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mad Shat right the hell off!

for those of you that dont know me, My car is an XF, Iv spent over a year and a half rebuilding it, with little money as Im only young.
pics of my car here:

I took my XF down to get the tranny repaired last tuesday week, it had leaked and I thought they hadnt sealed it properly when the recond it, so fair enough they where all good about it.

2 days later I have to ring up (after they said they would call me) to find out my tranny case had a crack in!
anyway I told them I had one out of an EA I brought the other day (tranny in the XF was from an EA)
ok, thats all good , the said they would swap the guts over.

few days later I go down there 2 find out what the hell is going on (the next tuesday) and he starts telling me, my car was to low and the tail shaft was hitting the tunnel at the back and this put preasure in the extention housing on the back of the box and cracked it.... now I dunno I wanted to beleave it, and I didnt. he was showing me where it had rubbed, and I told him that was from the previous owner who had the car on the bump stops, I even showed him the tailshaft (there was the tinniest little scratch on it cause it was from a different car) and he said "yep its been rubbing" I was just looking at him like bullshit mate, he then says Im missing the rubber bumpstop from the front of the diff, suprise suprise no such thing on the XF!

the tranny was from my other EA, I took it out ages ago cause it use to leak, now Im thinking, when the recond that box for my XF the didnt find the crack, cause it pretty much started leaking the day we put fluid in it (after I fitted the tranny on the engine and dropped it in)
and the car was only driven slow once for about 2kms to a shed. I dont really know what to do about it, just get it fixed and get a bump stop on the diff fitted.

I go back there today, to my suprise my car is sitting out the front, in the car park with the window down, as soon as I got out I seen the tinniest chip on my front bumper and was like "fuk" went over to it and its been popped out and under the bottom a big chunk of fibreglass is ripped out!

I walked straight in slammed the door and started going off at the woman behind the counter, she shat it, and went to go ask what happened, she comes back and tells me it probably happend when they took it down the road to the panel beater (to get that bumpstop fitted) I dont remember what I said I was that angery but I told her to go get somone to take my car out the back, I dont want sum dikhead opening his door into me.
then I left as she said it wouldnt be finished till tomorrow.

Im so pissed off because Iv been building this car for over a year, and done pretty much everything myself, then to have somone go and wreak that after I trusted them with my baby.

what I think Ill do is get it back then tell them Ill be paying the bill after I work out what the owe me (just make sure I get there bill first)
what do yahs reakon?
sorry bout the huge post.
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Re: Shat right the hell off!

Yeah first get the car, maybe see a solicitor in between times, can put a stop to an ugly mess quick smart, or occasionally draw it out.

But get the car, get a bill, then argue, no car, makes it hard they will have you over a barrel.


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

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Re: Shat right the hell off!

says one thing they were riding you for the $$$ big time.
and if they damaged your car in any way,make em fix it before you take it back,its better to get it out of the way it will save you F'n around later on..get it back and dont go there again..

ppl like that shit me..

cars are a lethal weapon,your not invinsible when you get into one,and no matter how much skill you think you have,you are never in control you are always on the edge of death it may not happen today but if you keep driving like you do,you too will end up dead!
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Re: Shat right the hell off!

It'd probably be a good idea to take pics of the car and damage at their shop - ie before you leave. It will avoid any "it was fine when it left here" claims . . .
Oh yeah,make you sure you document any contact you have with them now, and what you can remember previously (ie time and dates and what was said).

Hopefully you won't need any of this, but you might, and it will help you heaps if it does get nasty . . .

Oh, and for the 3rd edit Bad luck - but she is looking very nice, good job !

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Re: Shat right the hell off!

That really isnt cool, They better assume responsibility and fix the problem, you have worked so hard on that car.
It really sux when other people dont respect the work you have done.
Im not sure what can be done legally but good luck with it, and if they dont fix it never go back to to that place and tell all your friends how bad they are.

Good luck.

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Re: Shat right the hell off!

Send a letter in to the local newspaper describing how they treated you and your car. It's a quick and easy way to get back at them if people read the letter.

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Re: Shat right the hell off!

Mate this absolute bullshit. I would completely and utterly SPEW !!!! Threaten legal action if they do not fix it !!!

Sounds like their starting to pull the wool over your eyes.
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Re: Shat right the hell off!

Im feeling for you. Like most other FF memebers we've been watching the buildup of your car for months and then all this happens! I agree with xr8 lamah's advice on what to do.
Hope it all works out.

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Finnaly back
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Re: Shat right the hell off!

thanks 4 the comments so far, good to know I aint alone. Im going down there at 2, my mate that has helped me on my car is comming, he is also a witness cause he knows there was no damge before I took it there, they rang about an hour ago, and I told the woman I will pay after I work out what its gonna cost to fix, she said Id have to talk to the boss about it, she also said it happened when they took it to get the bump stop done, I dont care who damaged it, cause its done, but I aint paying till I get it fixed. Im gonna go off if he trys anything dodge!

Ill let yah all know what happens.
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Re: Shat right the hell off!


1st of all talk to the owner, ask him to write down exactly what he has done and cost each item individualy.

2ndly point out the damage to the car and ask what he will do to fix it, it has to be reasonable

Take these steps first before moving ahead
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