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My 2000th!

Well the time has come!

Did nothing special for my 1000th post, didn’t really think about it until seeing some guys like JR doing a bit of a speal for theirs (although we all know how JR likes writing up his little stories) so I thought I better at least do one for my 2000th!

It all began (I think) in a google search far, far away when I stumpled upon these forums when I was looking up info on AU’s as I had just baught one – im sure that’s the wrong way around haha. Id been a frequent netter (sp? Word?) for quite some time and loved my fords, constantly waiting for updates on the “True Blue Ford” website – im sure many of you are aware of this site – and couldn’t believe I hadnt found this “community” before!

At first was a bit daunting as I had never really been into the whole chat site thing so it was all about as foreign as soap to a holden fan. But I feel as I reach my 2000th im starting to get into the swing of things a bit hopefully!

Its now where I have to express my dissapointment in ford forums.

This place has by far been the most profoundest cause for my modification illness!
I feel if I hadnt have stumbled across this place I may very well probably be driving around in a somewhat stock AU1 futura with some nice 17” rims this very day!

I would also have some money in my pockets right about now, and I would also have some form of a tan and remember my family’s first names as I would not have been sitting infront of the monitor as much as I do!

….but in saying that…..

not only has this site been a HUGE wealth of knowledge but it has also turned my blood from a slight shade of blue - bit lighter than blueprint, to a nice rich dark narooma blue type blood!!!

My understanding of fords has increased hugely – mainly of the older models which I hardly knew nothing of due to my age ( I mean EA! Who else knew of it?? Haha jk ).
And my mechanical knowledge is still sketchy but feel I have some sort of a clue now in comparison to what I used to know.

And then I come to the blokes that make this site what it is, and why most of us actually come here Im sure!

From memory I cant remember having too many run-ins with anyone (if so please speak up – if you have the guts again that is!! Haha)

At this point I guess I should make a few mentions of the guys that have made the whole FF experience that extra bit enjoyable…

JC – well I guess I have to mention this bloke first. Was the first guy that I met in person off the forums when I baught his tickford springs (gone now after being replaced with superlows) off him. He has also been one of the leading advocates for the AU on this site (starting up the AU showroom thread after we were both copping a bit of flack for randomly throwing up pics of our cars whenever we had the chance, relevant to the topic or not). Who woulda thoought that thread would have reached the huge proportions it has?!?. We also share a bit of an addiction to painting nearly every interior bit we are able to take off (in my case even more than that!). And in a funny/freaky twist of events I actually knew of johns car long before I even came onto this site as it was one of the featured cars in the gallery on the True Blue Ford site, sad to see it have to leave the family mate but im very happy for ya that your now a proud dad – of two!

The 3FB jibberers – have only made it to one event so far guys but I assure you I will be to many more, was great to finally meet guys like…
JR – damn that engine bay! Love it mate
XR Strider Guy – another strong supporter of the AU hence being the CEO of the AUPS
Dark Horse – For such a quiet guy stories of your shinanigans have reached all ends of the country, sweet ride too with the rebel kit!
Bluedriver – I tend to give you a bit about being such an old bastard but…well…you are…haha and I like your method of not having to replace worn tyres too (don’t keep the rims long enough for even the little nipple things to wear off).
And before I end up writing something of JR/Russell type proportions I better just quickly throw in the other guys like Blurter, XR6HP01, AusXH, 3Toed, B1-B and im sure ive forgotten others, oh and that guy with the EF that had the sticker bullet holes! I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better, but not too much.

JamieXR6 – I only just recently met him in person when he grabbed my momo wheel but first contact was made early back when I was first enquiring about the Herrod exhaust systems. Hes now the proud new owner of a beautiful (im sure) black XR6T with custom leather interior, and ive noticed since then he hasn’t been sighted on FF, coincidence? Youll have to take me for a spin soon mate.

HOTDBZ – well what can I say, im amazed every time I hear of news about your beast, was more painful than the BA reveals but its great to see it up and running and going well now…

And all the other AU guys who ive gotten to know a bit like Kooky, AU1SIXA, Younggun (finished that stereo yet mate??), Nevermind, JAJH, AUForte, 98AUXR6, Venom XR, ok cant list any more atm

and a special mention must go to ebxr8240 whos technical knowledge is truely mind blowing

And a thankyou would not be complete without thanking the main guys especially LunaticSVT but also Laminge, Russell and the other unsung heroes who make this site the great thing that it is and will continue to be.

Well im sure I have missed a tonne of people that I should have mentioned but ive already rambled way more than I expected to, hell this is quite easily the longest thing I have ever typed since leaving school!

I look forward to meeting many more great guys and contributing at least another 2000 insightful and educational posts


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Re: My 2000th!

Congrats mate!

Been thinkin about whether to stay NA or whack on a Supercharger like your beast. Hmm still undecided

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Re: My 2000th!

no thanks to me?

Do not read this
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YES its a 5 Speed!!
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Re: My 2000th!

well done mate... hope i make it one day too!!!!!

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Re: My 2000th!

Glad you are enjoying your stay!

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Re: My 2000th!

Good Stuff Falkeen and congrats on the 2000th post. You truly have one very nice AU and I always love visiting your webpage. I think I have directed to many people to your site because of the tech pages you have got on there. You have also been a great member of the site and for the life of me I can not think of anyone you have rubbed up the wrong way ( In a fighting sense of course) . I like reading anything you Post and the great little mods that you attempt. Lets just hope your blood always stays Blue mate.

Congratulations again, remember we can discuss this again at 3000.

Steve B

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You can do eeeit!
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Re: My 2000th!

Congratulations Adam,

All the best with your beast, and I must say if 3FB was the Iraqi dictatorship your car would be one awesome weapon of mass destruction. Well, actually, it already is an awesome WMD.

Good to see you've enjoyed your time here, and I've certainly appreciated your contribution to the AU Preservation Society passing onto others what you've also picked up here on FF.

Here's to another 1000 psi oops sp. posts,



A youth becomes a man when the marks he leaves on the world have nothing to do with tyres.

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Member of the FPV-Tickford Club of NSW

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Re: My 2000th!

Thanks adam its been bloody great listening to your progress with your machine even if they were not all a complete success and i do remember JC HOTDBZ me and you tryig to push the AU showroom thread to 300 posts at som rediculous hour ona saturday morning what is it up to now 1900 or so i think!

Cheers Mate

see you round


..........Black MY02 WRX..........

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17" is for 4cyc
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Re: My 2000th!

2000 post's !!! You bloody Post Wh0re
I say what is the youth of today coming to ?

Sonny oh sorry Falkeen its been a pleasure only once as you mentioned but hopefully you will grow out of your "Gonna" stage and become a regular 3fb participant.
Your car is a credit to your passion and look forward to seeing both of you in future cruiser's next year.

'02 XR8 S111 220kw + a little more
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Re: My 2000th!

thanks all guys

been flat out and havent been able to get back on FF since posting
thanks for the kind words

and yes bluedriver i will shake the "gonna" tag very soon

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