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a little bit sideways
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confused should we be nice to ricers?

now before you all shoot me to bits, have a think. i was watching a local show last night called cruizn and it is all about trhe local car scene. anyway, the prresenter had a quick feature on a MX5 that was having some serious body work done to it. basically, the car was having the guards pumped out alll round in steel, not fibre glass. the presenter then made the comment that whilst there are a number of people who dont like the rice scene (not his words, bu you know what i mean), the kids building ricers are doing nothing different to the rest of the car nuts out there.

think about it. you have people who restore cars and wouldnt dream of altering anything. you have guys like myself who prefer their cars to be sleepers, you get guys into hot rods and guys into a thousand different areas of the car scene. in that respect, ricers are not much different to the rest of us. they like a certain style of car, they like to make them different (whilst still being identified with a 'scene') and they dont mind spending money on their cars.

however, the fact that a lot of the modifications that ricers perform are tasteless and useless mean that they will always be the butt of jokes. i really dont mind a clean car with a nice set of wheels, but giant rear spoilers on FWD cars and neon are not my thing.

but the questions remains...given that ricers rae car people, like us, should we be nice to them?

IMHO,. given the lack of taste these people exhibit, i think no. we should still laugh at them and blow them away at every opportunity.

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Nah give em hell
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It is our duty to bring them down to reality. The way you do that is drag them off in Drive with Economy mode on.
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Originally posted by Mr Jucy
Nah give em hell
Enough said

Originally Posted by Sundeep
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Bring Back the 24hr!!!
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The problem is the rice attotude, there are those who actually think these mods make their cars faster/handle better, rather than just treat them as visual "enhancements" (using the term enhancements very loosely)

So therefore it is our duty to cut em down and prove that they aint as fast as they think they are
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walking power
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What if you are a part of both scenes??

I obviously like the scene that supports my Ford background more but i also enjoy drifting my datto 1200 ute and i like many cars from the opposite scene so what does that make me.

I cant see no reason why we cant enjoy eachothers interests.
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I'm afraid I've never been able to respect stupidity....

For the noobies, I'm talking GenuineRiceÖ here, which can be any brand, any model, and certainly is not restricted to Asian cars. I have a lot of respect for the performance turbos and almost bought one.

It all comes down to the definition of rice... and it has always been about wanky body kits, tacky plastic shyte, stupid paint jobs, and a total lack of any performance modifications. Yes, there are plenty of Falcons and Commodores that fall into this category, and I have no respect for the people that equate these sorts of things with performance or credibility.

If somebody loves their car, and doesn't talk sh!t about it, then all is well. Sadly, the above modifications have never equated to this in my experience!

The bottom line : Bullsh!t mods = bullsh!t respect.

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im part of both scence's i love ford muscle and all but i also like a quick 4wd NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R34,

quote origanly posted by fordy(i think)
What if you are a part of both scenes??

but i also enjoy drifting my datto 1200 ute and i like many cars from the opposite scene so what does that make me.

I cant see no reason why we cant enjoy eachothers interests.

but i like drifting my 1987 ford (actually mazda) meteor wag'n

i got my L's on the 11th of june,so watch out!!!

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as i started a a new job on monday in a subdivison in west belconen i got sucked in to being stop/go boy for a few hours its great for a perve. anyways there was a tench being dug across the road about 10/15 cm deep no worrys for most cars. anyways here comes young ricer girl in ricer lancer on the bumpstops big spoiler body kit ect ect she went throu said trench at about 50 kph bounce bounce smash bang and in all her rage gave it a big rev droped it back a gear and gave it to it breaking traction on the lose gravel on the bitumen and loseing it in to the gutter i could not stop laughing and she was fumeing and abuseing us for the trench ect ect yet 10 mins later a wrx wanna be even lower than the lancer went throu no worrys at all . i recon give em all shit . and i hope ya have a bit of a giggle at the story
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We Love Greb Murpy
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OK, I'll draw up a little table.

Completely Useless Mods/Lairy Kits | Tasteful exterior mods with\or performance mods |
Rice..........................................|Not Rice. .............................................................

Simple. :)

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