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The things people do to your car...

Just finished reading a thread over at, which talked about the way others treat your car. Go here .

I know I've had people do stuff to my car that drives me insane like a mate of mine leaning on the boot with his elbows. :crazy1:

Also had some numbnut throw an apple at my car from his mates car going the opposite way. Luckily it hit the windscreen and the apple must have been rotten as it did no damage. I did manage to turn around, chase and got the rego plate number. I've never seen a Gemini accerate so fast from the next set of lights, when they realised that I was turning around. For what it was worth they got a visit from the boys in blue. :s6:

It's sad that some people have no respect for others property, especially when people like us all here, spend so much time and effort looking after our pride and joys.

Happily my fiance' and family know how much pride I take in my car and treat it as such, so no problems there.

"To be afraid is to be alive - to act against that fear is to be a person of courage."

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I had some looser throw a golf ball at my car...

Went and told the cops, as he was throwing them at many cars driving past.

The cops went out and had a word with him, Dunno what happened then though.

I hate people who drive my car and put the steering wheel at full lock when reversing etc., that shits me!
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Few days ago I saw a gemini giving a skyline a real tough time off light:)
Good on you that you got those idiots number, but keep in mind they might be drunk,gun armed or anything similar.Don't get involved into a fight or endanger yourself.
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Don't talk to me about apple throwing pieces of sh*t scum.

One asswipe threw an apple core out of a bus coming in the opposite direction which dented the bonnet. It was pissing down and I was running extremely late so I didn't bother turing round and chasing the bus. Plus I didn't think it would do any damage; did it fu*ken what. Pieces of sh*t, hope they cop red hot pokers up their arses when they rot in hell.
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if my car's not clean, i don't care if people touch it, but unless you like seeing your limbs dismembered DO NOT lean on it! also, i like to be there when someone watches it.

and i HATE when people slam the door! it does NOT need slamming! it's a new car - a gentle pull will do just fine!

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Gave my XR to the little queer at a Motel in Melbourne to park. Obviously thought he was Fangio and gave it a bit through the car park and managed to scratch one of my 18" rims. I found the manager and gave him what for and told him that the wheel could not be repaired to its original finish. It took him 2 days to have the cheque in the mail!! $530, silly idiot didn't even check the quote.

Mess with the bull, get the horns!
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I hate doorslamming, bootslamming, not using the doorhandle for shutting the door (and thus getting fingure marks all over the clean door) and shutting the boot using the spoiler.

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Damm Car Show and Shines

Those damm little kids, and whats worse, those parent who let em do it!

But car parks have to be the worst for me! always take up 2 spots!
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At the Summernats a couple of years a guy had a radically chop-topped EK Holden ute and some idiot cut loose with a super soaker water pistol and sprayed his windscreen causing him to crash into the car in front. Not happy Jan. Another similar incident I heard of was jealous ar$eholes doing similar things but with brake fluid instead of water, I wouldn't like to be in their shoes if they were caught.

On a personal level, I used to have a pretty decent XY GT replicar, spent heaps of folding stuff on it and the thing that used to annoy me was when people used to close the door using the door handle. This is because as I'm sure you all know the XYs have door handles that stick out (not flush mount like XA onwards) and pressing on them causes dents in the door where the handles bolt on. The other thing is when someone closes the bonnet and leans on it to click it closed. This is an absolute no no, especially on the later model cars that are made from thinner gauge metal.
Another pet hate is the windscreen washer guys at the traffic lights, apart from the fact that more often than not the windscreen looks grubbier after they've "cleaned" it they lean all over your car and can scratch it with their belt buckle or studs from their jeans.
I also hate the way that birds (feathered ones!) are disrespectful to cars. They are always pooping on them. I have a good mind to go and lay a terd in their nests and see how they like that...
Speaking of such things, an aquaintance of mine says he once jumped up on the bonnet of an XY GT and snapped one off Mr Whippy style on top of the shaker. I believe him too, he is just the sort of fruitcake to do such a thing.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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As it has been said before, I cant stand people who slam doors! it sh!ts be up the wall. Also people who park next to you and open their door and dint mine. I cant wait to catch the next person who does that to my car.
Once some prics chucked an egg at my car, it hit the windscreen but scared the absolute crap out of me. It took me ages to get rid of all the shell too!

:evl: With a few goodies.... :evl:
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