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Thumbs down The Police Don't Give a Damn

A colleague of mine bought a VY SS Commodore. It looked hot (I actually find the VY SS a good looking car), too hot in fact.

One day thieves managed to steal the wheels off the car in his driveway. A quick rectification followed when new wheels and tyres were sourced.

Not a week later the car was stolen in its entirety from the driveway. except he saw the car being stolen (in the act) and called 000.

Did the Police care? No.
Did the Police offer help or try to take immediate action? No.
Did the Police make even the slightest acknowledgement that it was an issue for them? No.

So after being referred to the '13' crime self reporting phone line by the 000 operators and the local Police station the car just drove away never to eb seen again.

I know people may post here and say how the cops are doing the best they can but that's rubbish. They truly do not care one little bit.

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AP what can you say ? It sux yes and sorry for the owner, there's nothing worse than having your pride n joy knocked off.
That's whats good about owning a AU XR. Look out XR6T's in the future I reckon mm maybe FPV's as well.

Car theft doesn't rate with the cops anymore, only the bloody insurance companys to rip us off.
It has become too big a problem for the cops too handle.......
The theifs are way ahead of them...

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Your friend should have told them he saw them breaking the speed limit by 4 km/h while having the audacity to speak on their mobile at the same time.

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mate its sad to hear that...VY hey mmm ok

well i must say it all comes down to this PRIORITY

car being stolen or domestic violence call
robbery or stolen car
its all PRIORITY and thing is if he said "oh my god my kids in the car they would of been there in a flash"

cops are tops as the bumper sticker says what a load of B.S.

mate i aint a huge fan of holden all though i turn my head sometimes to a nice one,now and again,but POLICE dont know what they're job is no more,
to uphold the law,yeah right,more like sit on me bum and eat donuts...if they reacted straight away within 15 minutes they might of found the car,as a local patrol of the entire area would of turned up something..(maybe)...

mate i lost my faith in the law system a long time ago..

cars are a lethal weapon,your not invinsible when you get into one,and no matter how much skill you think you have,you are never in control you are always on the edge of death it may not happen today but if you keep driving like you do,you too will end up dead!
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.... while flicking a cigarette out the window

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time to jump in

So what should the police do?? send the STAR/SWAT/SOG a team of Homicide detectives or turn out the local police station???
Join the police and do a better job that them.
Like it or not car theft is an extremely common occurence and the police don;t have the resources to deal with the rest of the crap that goes down let alone property offences.
People say that the police spend so much of their resources doing traffic work. Crap. Actually research it and see how many people work at a traffic office versus a general duties station.
It seems that the biggest whingers about the police have the smallest clue.

ps. Given the way people seem to complain when these threads get closed I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Should it turn into another WhineFest(tm) it'll get closed. Constructive posts are welcomed
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Well the police may have seemed and felt like they didnt care, but if you consider the theives could have driven in any direction at any speed, so the chances of them guessing where the car would be going would be a miracle.

The only way to keep piece if mind is satelite tracking, then they can say exactly where the car is, the police can come behind, engine gets cut, car recovered and theives captured, well may not go that well, but at least you could find the car.


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I know how it feels to have your car go missing as well.

I had my XF stolen, and yes I felt the same way, they didnt care. But it was found and was in perfect condition, but it had driven 200klms, and was found only about 30klms away from where it got knicked, so there you go who knows where it went or what it did.


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"
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He saw it happening? Id have the missus call the cops and report the murder that was happening as I killed the bastard. I recon theyd be there in no time!!
If the cops didnt seem like they were gunna help he should have rang hid mates, brothers, cousins ect! By the sounds of it they were at it for some time, time enough for him to see them, call 000, ther police station and 13crime. Also time enough for call some people and arm yourself!
I know what ya thinking "its not worth getting killed over a car" and youd be right but im not the kind of person to sit by while some ripps me off!!
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I just cant figure out how someone can steal your car from your own driveway while you are watching, especially considering the earlier incident.

If I saw someone stealing my car from my drive I wouldnt be reaching for the phone:s6:
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