 i reckon as I couldnt slow down the the ignorant taxi driver behind me, he probly got no ticket. Not sure if ill get a ticket, anyone know ??? They where a few people in left lane but it was clearly on my side facing the right lane.

Main reason for this post is i think revenue now is before saftey try to make it safe and easy for other drivers and get a $100 fine jeez.
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Welcome to the real world,check the red light/speed camera myth thread.

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I know the exact onramp your talking about, its the Bribie Island turnoff/merge and it's suicide at the best of times. I used to go past it about once a week. Was the camera before or after the little bridge because it's usually after but maybe they wern't getting enough money.

Anyhow, if you were only doing 106 you should be ok as Qld has a higher tolerance than Vic or NSW. I think they would have set the tolerance to 108 or more.


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wanting 6 gears!
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It was just after the bridge most well nearly all of the time im on high alert for radar on the bruce. I saw it when going over the brige between the tree's but wasn't sure if it was one as they hadnt been there lately. Anway i slowed down slowly to about 14-8 somewhere in between there I really couldnt break to hard thanks to the taxi driver. I hope I got away didnt see a flash but I dont think the new ones flash. Either way the guy in the EL falcon in front of me would of gone about 115+ past the thing. Hope im not busted :(
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The number of people on this forum who are getting pinged is just amazing.

Why are we putting up with the blatant falsehoods and blatant lies from the various state governments, police etc.

If you are to follow the logic of so-called experts like one Professor McLean of Adelaide University, If speed kills, then why aren't the autobahns of Germany clogged up hundreds of crashed crashes and hundreds of people dying daily?

"It is instructive to compare the extent to which the risk of involvement in a casualty crash varies with a driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and with travelling at a speed above the speed limit. We are able to do this because a case-control study of crash risk and BAC was conducted by the Road Accident Research Unit in Adelaide in 1979. Comparable case control studies on speed and alcohol have not been conducted in the same city anywhere else in the world. The results of these two studies indicate that if the blood alcohol concentration is multiplied by 100, and the resulting number is added to 60 km/h, the risk of involvement in a casualty crash associated with that free travelling speed is almost the same as the risk associated with the blood alcohol concentration. Hence, the risk is similar for 0.05 and 65; for 0.08 and 68; for .12 and 72, and so on.

Given that the relative risk of involvement in a casualty crash at 72 km/h is similar to that for a BAC of 0.12, it is more than a little incongruous that the penalty for the BAC offence is a $500-$900 fine and automatic licence disqualification for at least six months while the penalty for the speeding offence is only a $110 fine"

The problem with the above report is that is bloke has taken only the data that fits his argument that speed kills. In fact if you read all the statistics he uses, his conclusion is flawed!!!

It is people like Professor Mclean who are advising our state Governments. Why are we accepting the BS from people like this.

Just go to this link and you will see what I mean.

When are we going to stop putting up with the BS and fight back!

The state governments income from cigarettes is diminishing a great rate, so they are slugging the motorist with an illegal tax

There will only be relief of this madness if we fight back.
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we don't live in Europe so there is no use telling us how good the Autobahns are..
I would like to hope that the family of the first person that gets killed because of the overtaking lane cameras and the chaos it causes sues the Government.
I find it hugely funny (in an ironic sense) that guns will be banned because "it's worth the expense even if we save one life" but the road toll issue is all about money whilst pretending to save lives. If the government put as much effort into the road toll issue as they do into taking guns away from licensed shooters I think we would be a long way ahead.
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wanting 6 gears!
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I know when ever I see a speed camera I flash my lights at people the other way. Why dont people do this for me? I think its only ever happened once by a teenager in a commodore. If everyone flashed their lights we could finally over come the speed camera problem. I help abouth 30 people not getting a fine and get nothing in return. Good that i listen to triple j radar and traffic report every morning :)
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The question regarding how good the autobahns is not the issue that the governments and their so-called experts are on about.
They say that speed kills!! Period.
Therefore the autobahns must be killing fields because everyone speeds!! So you do 160kmh on an autobahn and you will die!
There logic is totally flawed!

We have some very good roads in Vic. The Geelong Road has a posted limit of 100kmh and it is 6 lanes wide and it is a freeway. The Hume has a posted limit of 110kmh and it is 4 lanes wide and and only some sections between Somerton and Wodonga are freeway in the true sense.

Where is the logic in having one road that is a 6 lane freeway with a limit 100kmh and that is 4 lanes and some freeway sections 100kmh?
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