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Tickford merchandising

Well, as great as www.fordshop.com.au is, and all the current Ford merchandising goes, I am still disappointed at the near total lack of Tickford specific merchandising!

On the websites of Ford, Fordshop, FTE, and Tickford, the only merchandise I found that fitted this criteria was the following :

* Polo shirt (navy or black) with vertical stripe and T-Series logo
* T-Series cap (navy or black) - I got one of these at the Tickford day
* T-Series keyring
* T-Series business card holder
* T-Series suit bag
* 1:43 scale S1 TE50

Apart from these, the only other merchandise I can recall being Tickford specific is the XR8 cap.

At the Tickford weekend, I was really hoping to grab a t-shirt or two with small and large Tickford logos, perhaps a jacket, and another cap. Anything really that has those classy white wings and red T!! And there was my problem - there was absolutely sweet F.A. All I could find was the T-Series cap (which I purchased).

If it wasn't for the superb "Own The Road" shirt that we got with the dinner on the Saturday night, I would have been supremely disappointed with my purchases that weekend.

I am beginning to wonder - is there any particular reason that Tickford is not being marketed and promoted through merchandising? Maybe HJ can step in here and reassure us all!

What do you all think? Is the current range of Ford / Ford Racing / FTR adequate, or do you guys want Tickford-only merchandise? If so, what kinds of things would you like to see?

Let's make this a constructive thread that may be of use to Ford and Tickford.

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Holden and HSV seem to pimp almost anything they can stick there logo onto..

I think there can be more tickford/ford/ftr stuff ... Not trashy stuff, classy stuff..
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I agree Tickford deserves better merchandise I have heaps of Ford clothes & stuff from from the race teams but just a T-Series polo & would buy more if it was available.
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That H car company seem to do alright with their merchandise. How many times a day do you see some bogan wearing a Holden/HSV cap, shirt and tick black jeans? Too often for my liking.

I have had only good comments when wearing my Ford Racing polo top. Common Ford lift the game.

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Tick black jeans?? Maybe tight black jeans you dickhead!
Common, maybe come on?

Did I really type that? No, I havent had anything to drink.

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I'm agreed on this one - apart from the T-Series stuff there is absolutely bugger all around and I've spent some time looking. Maybe ProDrive will replicate some of their Suby stuff for Tickford but till then the Tickford brand will suffer against the HS@ marketing machine.
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couldnt agree more. a couple of years ago i spotted a lovely watch that had the tickford wings on the face. was about $80 at the time, but i was not in a position to buy. i would love a polo shirt with XR or tickford wings on the breast. nothing too big, but subtle.

also, the fact that we see so many damn h*#dens on the road and the appeal they have to younger drivers is partly because you can get merchandise all over the place. even showbits stock hsv beer mugs, shirts, drip mats for the loo (i would be inclined to miss completely :oo1: )...you name it. as IPhido put it, h*#den / hsv (or is that h$v) seem to pimp themselves. i dont think it should go that far, but at the moment we get nothing.

mind you, i live my xr8 socks and the FTR boxers i got :s5

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Couldn't agree more, Tickford really need some of their own merchandise.

Though FTR had some great gear they don't exist anymore.

There are some nice XR8 shirts out there and I own a few however I drive an XR6. I wouldn't mind some gear for an XR6 either.

This has been one of my biggest bitches. The opposition has merchandise all over the place available from just about everywhere why can't Ford get their act together.

Why does the Commodore out sell Falcon? it's all because of marketing.

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How about some suggestions, we know people in power read...

- Ford Golf bag/cart, the right size and shape to comfortably fit into any ford sedan. Heaps of older Ford owners seem to play golf (or maybe its just me)..
- Ford pen/pacer set in quality aluminium
- Ford suitcase with a small tasteful logo near the handle, brushed aluminium or leather
- Tickford illuminated keyring
- Ford/Tickford leather jacket
- Tickford watch analog
- FTR watch digital
- Tickford/FTR soft leather driving shoes size 10-15 (please!)
- Tickford/FTR golf/driving gloves
- Tickford Sunglasses (you could have a ford,tickford and FTR range)
- Ford deskclock/pen holder
- Tickford pocket knife
- Some ford and tickford shirts in a varity of colours with various amusing slogans on it..
- Some Ford calanders for workshops etc
Generally interesting gizmos and toys and practical clothes that could sport the logo..

I saw a cool thing once where I guy got one of his chairs out of a R33 GTR and made it into a computer chair. Looked really cool. Im guessing a chair based of velour or leather wouldn't cost the earth and would be pretty cool.

Maybe a Ford kit billy cart.. Target the future market of kids.

I think if you generally target the general area you are in its okay, its when you say have Holden leg hair remover, holden mullet adjuster, holden butt scratcher then it gets too far.
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Yeah, you've pretty much covered off on most things however how about a bloody decent Tickford Sticker for the Rear Window!!!! Have taken FTR one off of the rear of the XR following their demise and would love to replace it wit the Tickford wings!!!
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