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My experiences with Jim Mock Motorsport!


Finally got my car back today! As you might have read in some previous post I had a few difficulties with getting my DEV4 CAM package from Jim Mock Motorsport up and running. Finally the mechanics at Rockhamtpon Dyno Tune got the installation correct after advancing the CAM timing instead of retarding it. So another day & a different mechanic in the workshop resolved this problem. A double check by a second mechanic made sure the installation/timing was correct.

It was time for a Dyno run. Originally producing 175HP with 2.5inch Exhaust, Hurricane Extractors, SS Induction & K&N Filter. Then after installing the CAM package & the power dropping to 165HP when they advanced the CAM timing instead of retarding it. My AU XR6 Manual now produced 185HP up 10HP from the original result of 175HP.

So for my $2000 I achieved an increase of 5% / 10HP at the wheels. Quite ‘remarkable’ considering I spent $500 on an Exhaust & Extractor setup and achieved a 10% / 21HP increase.

Once the results were produced the mechanic was straight on the phone trying to contact Jim Mock Motorsport, but only getting the apprentice son. After waiting for 3 hours and even a phone call from myself at work, still no phone call from Jim! They finally tracked down Jim's mobile number & after the mechanic had a lengthy chat with Jim Mock, Jim come to the conclusion that by approving the type of extractors from Hurricanes to Jim Mock Motorsport Extractors would solve the problem of the 'lossed' HP!

So basically Jim Mock told the mechanic who was very surprised from the answer, by spending $400 on a set of Jim Mock Extractors we would achieve the power we were expecting. Remembering that in HP the figure Jim Mock quotes 221HP (165RWKW) at the rear wheels for a DEV4 CAM.

After finding this hard to believe myself & ringing Bill's Exhaust who fitted the Hurricane Extractors who also found it hard to believe. I gave Jim Mock Motorsport a call and having a chat with the apprentice son (since Jim or Brendan Mock were not available) he told me by fitting these extractors I would gain around 40HP! I asked him if he would guarantee this which he agreed to then I asked him if he would put it in writing which he stumbled on. Then after having a bit more of a discussion I asked Jim Mock himself to return my phone call which ‘surprising’ he didn’t. I will be ringing Jim Mock tomorrow morning to try and resolve this issue.

In conclusion I have spent $2000 that achieved a 5% / 10HP increase of power when the claim was ‘upto’ 20% / 45HP. Never did I think I would achieve the maximum figure but only increasing 5% 10HP for $2000 is what has troubled me. Now for Jim Mock Motorsport to claim that these ‘Extractors’ will resolve the problem, only an extra $400 will see!


Aaron Cameron.
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Sounds interesting to me. But a DEV4 also involves taking the head off, shaving the head to increase compression, and porting it. Was that done to your head? Or did you just throw in the cam and hope you'd come out on top?

Either way i'd be pissed to, its true though, the only way to make a 6 scream is to blow it :)
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Yep, very important issue when claims do match up to results!

Originally posted by South
the only way to make a 6 scream is to blow it :)
So how do you make a 9 scream? I'll let you work it out.


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Re: My experiences with Jim Mock Motorsport!

Originally posted by memphis
... Jim come to the conclusion that by approving the type of extractors from Hurricanes to Jim Mock Motorsport Extractors would solve the problem of the 'lossed' HP!
Hi Aaron.

I'm sorry but this quote above is a steaming load of bollocks, just like the 165rwkW claim. If Jim can provide detailed evidence that his headers will pick up 40rwhp over your current Hurricanes, with everything else unchanged, then I will eat my FordForums hat!

I agree with South as well - forced induction is the way to go if you're after serious squirt from your 6. Unless you're going to spend some heavy duty cash on lots of porting and exotic engine bits, the intake/exhaust/cam path will find you hitting a wall in terms of power gains.

Thanks for the report, keep us posted with developments.

BTW - did you used to be an lurker? Your name seems strangely familiar!

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Didn't mock used to be used car salesman??? Pretty sure on this actually. Be careful with the guarantee on power claims, every engine is different, so if he can guarantee that then i might have to have a munch sparkles hat too. BTW mock uses lukey extractors. If you want to do research, check out pipe lengths on the headers and also the diameter of the pipes. Good luck...
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As far I was aware the power figure quoted for the "DEV 4" is when you purchase the "DEV 4 package". This includes the extractors, cam, timing gear and the other stuff South said.

So by just purchasing the cam from a DEV 4 of course you are not going to reach the same power figures as quoted by the Mock boys.

I know that there are a lot of people waiting for real proof of these power figures, and the Mock guys need to prove the improvements on someone elses dyno, and also the difference down the 1/4. Only this would answer all the questions that have been left unanswered.

I hope that you get everything sorted. Good luck

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My only comment is be careful about coming to conclusions on horsepower versus dollars.

Everyone knows that when modifying an engine the cost of each additional horsepower is on a logarithmic scale. Sure, gain 10kW with headers on a stocker. Maybe $500??? However, take you full bolt on equipped engine and try to gain that same additional 10kW and it is going to hurt a lot more.

Before talking badly about this Jim Mock guy, give him the chance to put things right. Maybe the 10kW is only part of the story? Did the torque curve fatten out? (my AU2 XR8 used a modded cam, however it was chosen for torque - the bigger cam would have given me more peak kWs).

See how you go and get back to us.

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The MOCKS have tried to prove how "good" their products are....

They ran a Dev5 XR6 Auto (250kw at the fly they reckon) and it recorded a flat 15 second quarter mile... (Well done SOUTH for that info)

CLICK = Jim Mock Motorsport Qtr Mile Times


p.s Memphis don't waste your money on their extractors if you've already got decent ones.. these are press-bent btw

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The gearing in these cars isnt that bad, as I said my EB XR8 with about $1000 worth of mods did a 15.3 @ 93mph which I was happy enough with, I reckon the old girl would have had about 170-175kw at the fly (it was auto)

So I would expect a engine with 250kw to press along at more than .3 sec and 2mph (3.2km/h) faster over the line than the old EBXR8 auto, which are not known for great performance by any streach of the imagination.

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im interested to know if you had the compression raised or is your car an XR6 in which case its raised already?

Did you have the head ported, polished and matched etc? I just recently installed the dev5 cam by itself (already have full exaust intake mods etc) and lost alot of low down power but gained top end, problem is the cam isnt timed right so i believe my gain will be slightly higher but i wouldnt expect a big ass gain without the head work compression raise etc.

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