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payback to ben! everyone appreciate what you got.

Well guys, the beast got stolen tonight. No insurance because the door of the house i was in was "unlocked" where they came in and got the keys from.

I heard the beautiful turnover of a tight-compression car start and thought "shit thats mine", as i looked out the window i was in shock to see someone with dark curly hair and an old flannel look so calm as he smoothly reversed out and SCREAMED down the street in it.

Anyone who hates me, heres your chance to say "stick it ben"

Anyway, as i was getting a lift home in my mates ford laser, i just wanted to tell you all, that you get your exhausts, and extractors, and MPFI, and subwoofers, i just want you to realise the 2 hour trips you have to make to see someone you care about for even an hour, are because you have a motor vehicle you can be seen in, please be greatful for it because i soon will be looked down on by people like you when i end up buying a mazda astra rustbucket hatchback.

2 months ago i was 3 inches away from booking up a ED XR8, which was conditional on trade in (i couldnt keep the EA if i was to do this), now i cant even afford a toyota corona or a 69 corolla.

thanks for your help and support in getting my car to the most reliable its ever been, the guy who drove off got himself a fine motor vehicle, which just had 4 new tyres put on it, and a new engine. which i have no insurance pretty upset hey. I just wanted you all to know it has been your advise that led me to the cheap and reliable methods of approaching the work done to my car..........all up from scratch the car cost me $3500, and for what had been done in normal commercial ways (engines etc...) could have cost over $8000. thanks. :)

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I hope he just takes it for a joy ride........and dumps it without damaging it.....sooo sorry to here that mate........
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Sorry Man, I hate to hear of cars getting stolen. Its not right. You put all you have into geting your car nice and some dickhead comes and thinks he likes it better than you do. I hope you get it back and that is it ok.


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Ben, I am very sorry to hear about your car being stolen. Trust me when I say this, even if some people on this board dont like you, I am very sure that no one is happy to hear it has been stolen and that everyone sypmathizes with you.
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I'd luv 2 catch these fu$#ers in action!!!

Ben sorry 2 hear of wats happened. I know what u must be feeling because ive experienced something similar a while ago.. try not to worry about it, although i wont be blaming u even if u are still. Look at the bright side of things.. wel try to atleast...ea's are dirt cheep now. I go auctions atleast once a month.. ive seen heaps of ea falcon s, gl's and fairmont in the smashed section (but really not smashed, engine fU$@ed) going for around $1000 - 1400 mark. Even if the engines stuffed with a second hand eng it'l cost u around 2K on the road, well if u have some 'mechanic' connections. Thats what one of my mates did a few months back. He brought a clean(had ripped interior, minus casette player and sum other crap, but that wasnt a prob) Series II Falcon s MPI, stolen recovered, and replaced the dead block with a secondhand one.. he changed a few other stuff and got his roadworthy no probs, and cost him about $2000 registered. Thats not a lot of money these days if u come to think of it. Just thought id share this with u n atleast try to make u feel a little better..
Anyway hope u still might end up getting it back..
All the best!
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Re: I'd luv 2 catch these fu$#ers in action!!!

Really sorry to hear it ben... you'd really come a long way with that car.

But I understand that most stolen cars are recovered within a week or so - and because the EA is an older car, it is less likely to be taken by a professional thief.

How did the idiot get past your security system, though?

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Re: I'd luv 2 catch these fu$#ers in action!!!

Really sorry to hear that ben, it's a damn shame when somebody's pride and joy gets taken from them by some filthy scum who's too pathetic to work for it themselves. I don't think anybody wants to stick it to you for any reason, its a damn shame no matter what and nobody deserves such a thing, and you have done nothing at all to deserve something like this, let alone anything else of any bad magnitude. Hope it all works out for you mate.

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this annoyed me because ever since day one all my fuel injection/black smoke/battery etc etc problems have been fixed. in fact no more than 5 hours before the car had been stolen did i top the battery with distilled water and give a hard charge (because whenever it was slightly hot and had been taken for a run it would drain the battery and not start....ceased start).........and i had taken it for quite a run, so if this guy started it and i never fixed it, it wouldnt have started, and i would have seen him out the window running back off on his pushbike.

anyway, whats done is done......turns out the insurance company might pay, if the vehicle is not sighted in 30 days, they will give me $2500 apparantly, which wont replace it i dont think......but it will help if they pay.....excess is only $200. remote security system, which actually disabled the coil, ignition, fuel, starter, boot release, and injectors.........even had a remote panic switch so i could kill the car.......this panic switch i was thinking to myself (your a geek get real ben you dont need this), so i put it on my keyring, which was stolen from the house......thats how he got away with it.

that system must have cost me $300 and he got all my fuel injection mods (hehe, an ugly black box with a lot of wires running through the bonnet which he cant sell).

anyway......if i get this $2500 i might be able to buy some kind of presentable EA thats drivable....who knows.

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Re: s

I feel sorry for ya ben.

Don't you wish you could hunt 'em down and smash 'em?

Or slice them in half?

Jee, i love the smilie site...

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Ben its shit what ppl like this do, i had a Mountain bike stolen from me, i wish it was only a cheapy it was a full on race bike worth $2500 and i had no insurance at all, and the bike was never seen again, some bloke got a really cheape bike.. but u get over it, u just want to kill the scum that did it, its probable lucky that i didn't c neone rideing my bike, cos i was carrying my bike chain(which was cut in half) around, and i think i would have KILLED them....
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