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confused QLD Hoon Laws

Just got to watch a bit of news for a change and the Qld Hoon Laws were on the news.

Todate they have confiscated 400 cars.

1st offence is either a week or 48 hours.
2nd offence is 3 month's.
3rd offence is goodbye car.

Showed a few cars, mostly rice burners with big milo-tin type exhaust and a couple of commodes. Did not see any fords, though i'm sure there would be some amongst it.

No doubt it's like speeding, don't drive like an idiot and you got no worries.

Are other states the same regarding this law. As they say:"i don't come to town much".
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these laws include

Burnouts, screeching of wheels when taking off.
any kind of drift type menuvre,speeding, doughnuts. and i think theres others too.

i think it's a good law as long as they get the ones who are really putting other people in danger not just the ones who take off a bit fast from the traffic lights (i.e hammer it untill you get to the speed limit then sit on 50/60/70/whatever speed the limit is)

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The idea of booking someone for taking off at the lights quickly , even though they stay within the speed limit is bullshit .
Victoria doesn't seem so bad after all.

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As a side note to this i think you will find that if your car does happen to get impounded you insurance renewal will recieve an increase as well or you will be shopping around for a new insurer altogether.

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Well I just received a reply to my letter I sent to the Police Commissioner's office asking what new traffic laws the WA Government has on the drawing board, and yes they are looking into these new "Anti-Hoon" laws, aswell as revising the exsisting speeding fines (suprise suprise).

I have no problem with these laws coming into affect, it will get alot of the Scrotes off our roads but there are two down sides to this law.

Firstly, the Police will concentrate most of their efforts on "hoons" than Policing any other traffic infringement (except speeding), if you have mags on your car you will get extra attention from Police on the road around you, take off from the lights fast and your car is taken off you, all the while the Camry driver infront of you can drive 10km/h under the speed limit in the top lane, not indicate before changing lanes, have no idea how to merge into another lane and then take up both lanes while going around a duel lane roundabout, and be left to carry on on his merry way because he's considered a good driver.

And Lastly, this law will give Police more power. You can't tell me some (not all) Police will abuse this power? you get a young guy in a powerful car do nothing wrong, an anal retentive officer pulls him over for a licence check and the young guy mouths off at him. There is nothing to stop this officer confiscating the young guys car, all he has to do is say he saw him take off from the lights fast. The kid is without a car for 2 days, plus has to pay for storage fees and can't do a thing about it. If he wants to take it to court, by the time it comes around he already has his car back This law makes you Guilty until proven Innocent, unlike evey other crime where you are Innocent until proven Guilty.

What am I going to do about it? nothing, this law will come into affect no matter what happens, the only thing I can do is look after number one - me. Simple solution, don't have a car the stands out (that includes a noisy car) and nothing SHOULD happen.
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Well I think all police cars should have camera's installed, and that way, no video footage, no impounding of the car, if they are serious about busting hoons only, then this would be a fair compromise for both parties, you do nothing wrong, you would have nothing to fear.


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One thing's for sure, if a law is made you can count on some egotistic, arrogant, son of a bitch in a V8 cash register to either abuse it or use it to their advantage.

Just have a look at our ridiculous search laws.

If one of our fine officers wants to search your car or truck, all he has to say is that he has a suspicion of drugs in the vehicle.
That gives him, her, it, the right to dismantle your car or truck leaving the contents on the side of the road for you to reassemble, while the scumbag in the uniform can carry on their merry way pretending to fight crime.

Will a young man with an old car have it impounded when his loose fan belt causes a screeching sound when he moves away from the traffic lights?

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Honestly mate if the cop is going to search your car that way I would bust his head as searches without warrant or reason are in violation of basic law and if they did not do the search correctly they could be in some deep krud. One of Dozzas mates got searched by rookie 'Harry Callahans' and they took out his back seat. When he questioned the cops on his modus operandi and motives they shissened himself and got all worried. He made them put everything back in where it was. He knew the law like I did and it pays to know and those who don't also should learn it quicksmart.

Well mate if there going to confiscate my car and least don't be droll kick up a stink in the process most cops use fear and prepetation on kids who don't know the law. When you go all ape they usually calm down as their siren stuka attack failed to hit the mark. I can't mention how important it is to know the law as they do and when you reply with equal fervour they know it is not going to be easy to 'birdy' their car.

If you have a engineers certificate tell them to f-off as I usually do and go ahem- find some P- PLater kid to pick you lowlife ^&(&%. I only have had problems in Newcastle city itself and out where I live in the sticks I know my local booby and we get on just fine.
Those city cops have a attitude problem and they don't know basic common sense and courtesy some of them- 24 y/o brats with a gun and chip on their shoulders. Most country cops are likable fellas and I do pitty you city folks. I think the rookie cops who overstep the mark most often the old hands are pretty cool most of them.
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you are right ramrod, its important to know the law even carry a copy of the ADR laws and an up to date queensland transport laws book that way if they are out of line you can tell them to shove it, like i have told many a cop u want to search my car get a f**ing warrent, i dont do drugs and never delt them so i get really edgy when suspected, ppl say why not show them if you have nothing to hide? why should my personal space be invaded by some rooky thats got nothing better to do with is worthless life seach my pride and joy, im sorry but it just dosent cut it.

hoon laws, ahh if you know a good enough lawyer there are loopholes even big foot could jump through you just know how to use it to YOUR advantage and give them some of their own back.

i HATE hwy patrol but love my local branch, traffic branch are a bread of their own and thats not just my oppinion.

if they pull me over and are ok about it np ill do the breathalizer etc but if they are anal about stuff and ive tryed to be nice than i will do everything to waste their time, piss them off, be a complete arsehole, do everything in my power to get in and head nick them because im sick of being young and getting treated like a second class citizen, i cant even drive my old mans work car (when he had it) with out being suspected of being a drug trafficer, btw we are talking about a black VX calais WTF

as far as im concerned keep up the good work, local, state, federal you have a hard job, as for traffic branch GO SUCK MY *****


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You do realise being arseholes about it gets you no where right?

Sure, if the coppers are out of line, show them up, but there's no need to be a prick about it. Every single copper I've delt with (no driving related stuff yet mind you) has been great to me. Why? I respect them.

The're just doing their job, I think they get enough s*** hung on as it is. So they pick on people with done up cars over bombs that are in the same state as a Russian nuclear weapon. I don't agree with this, but this is what the've been told to do.

If you disagree, I suggest you write in to your MP and try do something about it, rather than shooting the messenger. They cop (pardon the pun) enough as it is, it takes a lot of guts to do a job no one else really wants to do.
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