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P plater curfew!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else hear this on the news a few days ago???

In one of channel 10's news breaks inbetween ads, they said that the queensland and victorian governments were considering imposing a curfew on L plate and P plate drivers (between the ages of 16 1/2 and 19, restricting them from driving with more than 1 person in the car, after 10 or 11 pm.

This is total BS. What year is this, 1926? I cant begin to comprehend what goes through the heads of some of our so called 'leaders' sometimes. there would have to be a 1000 reasons why you might need to have more than 1 person in your car after 11pm.

-go out to see a movie, it finishs at 11pm, how do you drive your girlfriend or mates home?
-you and your mates all work late nights at Coles? how do you drive home?

its total BS.

If this even goes close to making it through parliament i will personally drive my car through parliament house, after 11pm, in protest.

Oh, i nearly forgot, the apparent reason for this curfew is to try and reduce the number of fatal accidents that occur late at night, involving P-plate drivers.

so essentially what they are saying is that despite the fact that i have never been given a speeding, parking or seatbelt fine, have never been convicted of drink driving, don't take drugs, dont drink excessively, have not lost a single point, have never been given a warning, and have never been involved in any accident, incident or near miss (except for last summer when i hit a kangeroo on an outback highway), what they are saying is that I am an 18 year old menace to society, and should not be driving my well maintained car, with anyone else in it, after 11pm.
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Not that it bothers me either way, but they are considering in WA a total band of P platers at night for the same reason. They say P platers make up 30% of fatal accidents and most of those are at night.

Now not being a P plater it has no effect on me, but my question here is, when are they going to learn to drive at night? When they get of the P plates?

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This suggestion has been around for a few years in Vic, but it hasnt been implemented.

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it has been a while since i had to wear p plates, but i think there is some merit in the idea. of course, the issue of newly licenced drivers is more complex than just imposing a curfew, however, the government wont bother researching it completely. it is just another knee-jerk reaction to a problem.

in WA, they are also going to consider lmiting the number of passengers a p plater can travel with (i dont know if this is at night or all the time). i think this is a good idea. before anyone takes a shot at me over this, ask yourself some questions;

1. was i invincible when i got my licence?
2. did i do things back then that i wouldnt even consider trying now?
3. did i play it up for my mates?
4. when i got my licence, was i a better driver than schumacer could ever hope to be?

if you answered yes to any of these, then you know what i am talking about. something needs to be done, and maybe, just maybe, this isa step in the right direction.

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Compare our licencing here to somewhere to else where and its pretty shocking..

And changes only seem to make things worse, its like some sort of crazy over protective mother is incharge "don't drive at night, don't drive with that boy tim in your car, you keep away from him, don't drive at 105 in a 100 zone, don't put a non EUROIV compliant exaust on your car" etc etc..

I much perfered the german ways, of allowing people to take responcibility and do something that can involve increased risk, but if your senseable not increase fatailities or injuries and allows you to live out side of major population areas, less fatiuge incidents, less time of your life wasted travelling to and fro, more time with your family, etc.
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Mate, over here in NZ while on your restricted licence, which is closest to your P plates, you can't drive between 10pm and something like 5am. You can also not have passengers in your car unless they hold a full licence (and have had one for a while), or unless a person with a full licence accompanies you. If you don't follow this criteria, you face a $600 fine. There is only one other guy that I know apart from me that hasn't broken this law.

The only difference is over here you can get your L plates when you turn 15, after 6 months you can sit the practical test for your restricted, and after 18 months (or 12 if you sit a very expensive totally theory based defensive driving course) you can sit the practical test for your full licence. I'm a couple of months away from sitting my full - I'll have it before I'm 18.

I have only 2 big problems with this

1) The 18 month gap between your restriced and full licence - you should be able to drive when you sit your restricted, the time between the 2 licences is to gain experience on the road. 18 months is much too long, if you can't drive you'll fail your full licence test anyway. Then again, one must wonder how some dickheads got their licence...

2) There is no compulsory PRACTICAL defensive driving course. I've done a practical one that's run privately that's available free to all high school students, covered pulse braking and avoiding stuff, car control, all the basics that many people don't know about. The most dissapointing thing was that out of a possible 200 or so kids at my school that would be able to do it, only 5 of us actually did. The Ford Advanced Driving School basic course covers similar things (Albeit in a little more depth I would assume) and lets you use your own car, but the cost of this course? $299...

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That is the biggest joke i've ever heard!

Thank god you didn't say NSW & ACT.

Fkn joke... i'm with you man.
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Isnt the slogan

Drive Right.

Our roads OUR LIVES?

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what the government has to realise is that no matter what curfews or restrictions they put on young drivers it all biols down to drivver education, and experience.

In the NT they have a system which is designed to properly educate new drivers. There is all up a total of 20 odd hours of theory all run through your school, which take place at various times. One time is before you get your L's, another is after a set amount of competencies has been passed in driving lessons, and so on. Then you do you driving test to obtain your p-plates. This helps to fully educate the drivers about what to do in certain situations.

Having decent driving instructors also helps. My driving instructor took me out onto the highway(open speed limits) and allowed me to travel as fast as 140km/h on my L's. He took me through various situations that may arrive when on the highway like overtaking, or perhaps taking a front wheel off the road etc. He done this because he knew I would be going out there one way or another. He also took me for lessons at night time, which makes sense because night time driving can often be very different to day time.

Anyway, like I said it is all about driver education. Make the tests harder, make the L platers and P platers have to work to pass their theory tests, unlike when I got mine I didn't even look at a set of road rules. This will keep the people who don't care off the road until they do care enough that they study. Now onto driver expereince.

There should be a certain number of lessons that a L plater must undertake, even this is not enough experience and so to combat the lack of driver expereince you use driver education until the two reach equilibrium and then you have a perfect driver, one who is educated and one who is experienced. I can't stress enough how much I think driver education would save lives of young drivers!

But this is all just in my opinion. And I don't think pollies have enough brains to come up with their own so maybe they should use ours! LOL

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Yeah i heard on the news last night that their propossing a total ban at night on P platers. while something needs to be done this is stupid. its ok for thoses in the city the can get a cab or train but what about those in the country? it would be unworkable.

in any case a lot of P-plater problems come down to the im invincible attudude which could be worse if they spend a year driving at day thinking they know it all and then suddenly begin driving at night with no experence?
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