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a little bit sideways
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confused stupid salesman comments

we have all dealt with them, and all bitch about them occasionally (however, mcinerney ford seem to employ decent guys...) but car salesmen often have a strange take on the english and reality in general. their ability to twist logic and words is unique. not always something to be proud of, but always entertaining.

when i was looking for a shade of yellow for the RS, i pulled up to the yard in an XR6. the girl then proceeds to tell me the accent is a 'very powerful car'. :s6: sometimes i dont mean to laugh in peoples faces, but i couldnt help it. if you are reading this post...nothing personal:s2:

just before we bought the au3 xr6, i looked at a subaru liberty. nice looking, great reputation...but the seats look like they are covered in terry towelling! WTF?? so i told the salesman...i apologise to you too....

a few years ago i had a salesman point out a "very sporting car for a sporting young man like yourself". it was asigma GSR. without thinking, i informed him that it still was not as wuick as a 2 litre escort. he told me he would be "just over here if you need any help". sorry mate.

also had one lot try the classic "only got a couple of these left and when they go, thats it" line on me. my wife and i just smiled, politely made our excuses and left. when we got in the car, we pissed ourselves laughing.

but my favourite...looked at a charade about 12 years ago for the missus and got a price from one yard. went to another and their price was $500 higher. it started to rain, and these TWO clowns (dressed up like stockbrokers...LOL) invited me in for a coffee. hey said, they could possibly take $100 off their price. i said no. they said maybe, no promises, but maybe, they could take $200. i said no. they then said "so you wont step into the office for $200?" i just looked at them and left. they couldnt work out that i was still out of pocket with them, and i didnt like them!.

You wash your car like it was your firstborn child, you tend to its needs like it was your own body, you protect it like it's your family, then you drive it like you stole it.

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Along the same lines - one person at work is interested in the new Mazda6 - he had the specs FAXED to him - Including the colour chart!! It's funny how Reds and Yellows look like Black when Faxed


Paul B

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I had a salesman tell me that a Sirion GTVi was a very quick and powerful car. I told him he was full of shit, and a Falcon Taxi could beat it over the quarter.

Marcos Ambrose - 2003 V8 Supercar CHAMPION
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Who said Falcon taxis where slow ! I used to drive a EL V8 cab on the Central Coast with a mod'd gas unit. Went like a bullet.
Even the stanadrd AU il.6 cab will give most cars a run for the money especially if the cabbie is low on time to get a pickup or he's got a bonus booking or he's running to get to the top of the que at the airport!
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I didn't say they were slow, but they are no performance car. Just usd one as an example of how slow the Sirion is!

Most of the time, we would know more about the car then the salesman. Especially used car salesman.

Marcos Ambrose - 2003 V8 Supercar CHAMPION
This could be the start of something big
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Code Monkey
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when we were looking for a ute for my old man, metro ford at redcliffe had 2 red couriers, as its a 40min+ drive to get there we thought we'd make the effort to go see as they sounded like a good deal. anyway we get there and they are in the worst condition you ever see. not washed, near bald tires big dents in paneling and concrete on the aluminimu tray. we say to the sales rep, whats the go with it being in a disgusting condition? and his reply was "well its only a ute, its going to get dirty again so detailing it is a waste of time" SHIT you could have knocked us over with a feather. wanker didnt get our sale, went to mazda and bought a bravo. in perfect condition

It's better to remain quiet and let people think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
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Went to a Ford dealer looking for an EL XR6. Didn't care what colour, just had to be manual. These clowns in the Melbourne area said they had one so I went down after work, met the salesman and we go looking for this manual EL XR6.
It's a ute.
"Oh, said the guy" they look the same from the front don't they? I thought it was a sedan".
Fault 1) Product knowledge severely lacking - can't tell the difference between a ute and sedan quarter panel.
Anyway, they have this AU1 manual XR6, so I felt like having a bag and I said what about that oone? 90,000 km $27,000 and body kit. (this was a year ago). I had no interest in buying it, but I thought the dealer had already wasted my time, so along I played.
The clutch felt sticky (i think this is scored pressure plate fingers, as my XF felt exactly the same), but the guy is convincing me that the hinge only needs oiling. Whatever. So we go driving and we are on the way back and he says to me. "Notice how it has been so cool in here, that's because the aircon has been on the whole time. If you put it on BOOST (he demonstartes) it gets even colder".
I'm thinking what? The aircons been on? Turn it off! It's sapping power! So I did. And got arse out on the next corner to prove my point. I was eventually offered the car with AU2 body kit, tyres and mags, momo wheel and knob for $25,000. Desperate buggers aren't they these salesmen?
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Tickford EL XR6
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One more to make you groan....

I went looking for a toyota echo with a friend of mine. Thought we'd compare it to a Ka. My friend says to the ford salesman (who had a 20 year service watch at ford finance mind you) that the VVT-i is quite nice. The salesman says that it's really just techno garbage and does nothing for performance.
He then offers us some Ford official proving ground stats that have the 0-100 and 1/4 mile times for the XR6HP and VCT. The VCT is marginally slower and he says that this proves his point. He neglects to mention that the VCT has IRS and a further 60 kg to haul about!!! How can you rubbish you're own hero product like that over a measly $14,000 Ka sale?
If there are any ford dealers reading this, I am very, very sceptical about your integrity and honesty and would rather buy a Ford from private sale. All the ford dealers I have dealt with have been sleazy and fake, and I hope that BA changes the way you treat custmers. Take a lesson from Toyota in customer service. You might get ome respect back from me.
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A mate of mine had a Nissan Pathfinder 4WD that at the time was only a couple of years old (about a 1993 model) and he was struggling to keep the payments up so he wanted to backtrade on something cheaper. He saw a WB Statesman in the back corner of one yard and decided that's what he wanted. It was a bit shabby (the Stato), not detailed and paint was crazed in spots. My mate paid about $30K for his Pathfinder but after looking around at similar models on other used car lots he figured he would be happy with $19 or $20K. We figured an immac WB Stato was worth up to $10K but as this particular example was far from it the price on the one we were looking at would be a bit less. He went over to the salesman and asked what deal he could do and the salesman came and looked at the Pathfinder, checked the mileage and asked what options it had. When my mate told him that it didn't have air con the salesman started abusing him! That didn't deter my mate, he pressed the salesman for a changeover price. The guy went back in his office to discuss with his boss/other salesman and came out about ten minutes later. "$10,000 changeover" was his figure. Not too bad thought my mate, Stato is a bit pricey but you get that. He was just about do the deal when the saleman said "$10,000 and your Pathfinder and you can drive the Staesman away!" He was deadly serious! We told him to wake up and asked if his sh*tbox Statesman was gold plated underneath all the bog. Needless to say we didn't hang around any longer.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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^^^Mate, you just made me choke on my coffee.

The Statesman, would not be worth $5k!

Marcos Ambrose - 2003 V8 Supercar CHAMPION
This could be the start of something big
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