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The latest Transport Accident Commission ad in Vic attempts to shock us with the dangers of speeding. A girl on a bicycle gets hit and killed by a driver "speeding". Then they show the distressed driver saying he wasn't sure how fast he went.

Like most TAC ads, they are always flawed. One a while back shows a pedestrian walking out onto the road without looking and gets cleaned up. In the alternate scenario showing the difference between speeding and not speeding, the car locks up and hits the pedestrian, whereas second time around, he doesn't and pulls up in time.

With the new ad, the girl rides through a give way/stop sign and gets cleaned up by a car locking its brakes. Then they go on emphasising speed is the problem. "Wipe off 5" being the current anti-speeding slogan of today to discourage the majority of drivers from going that bit over the limit. What cheeses me off about this misinformation is in both cases, despite the tragic outcome the scenarios portray, the car driver isn't at fault. The pedestrian walked onto the road without looking and the girl on the bike rode straight into an intersection without using caution - but the "speeding" driver is blamed. If the pedestrian showed care when crossing the road, there would be no collision. Also a cyclist riding straight through an intersection (with good visibility) without giving way is taking a big risk.

I'm sure plenty of actual accidents similar to these scenarios occur, but probably get written up as speed being the major cause, when it is clear the accident wouldn't have happened if people followed basic road safety principles.

The government now just prefers to passively enforce rules using cash cameras rather than doing something constructive like educate groups on road safety. Where's the ads for road safety I grew up with? "Look to the right, look to the left, look to the right again before you cross the road " was a slogan played in TV ads in the 80s. It doesn't exist today - I see no extensive campaigns educating kids on road safety - instead they just cut speed limits and pedestrians in shopping districts I notice treat car park roads and nearby intersections like pedestrian malls. They see a car coming and casually walk out in front of it - forcing you to slow/stop. One that gets up my nose is people walking 3 wide in car parks when you're trying to drive through - they see the car coming and don't move over - they should be moving close to the parked cars. I'm gonna be tempted to give em a nudge one day - at least a good horn blast to wake them up at least.

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Re: TAC Ads

Exactly, if people could be convinced to stop behaving like morons while in and around traffic the road toll would probably halve itself. Not just dopey pedestrians though, there are many drivers on the road who definitely should not be there, gotta do something about them as well, oh and while we're at it how about a recipe for cold fusion? sigh, unfortunately not gonna happen, too many stupid people in this good old state/country/world even. And not enough beer in my gut dangit, better go do something about that pronto.
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Re: TAC Ads

The TAC exaduate too much when trying to get a point across. In one of the Wheel magazines they had a double page on the 'wipe of 5' ad and how wrong the ad was. This ad is the same and I agree the cyclist was at fault, don't know why they used that situation... should have made the cyclist look then go and make speed the issue. I think drivers going to slow causes a lot of accidents aswell, going 5 kph over the limit is not the sole reason hundreds die on our roads each year
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Re: TAC Ads

You have valid points on the issue, but forget the right and wrong aspect of the adverts and put it into first person sense. They are using examples that should make you think about the repercussions of the end result( ie: someone being killed)
Imagine if YOU killed someone, (yes even an idiot) Now if you are legally in the right, the trauma and anguish of being involved in a fatal accident would surely stay with you for a lifetime.. Now imagine those emotions if you even thought for a split second that by knocking the 5 km/h off you 'might' of saved someones' life..
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Re: TAC Ads

They certainly are well done,they seem so realistic.
Cheers John

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Re: TAC Ads

It is about the repercussions - no one is going to be happy with causing the death of another person regardless of who is at fault.

The issue with the whole concept of this ad campaign is that the fundamentals on which it is predicated are just flawed. If we follwo this theme to a logical conclusion then the safest we can make our roads is to "Wipe off all speed" and leave the car in the garage instead. That way there wouldn't be any cars on the road and pedestrians, cyclists and other inattentive drivers wouldn't get themselves killed.

Of course the TAC ads would stop then because they would have no revenue stream (there being no need to register a car that sits in the garage all the time) and the Vic government would go broke from the lack of red light and speed camera funds.

It's a stupid campaign that continues to gloss over the real issues that lead to road fatalaties such as poorly designed roads, the continued placement of roadside furniture where it can be hit (including those nice steel poles they mount speed and red light cameras on), poor standards of driver education (read none) and driver fatigue.

If you really want to understand the issues then go and read some of the research into fatal accidents that is freely available from MUARC. It is enlightening to see what really kills people - nearly 50% of fatal urban accidents involve collision with roadside furniture (rather than another car) and more than 50% of rural ones are single vehicle accidents.

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Re: TAC Ads

wipe off 5 is a load of crap anyway. look at all the different speed zones. it doesnt matter if your in a 70 zone, 50 zone or whatever. you hit someone theyre gonna be ****ed either way regardless of what speed zone your in. doing 50 isnt any safer than doing 70. if dickheads used common sense and looked and thought before they acted then theres a pretty good chance you wont get hit by a car.
like this guy today in a 4WD, he was heaps in front of me and figured he was going the wrong way, so he has pulled into the enterance of another road and did a full uturn back over my lane and around so he could go the other way......didnt bother looking as by this time i was approaching at the speed limit, and he continued with his uturn forcing me to leave some nice black lines on the road and pulling up right on the drivers door of his car. i can honestly say that the gap between me and him you couldnt even squeeze through and he thought it necesary to start abusing me for nearly hitting him. its people like that, that need to be hit both with a car and physically with a baseball bat.
granted if i was doing 5 over i probably would have hit him (both with the car and physically) but if he just exectued a little common sense it wouldnt matter what speed i was doing. i only tried my absolute hardest to not hit him because i dont have insurance till next week, if it wasnt for that i would have just plowed through him and got a nice little payout from insurance and possibly some compo from him as well....just to make him use his brain next time he decides to drive.

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Re: TAC Ads

Its just to get us to get scared and think twice when speeding

Do not read this
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Re: TAC Ads

yeah that's the reason they suck, because they're bullshit and people are aware of this. People are not stupid, hardly anyone will wipe off 5kph because of these ads, if anything they'll do it just around the fixed cameras
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Re: TAC Ads

a stupid ad is the last thing i think about when im driveing i recon there prety useless
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