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Terrorist in Bali

Well first i heard about it was during the Bathurst V8 Super Car broadcast. Very sad to see the 180 odd people die as a result and more so the fact the majority of them are Australians.
I'm kindof upset and very very annoyed at the same time.

Seems these bloody terrorists are back and whats a worry is there right next door and possibly in our shores. News has it that they are related to the group responsible for the WTC disaster.

Also heard on the saturday night news that Australia should be on alert as theres word that terrorists are targeting our major power supply channels, not too sure how accurate this information is though.

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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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If I posted my true feelings on the matter my post would get moderated.

My diplomatic viewpoint is that I'd be more than happy to help them meet their maker sooner rather than later...

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my heartfelt sorrow for the familes involved, for this to continue is bullshit more we sit around talking about it more the terroists are going to run a muck.

KILL the bastards i say, 100 good out of thousands bad is not alot if we sit around ne longer 1000s more of our good guys are going to get hurt and killed


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I'd like to see the Muslim australians get behind Australia's efforts to squash the terrorists.
We have done nothing wrong except allign ourselves with another country that doesn't want terrorists either.
I'm really glad now that we spent so much money protecting ourselves from illegal immigrants. Imagine what could have happened if we had let them in!

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This subject is very very touchy. We have seen these muslim groups (I can say it as it is because they eventually caught some of them) shoot up a Police station in Sydney and having lived nearby to Lakemba, we don't need their way of life, their attitudes to life in general, nor their lack of respect for the laws in our country.

It is up to the subject *****ic groups to show us they care, and thankfully many of their seniors are doing just that. We need more of that sort of action because certain parts of Sydney are just off boiling point. Many people are fed up with the anti-society behaviour and we ALL need to live in co-existence. I sincerely hope we see action from their talk, and that bombings etc do not migrate into the Australian way of life. I still have faith in a future of peace and co-existence - many people do not.

The group responsible for the Bali bombing has not aided the Muslim/*****ic cause. It seems they have trouble comprehending the good feeling of being able to walk down a street and feel safe about it.........

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Good point there Aussie. They don't make things easy for them selves do they? Without wanting at all to apear racist it seams that trouble follows that particular group of people around. Australia lives in a dry baron country but ours isn't a wreak.

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A bunch of my friends returned from a holiday in Bali last Wednesday. I was stressing a bit because I wasn't sure when they were meant to be getting back, and I hadn't been able to contact them on Sunday, but thankfully they are safe at home in Australia now ...

I don't mean to be racist, but it why was it always the "Lebs" that ruined the parties I went to when I was in school..? I think perhaps they must have a culture of chaotic violence and inflicting terror that they haven't seemed to be able to drop.
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Having been to bali last year the sari club and paddy's bar were on our list every night. They were always packed every night and u always had a ripper night. Good women and good chats with people from oz, america, the UK, canada or sth africa. To hear this having been there is shocking, i couldnt believe it.

The people of bali are among the nicest i have met. Sure they heckle to sell u stuff but they always have a smile and a laugh and help us with any activities we want to do. To inlcude these innocent people in the muslims plans is friggin stupid. I cant work out why these extreme muslims go this far, they have ruined lives, property, holiday destinations, and the input of tourist dollars to the locals.

We made mates with a lot of locals that worked in or around the bombed clubs and to think that they may have been injured/killed in the attacks hits me harder. Sure we cant just bomb anyone back, maybe they need some sort of global organisation that aims to identify terrorist activity and stamp it out.

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"We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain"

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I've got a feeling its not just that *****ic Jihad not only behind this but also the Kopassus. If this so Im very worried. Payback may start a hot war with Indonesia but so be it. There has been a cold war between us and Indonesia since the 60's. I think we should use the F-111's for the reason why we bought them for.
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