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Smile Suggestion??? Equivelant Ford vs VR GTS

Ok i'll hand this over to our panel of experts here. But before i continue please don't make this a Holden vs Ford bashing thread.

Ok i've been talking to a guy who's interested in a VR Commodore GTS 94-95 model. Average national price for the vehicle sold privately for a 95 model is $19,990 - $23,800 and for a 94 model $18,500 - 22,400.
Now the specs the VR GTS had the 5.7L stroker engine making 215kw and came in an Auto or 6 speed manual with a hydratrak diff.
Ok this person wants bang for your bucks, so that means he is prepared to buy an equivelant Ford for the same money if it delivers the same acceleration and power.

I think this is a tough one as i don't think there was a Ford that it equivelant. So can anyone suggest a Falcon base vehicle that can match the VR GTS performance for the same money.

My suggestions are: EL2 XR8, EB GT, SVO 215i XR8(though rare).


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Nothing I can think of Gaz that's stock anyway. Maybe a stock EFII-EL XR8 or 6 for that matter for about $12-18k then buy a blower for it.

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EB GT or EL2 XR8 would be my pick in that price range although you could get an early AU XR for that kind of money but none of these would have the same level of power, a 6 speed or hydratrack diff bu thats not to say they aren't equal or superior cars or if he isn't scared of mods an ED XR8 Sprint with a supercharger would be a sweet ride
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Dude i have yet to see any SVO XR8s or SVO Ghia's i want one badly. shame it didnt take off. Anyone got any information on them. ??? email or PM Me.

But as far as a VR GTS V's ??? i dont think any Stock Tickford product would touch it.

I have seen an AUII XR6 HP with XR8 wheels and wing for 23,500 . With about 60,000 kms on it. off hand.

This would rip the ass end out of a hsv if you put a blower on it. Look at in the ford area.
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I have had the pleasure of driving a 6spd VR GTS some time ago (work at holden dealership). Anyway all I can say is these things hammer!!! The VR is light in comparison to later model Falcons and Commodores. I'm not sure about the specs but this thing pulled a lot harder then any 220/225 GenIII I ever been in. It would be very hard to beat a VR GTS for bang for you buck, considering you can pick one up in the low 20's. Also i dont think there is any 'stock' Ford product in the same price range that can match it for grunt.

Only alternative I see is either a 94 ED XR8 of early model EF XR8 for around 12-14k then spend about 7-9k on Blower and Exhaust. That should get you to about 220/230kw??
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i reckon get a ED XR8 and blow would hammer farken!!!

or a ED XR6 and blow it...

i would say get a ED XR8 sprint but i think its wrong to blow such a special car...if you were willing to rebuild it for a hardcore N/A application then go the XR8 sprint. cant explain why i just a fool?

i will admit the early HSV product are OK, IMHO the falcons are much better lookers and far less 'boy racer' plastic bolt on stuff...

suppose thats why i have a falc...

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Yeah, no shit, I reckon my car hammers, let alone a GTS.
Closest you would probably get is an manual EL2 XR8, which was what I was innitialy looking for. I doubt it'll keep up with a GTS though as I have beaten quite a few. Other than that it's a beautifull car.

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Hate to say this, but an unmodded falcon dealing out a beating to a GTS? Not unless it's in the wet!

Tell your mate that if all he's after is straight line speed, go the GTS. If he's after somewhat less speed but still a good overall package, go an EL2 XR8 (newer car, same money).

I think he will end up with a GTS, if he can find one.


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I can't match a ford, but Id reconsider the GTS:

The GTS-R became fairly over-rated with the introduction of the Gen3, and served more as a road going track car than a touring car. The only justafiable reason to buy this car would be for the pinnacle of performance of the Australian iron block.

And some bastard would key it.

Sure it was fast then - but now? 0-100 in 6.6, 0-400 in 14.8. 2000 model gen3 pulled 6.3 and 14.5.

IMHO better buy would be a manual VT S2 Executive 5.7 for between 17 to 22K, or possibly an SS for 23-27k. The gen3 isnt all that bad, sure some go "ka-put", sure some if not most burn oil, but given the amount of gen3s on the road today, major problems are in the statistical minority.

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If he's after bang for buck why is he shopping Ford & Holden? (j/k)

But $23k would get a nice Skyline, RX7, 300ZX TT, MkIV Supra(just)

But if he wanted 4 door then I agree with Dave_Au, tell him to get a VT LS1 Exec.

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