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New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Hiya... I hope I got the correct forum. I posted in the General Tech forum without thinking because that's where I normally read .

I currently own 2 cars, and XD 351C on gas (basically it's as I bought it 2 yrs ago, it has extractors, a towing cam in it and a 5spd manual). And I have an XB coupe GS that rattles and shakes whenever it drives.

I use the XD for work, and travel about 800k's a month for work purposes. Fuel efficiency is great, 400K's for less than $25, and for some reason the suspension is really good as people comment on how well the car handles. I wanted to have a nice, classy and very, very fast V8 and realised I couldn't work on the XD because I didn't have a 2nd car to use for work. Therefore I got the XB, full of rust, a 302 that I know nothing about and so much dodgy stuff done to it that I'm surprised my relatives haven't stopped me from driving it.... but I love it, and it's going to be a very nice car one day.

And here's where I get to the point. The XD keeps breaking. I think the last few months I've been spending a grand a month on the XD just keeping it going. I'd really like that money to go towards the XB, and have the XD as the happy, reliable car it used to be. On a grand a month, I could be paying off a new car, and have reliable car, with a fixed cost each month, and have money to spare (well, spare money = money for XB).

So I need help here decided if I want to sell the XD and go something new, or bear with the XD and get it into a reliable state again, and not have a debt?

Keep the XD:
  • Fuel efficiency for the power
  • It's my 1st car (sentimental value)
  • It already has a new clutch, gearbox, exhaust and rear brakes, there's not much more that needs replacing.
  • I can work on the car myself, as things are simpler (I sooo need more mechanical knowledge, so any practise is good).
  • I'm probably going to fix up a few things before I sell it anyway, so why not keep it?
  • Every time something is either fixed or replaced it turns out just a little worse than before any work was done on it (e.g. gearbox now vibrates the car at certain revs; exhaust has a mystery leak that is always found and fixed, but is always still there when I get into the car; the new gearbox feels more worn than the old; every tune seems to not bring the car back to the point of the previous tune)
  • I will need to spend more money getting the car reliable
  • I still want to spend money on the XD getting it nicer than it was when I originally bought it, and that's after it's gotten to the reliable stage

Sell the XD for monies and buy a new shiny XR (XR6, XR6T, XR8, whatever fits with the budget):
  • It's shiny, and new!
  • It has a warranty
  • It will come with the rims I want, the interior doesn't need to be changed, the drivers seat won't be bent so that the left side is 4 inches further back than the right.
  • It will be more powerful than what I've currently got (that's one of the improvements to the XD I haven't gotten around to... it goes well, but doesn't go hard)
  • I'll be in debt... not unmanageable debt, but it's a long term commitment.
  • Insurance - I need to look into this.
  • More fuel costs.

Comments? Experiences? Recommendations? Pros and Cons?
Sorry for the essay, but it's a big decision :).
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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

I'm just assuming that since you list the Xr's as the other option - you consder that you can afford them. I would strongly advise you have a look around at different insurance companys before you commit to any decision.

Also, getting into debt for a few years can really suffocate what you can do with your money... However, if you are sure that you can do this, buying an BA XR would be a fantastic experience, as they are terrific cars.

You could also look at el xr or au xr's too, which would be significantly cheaper.

In the end, its your choice
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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

I'd probably go for a newer car, though not brand new.
All the XR's are really nice cars, with my favourite being the XR6T, though the XR8 is close second.

If you're getting annoyed with doing the work to your old car, it is time to go, as it never gets any better, only worse.


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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

get the BA Fairmont V8 with a bench front seat and column auto put in, with LSD
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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Hi Truffles.

I'd go for an earlier model AU or E series if I was you. I'm actually in a similar situation. I have 3 cars, i'm going to keep one and get a new car at some stage in the next 12 months (once the XD is finished).

If your putting a lot of KM's on it then i'd avoid an XR model because you'll have to work hard to sell an ultra high KM model in future and loose a lot on money on it as a result.

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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Agree with XDC351.
I'd go a Fairmont V8 personally, AUII, or III. They look sexy!
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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Id stick with the XD. I know I seem bias owning one.

Ive placed the newer car game, had never spent over $2,000 on a car until I bought the ELXR8 is have now. Then my fiance wanted an XR, now came a AU1XR6. Had so much cashflow issues had to refiance house to recover. Now jointly lost $10,000 or more, but thats life.

When looking at how much I will lose when both theses cars are sold, that is alot of repairs & fuel.

I will never buy a another newer car unless I can salary sacrifed it or got a tax deduction for one.

Scope out my '80 XD Fairmont Ghia 351 V8 in the gallery!

Pics here:

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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

All good advise there Truffles, especially the one about getting quotes for insurance that alone may sway you one way or the other.
Buying a brand new car is a huge commitment, nothing wrong with that if it's exactly what you want. If it's just something a little more modern you want, that is reliable and is comfortable there are much cheaper options than buying new.
The sooner you can learn to do more things for yourself mechanically, the cheaper an older car gets. If you don't enjoy working on cars no crime in that, but it makes an older car less attractive financially IMHO.

I have an XD I use for work and the wife has a VX wagon she lets me drive sometimes. Both great cars to different people. Sure the VX is comfortable and reliable but it's boring to drive. My work van has a mild 351 which is fun to drive. I built the car, it's easy to work on, parts are cheap and available.

If the XB is really full of rust forget it, get one with a good body!
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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Hi Truffles

I have BA NA XR6. Much better than the Festiva I had before!

In the end, it is totally dependent on your finances and how much it matters to you re resale etc. I got insurance on mine for $500 per year and there are HUGE variations on that - it is cheapest I found. Turbo and XR8 are not much more, maybe $100 per year at most. I pay $600 per month off mine, to give you an idea re debt.

It depends on things like, your income, whether you want to (or have) a house (car loan will reduce your borrowing power) and other debts. Insurance depens on your age, driving history, where you live, what you buy and all that.

If cash is not a HUGE issue, then I would consider the XR6T perhaps...if you have sentimental value on your XD, then perhaps keep it - it might not make much difference to your trade in/changeover price anway and that way you can still do it up when you have the spare cash, and keep it just to look at or whatever, and still have a newish one... depends on if you want to run two I guess.

Another option mentioned above is the AUs - AU XRs look very hot and go really well, AUIII XR8 would be an awesome buy for a pretty decent amount of cash! But I guess having a brand new one is nice (new tyres, new clutch, new engine, no history, warranty etc) in many ways....

Maybe take some for a test drive and see if that sways your thinking... he he.

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Performance plugs
14.80 @ 95.33 mph

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Re: New XR6/XRT6/XR8 or keep the XD?

Go the new car but like the others have said prob not that new.

I picked up my series 1 xr6 for 20k a while back. Series 2 in a six prob still go for around the 25k mark in Sydney. XR8 ? Keep going....

Considering that a 10k loan is roughly about $50 a week or slightly above double ($112)for even 20k its not really that much.

If ur like me and have the mortgage + rent on top of that it can get a bit close if ur not on a decent wage. Now that there's just the 1 car between myself & g/f its way easier.

Do up a budget for what ur on, what u outlay in bills etc, then factor in ur car(petrol insurance etc). If it works out well you can get finance no dramas these days.

Depending on your circumstances you could always garage the XD and let it run out of rego til ur finances are better. Then blow some serious cash on it when you can afford it

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