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Smoking Blues

I've just quit smoking. Hmm I wonder how long I'll last. Any positive pointers are a welcome! Has alone else really suceeded or just reduced? Please don't send packs of cigarettes to my address as the only smoke I wish to smell now is burnt rubber not burnt lungs.
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My wife quit smoking before we got married when we were going out, she asked me to help her, so when she got weak and had one, I gave her absolute hell about it.

She used the patches, yes they do work, just dont forget to put one on, or think you can go without it, you will fail, well my wife didnt cope. and the gum is good too, tastes like crap I am told but gives you the fix you need.

I gave her heaps of support, even made her throw a whole pack down a garbage shoot after she had one once, hehehehhehe.


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

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Put it this way my wife has just thrown my favorite pipe in the bin! Now this pipe has sentimental value! She has threaterning to cut supply to maintain my Mustang due to the doctor saying if I don't ditch the habit soon I'll be a one lung man. So Id rather sacrifice smokes and take up chewing gum, a very addictive habit or do the Kojak thing and suck on a lollypop. Since I've been smoking for a good 25 odd years ( a warning to you kids out there) my lungs sound like the Godfather as a result and It was'nt intentional either. Some Nicorette and some positive thinking are the things that will get me through it!
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Yup and get your wife to keep an eye on you, and acuse you if she think you have lapsed (even of you havent) that way even if you thinking of it, you wont do it, cause you know you will be in big trouble (no mustang funds), well good luck, 25 years hard habbit to break, but one worth the effort, but forfforums on the other hand ................


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"
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Good luck mate, hope it goes well!
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Get this book - It works. Im not bloody joking either. Get it as if your life depended on it.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
by Penguin Health/Medicine
ISBN 0-14-027763-3 (way that bookshops can order the book if they don't have it)

Angus and Robertson stock them, I think most major shops would.

After a significant death in the family I was smoking a pack a day - read this book and quit cold turkey. It's basically a book that confronts your psychological need to have a smoke. It actually even dares you to smoke while reading the book.

The author of the book used to be the worlds worst smoker - he used to smoke 60 a day. One day he put the ciggy down. And stopped cold. And never smoked again. Stopping does not mean deprivation.

There are many different approaches to quitting smoking - yet smokers themselves degrade their own attempts at quitting. No offense Ramrod, but your post of "smoking blues" and "I wonder how long I last" does little for your own self confidence - well how's this - you bloody well can quit. You don't need a smoke to get thru ur day, they taste like shit anyway - every smoker knows that, and every smoker wants to quit.

Yet you refer to quitting as "smoking blues", as if its some traumatic chore you have to undertake. Its not, its a rebellion, its paradise. As soon as you put down that last ciggy, you've been liberated. Try to keep it that way.

The only way you will fail is through fear, fear you can't do it. You bloody well can - and every smoker out there who says "oh god, I can't quit" will say "it took me 3 goes etc and Im still smoking" Why - Fear they will never quit. What happens - the smoking community start to see it as a near impossible chore to quit. It isnt.

The actual chemical addiction to nicotine only lasts for a week or so. I don't agree with fighting fire with fire by using patches, I believe getting over the psychological dependance is the key.

Put the dirty ciggy down, and buy this book - its only 20 bucks - its sold over 2 million copies and it actually friggin works !

Don't buy it from amazon (unless of course our american friends are reading, otherwise uve got more expensive shipping), but here are some reader reviews on this book:

Angus & Robertson Bookworld link (u can order online)


Disclaimer - I am not related to a publishing company, author or store nor benefiting from promotion of this book - it just works - and Im not letting anyone be lazy or from not having the opportunity to acquire it
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No affence taken Dave ... words do sound familar from somewhere...

I took up my habit due to a particular posting in 1966 in a particular country Id rather forget. Yes I can quit thanks for the encouragement its now or never or the frekin lung cancer ward.
After the wife showed me that im well like a new person. I'll get a look at the book you said and hell I WILL ditch those cancer sticks for good this time round.
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Ramrod 429...i gave up smoking last Feb after around 19 years of smoking (on and off, but more on). i went to the doctor and got a prescription for zyban. i was expecting the thrid degree from the doc, but he was excellent. the tablets cost a grand total of $30. probably the best $30 i have ever spent...after the $5 i spent on a cricket box before paintballing, but thats another story:oo1:

anyway, i havent smoked now for approx 18 months. at first i put the money aside, about $70pf. what i saved in 6 months paid for me to go from perth to melbourne to watch the wrestling last year.

some advice. keep at it. as odd as it seems to you now, the cravings will get weaker. sooner or later, you will forget about smoking. avoid situations where you may want a smoke. when i gave up a few years ago (one of the many times) i didnt drink alohol for 6 months. i also found eating life savers helpful. and if you do get tempted, make yourself angry at the bosses of the ciggie companies who drive porsches and live in giant houses while the product they sell is slowly killing their customers. because, they dont give a shite about you.

good luck mate and stick at it.

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Yeah smoking sucks. I've been smoking for a year now and i took it up when i met my (now) ex-girlfriend...

I don't exactly know why i do it or what stops me from quitting. When i drink i smoke. When i have breaks at work i smoke. Changing the pscyhological patterns involved here would take a lot of effort. You have to replace it with something else.

I guess I'm not so much addicted to smoking but I'm afraid of being told i can't ever do something again? That coupled with the idea that it's highly addictive make you think you can't do it.
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I quit smoking at the beginning of the year and so far so good. I did slip up once but that was in an extremely drunken state. I used Nicorette gum and it worked a treat. I've tried without the nicorettes before and I can say that they definitely help. The cravings dont really go away but they do get much weaker.

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