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Rollin finally gets defected!!

well it had to happen...

was at my gf's friends house with her and another mate on thursday night, they were hungry so we headed off to aspley maccas.

i wasnt familiar with the area (havent been there before) and we came in the back way, and, as per usual, directions were given at the last minute as to which driveway to turn in to, so there was a big ABS/heel-toe late brake turn into the carpark, resulting in us making rather more of an 'entrance' than i was planning on.

needless to say there were cops there, and as i parked a red magna pulled up peside us and a copper got out.

he asked for my licence, which i provided, had a quick look over and under the car, got me to pop the bonnet etc.

im cheering inside, hehe my car is legal you are wasting your time, and he didnt find anything, so he gave me my licence back and told me to leave. no worries. *please note that i was being sickly sweet and polite the entire time, which probably explains why he didnt bust me for dangerous driving or somesuch*

i waited till he was about 10m away and then started the car with my fingers crossed. no luck, he turned straight around and pointed at me "come here " style. he says "is that an aftermarket exhaust" i say yes, he says rev it to 3000rpm and hold it, i did, he asks for my licence again and fills out a form, tells me to go to the pineapple st pits within half an hour. bugger.

so i got to the pits, note there are already like 5 cars there, the RTA people go over my car, do a front and rear brake test, (cross-drilled and slotted rotors front and rear hehe the car nearly jumped off the rollers when i hit the brakes!!) check ride height, all my lights, washers, wipers, under the car etc, im like hehe you are wasting your time fellas!!just write a ticket for the exhaust and i will be on my way!

but i had a brake light out dammit!!! 1 point and $75!!!!! im not too upset at being busted for it, just peeved that it was out, i always check my lights to make sure they are working!!!!! must have only blown less than a week ago!!!

last thing was the noise test, got 102dB, legal is 90dB, so my exhaust is more than twice as loud as it should be!!! no points or fine, i have 30 days to make the exhaust legal or then im in strife.

not upset at that either, i always knew my exhaust was too loud, it was just a matter of time. i have had it since september and no cops have ever even looked twice, i have been breathtested like 10 times at least, parked beside cop cars at servos and driven beside/past them in traffic and on the highway, been booked for speeding as well...i reckon i would have never been busted for it if i had not gone to the maccas!!!

anyone want a 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust (from cat-back)to suit EA-D? comes with flanges after the cat and before the diff so its easy to remove, and has a chrome 3" 45 degree 'dump' tip, sounds really really good IMHO probably wont be any good for auto cars though, but in manual it doesnt drone at all. $200 any takers?

i think they could have given me a ticket for the exhaust, but i was being really resonable and nice and polite and everything, so i think they went easy on me :)

there were prolly 20 cars that went through there in the time i was there, (from about 10:30 till about 12:00 at night!!!!!) all late model modded cars, not one shitbox, im annoyed at that - i would rather be driving in traffic with loud modded cars with decent brakes than stock 120ys and stuff with drums and retreads!!!!

oh yeah, one more thing, POD filters are LEGAL in QLD, both the copper at asply and the RTA boys had a look in the engine bay, stared at my induction setup and then shut the bonnet :)

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do YOU have rubber?
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Sorry to hear about that man, I know you like your current exhaust set up :)
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$75 for a blown taillight holy hell

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Sorry to hear bout that Rollin. Yeah I gotta say that $75 for a blown tail light is a lot, but at least u didnt get fined for the exhaust. You got yourself one nice XR
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do YOU have rubber?
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How did g/f react to the attention Rollin?
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$75 Bucks for a tail light! Bugger!

Wonder what it is down here in Melbourne because the amount of cars around here with dead lights is insane, including those with 1 working out of 5 brake lights with general car condition to suit. The sort of thing that you know that they haven't checked them since who knows when.

**** NEWS FLASH ****
Vic Gov't Reportedly has <b> TAIL/BRAKE Light Camera System™ </b> in late stages of development.


And remember Rollin, seeing as your car is lowered with mags and you take care to have it well maintained with good brakes/tyres, you are automatically a HOON, and a danger to all those other "good" drivers that are an example to us all with their rust buckets with shoddy brakes and bald tyres.

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glad i didnt get busted in the 2 days that my brake light switch was out, driving to uni and back in peak hour traffic on 2 days without break lights, damn was i careful

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Sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Good to see that your not comming out of it too badly apart from the inconvienience of changing exhausts.

What i'm curious now is how many after market falcon exhausts would be considered legal. It would be interesting to see how many db's a stock system is.

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Sorry to hear about that Rollin, sounds to me as if they just wanted to make an example. I mean a broken light, I think I see more cars with them out than working. A friend of mine has an el ghia and got done by the Epa for his exhaust 93 db instead of 90 and 3mm to low. No fine just had to fix it within 30 days. Now his car is lower than it was in the first place

Now the proud owner of an AU xr8 220... OHHH YeAh
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What is it about Macca's carparks & defect notices???? cost me $270 in fines 4 new tyres $1000 full set of pads + fitting + RWC $380 and about 5 hrs of my time. All for a F$#@ing happy meal! All on a 98 AU XR6 oh well.........(it still bites, 2 months on)

..........Black MY02 WRX..........

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