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Two Children Orphaned

On friday night, in northam(a small town in wa), a tradgedy happened. A drunk was driving his car, a family was on its way home from the royal show. Now there is no mum and dad, only two very scared little kids.

Timothy and Cheryl, both 31, and there children Christopher, 6, and Bradley, 8, were less than a minute home when there car was struck by a drunk driver.

Both parents died.

This is so sad. I feel for every one that is impacted by this accident.

Some low life scum, who dosen't deserve a place on this earth, has killed 2 innocent people. He was drunk, he didn't have a license, and has an extensive criminal record. I hope this bastard gets fryed for this.

Why doesn't the law protect us from these things. It makes me so scared that one day I will have a family of my own, and it could all be ruined by some bastard who thinks he/she can still drive when drunk.

I'm even scared now... my parents, brothers and friends all drive on the road. And I also drive on a regular basis. So what is stopping this from happening to me??

I can only pray that this will never happen to me.....

EL driver...
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I read this in todays paper....... A real shame mate, real shame..
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Yes, an absolute tragedy.

And the worst part is that, it is preventable, if the authorities were as dedicated to saving lives as they are to enforcing speed limits.

In this day of technology there is no excuse for a drunk being able to drive a car - it would be relatively inexpensive to add breath testing device to all new cars - why can't we have legislation for this? Oh that's right, the govt. won't make money from it - just save lives that's all.

Anyone with a previous drink driving conviction should be forced to have this device retrofitted to his/her older vehicle.

Yes, there may be the chance that a previous non offender can get into his old car and still kill someone. But that is remote as the stats show most of these "accidents" are caused by repeat offenders.
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I have seen first hand how the System treats drink drivers.. I won't bore you with details but over time some drivers have got off on inexcusable technicalities.. why?? because the System doesn't like having to apply set penalties..they want to be able to set the penalties as they see fit.
A big price to pay for assaging the pride of some people isn't it?
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this idiot should be made to pay at least 50% of their income to those boys until they reach 18. what the hell was this clown thinking?

and T3man got it right...more time saving lives, less time trying to make a buck.

mr gallop and mrs roberts...this blood is also on your hands you thieving scum.

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mmm, non - dentable doors
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dont talk to me about drunk drivers!!! they should all be shot!


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Yeh I saw it in the news too. Damn tragic. It really shits me how these things always happen to innocent people who are just minding their own business.

As for that pisspot bastard driving the other vehicle, he should burn in the electric chair. Which brings me to another topic, capital punishment.....

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The tag "Bloody Idiot" is too good for drunk drivers........"Fuc$%% Ass$%^@" is more suitable.
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Get a good lawyer you can get out of everything it is not who you are it is but who you know.

Speaking of tragedies on a school run is Islington on Fridays I drop off three kids at a day care centre as their mother is in rehab and dads in prison. Their grandmother looks after them she's not well either. Just another sad story in a sea of millions. As a famous saying the 'ends justify the means'. More people die on country roads than in the city though their is more speed enforcement in the city becuase of $$$. Governments really care lots about they could not care less if you lived or died unless it influenced public opinion that is.
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On this issue of drunk drivers and speeding most of the members know where I stand.

I'd like to know where he was before he got drunk, friends BBQ, Pub, should he alone be the brunt of the blame?
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