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Speed fine levy to fund police pay

From the Daily Telegraph

THE next time you get caught speeding, you may be helping to fund your local policeman's retirement.

Police Association officials suggest a levy be added to fines to help fund increased police pay, superannuation or even new police stations.

Association secretary Peter Remfrey said he had seen similar levies operate successfully in the US.

A 5 per cent levy on speeding fines was one option to help fund a list of election demands the association presented to political parties yesterday.

"We're simply saying that if you want to engage in criminal behaviour, part of the cost to you of your activity is going to be funding the police," Mr Remfrey said.

"In the US, the public agrees with it because only those that break the law are levied. It's user pays."

The assets of criminals and the proceeds of their crimes could also be earmarked to fund police pay and conditions, he said. He rejected fears a levy would encourage police to be over-zealous in issuing fines.

The association wants both major parties to commit to increased police pay, new superannuation and death and disability schemes and an upgrade of police stations, by January 16. A 5 per cent levy would increase the lowest speeding fine of $123 to $129.15.

It would raise at least $7.5 million a year enough to fund a $10-a-week pay rise for the state's 14,000 police officers or one new police station each year.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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WTF is he on how much do they collect already esp here in pigtoria. What a joke!!!!! Yeah speeding is a real criminal offence esp 65 in a 60 zone.. what about using some money to catch all the drug addicts and car thieves make them pay a levy..
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You cant fine the druggies or thievs, they have no money!! Its us with the well maintained cars that are the easy target.

What will stop YOU from speeding
a. A cop behind a tree with a radar gun who sends you a fine in the mail, or
b. a marked police car parked or driving along the main roads of australian cities.

I say B but there is no money in it for the government, so they choose A.

I think fines dont stop people speeding, Police presence on the roads does.

Figure this out, a guy in my town has been done DUI 6 times, hasnt gone to jail, just paid a fine each time. compare that to a guy who does a burnout once and get his car confiscated.

Fair... I think not.

There's no substitute for cubic inches!
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And do you think that the Police will focused on dangerous drivers??? OR just making sure that there is enough money in the kitty to fund their next payrise / retirement???

Of course the Police will go fine crazy!! Fines will go up in a $$$ sense and the numbers dished out will increase!!

After all, why chase real criminals, for no return, when you can pull over someone doing 63 in a 60 zone (am in Victoria) and add of few $$$ to your own backpocket......

Next it will be an incentive scheme for Parking officers!!!

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one word people: DODGY!

Bugger off and find some one else to rape of hard earned cash you bastards!
Oh and to all the people that are just gonna say "well don't speed" I hardly think that 63 in a 60 is speeding. The laws in the eastern states make my blood boil and I don't even live there!

Breathe! It's only the internet....
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The goverment will allow this so it's the cops will be more inticed to fine people and the goverment to make even more money than they already do.
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I agree with ADZ351 about the whole deterent issue. I believe that if there was more of a visual police deterent on the roads, it will deter people from speeding more than getting a letter in the mail a few weeks later. I have been pinged for speeding 4 times in the last year. They have gotten about $600 out of me. 2 were from hidden cameras and 2 were from unmarked hidden cars. The 2 camera ones were both 64 in a 60. I think they are going about the whole speeding thing the wrong way. I think ( and it wouldnt be just me!) that i would love if we could at least make them (pigs and government) change the speeding fine detection system, but i cant see that happening as long as they are making more and more out of us innocent drivers.
Anyway, my last words at the moment are that I dont think speeding is going a couple of kays above the limit. I think it is if you go a speed that is unsafe for your car to handle in a certain area! Speeding is pushing your car to the limits i think :)

The government just love to screw us over.
Same with insurance companys....

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thing i dont like over here is double demerit points on holiday.

thay also put yellow stickers for minor things friend just put
his car over the next day without fixing ****all.
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Are stuff them. If Im going to get book for doing to 3 km over by accident, then I might aswell get my 14 to 15 km over worth.

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this is politics gone freaking mad, the bullshit i keep hearing about how they are soo into caring about saving lives when all that is on their mind is how to line their own pockets with my hard earnt cash.

65 in a 60 zone is hardly what you could call CRIMINAL, CRIMINAL is what they are doing which is biting the hand that feeds them, because they wear a badge and because government can dictate than poor mr bloggs suffers but is too scared to stand up for what is right (i know its sad but thats the aussie public they talk about it but never do anything about it) so mean while the pollies and coppers are having a field day.

why dont they go get some real criminals like the ones who threaten the lives and distroying lives by murder, armed holdups, robberies, and drug dealing??? oh i forgot its easier to sit on the side of the road in between bushes and get a 10% pay increase by doing (*$# all.

this is redicilous and in qld there is now talk about the age of getting your P plates upped to 21 WTF this world has gone mad. I can get sued by a criminal because when he was breaking in he broke his leg I GET SUED. lol in that case id make it worth while and tell the whole court to get ($*#.

I work hard pay taxes, belive im a good citizen but doing this to the aussie public just shows how low law enforcement is and how much like sheep we really are (follow the leader no matter how blind he is)

end of rant

sorry but this topic gives me the shits



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