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Vauxhall, no more

Watching Sky news last night. Vauxhall are closing up shop putting a stop to the said popular Vectra in the UK.

Just wondering how this effects Holden with the Vectra and Astra here, arn't they made by Vauxhall?

The interesting thing was they(the news) said that Ford is going to make the replacement.

Anybody know anything?
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WTF? I don't think Vauxhall are shutting up shop in the U.K - more likely along the lines of just stopping production of the current Vectra at its current plant just before the launch of the all-new generation Vectra due on sale in the U.K in few weeks.

As for Ford making the replacement, the only thing I can think of is that Ford is going to take over the plant to build their cars there.

Just a wild shot here.

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i think J-type is probably right. i doubt that GM would drop the vauxhall name overnight, depsite the fact that the people mover thingy they build and the old frontera are considered to be two of the worst cars in the last few years.

besides, the vectra and astra are world cars and are also built by opel, so these wont disappear.

ford woul not build cars for their major competitors either. they might take over the plant, but IMHO, they would be completely mad. the british record of car manufacture is less than impressive. there was a thread on here not so long ago about the worst cars, and it seemed to be full of rovers and triumphs. the english build lovely cars, when they work. trouble is that the whole class system / work ethic over there is so crap, that this comes out in the product.

except obviously for mk2 escorts as these were the greatest cars ever built, anywhere in the world, by anyone. :s6:

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Both Ford & GM UK have closed passenger car production in the past few months. Production will be picked up by more efficent plants in Europe, where the exchnage rates are more favourable.
The car industry has been telling the UK for years to join the Euro & they are finally strating to act by moving production out of the UK.
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There are serious rumors that GM *WILL* drop the Vauxhall name soon. Vauxhall has a pretty shoddy reputation in the UK, alot of people would rather it was called Opel, even tho they are the same cars and most of the time made in the same places. UK is a very very brand sensitive market. Vauxhall doesn't really have any asperational cars like Holden or Chevy do, and they have simular quality issues to Holden, in europe, quality is everything.

Imagine Holden, except with No V8, no S/c V6, no hero status, no racing links. Thats kinda what Vauxhall is.

I belive Holden its most of its opel cars from spain. The new Vectra will mean the Omega *WILL* cease production shortly, in which holden will get all the Omega dies/production stuff and make a new Torana, maybe, using the olde omega chassis slightly shortened and still RWD. ~IS200 size/market.

Holden will then export Calias to the UK and possibly continental europe. They are expected to be slow sellers, but thats still ~10,000 more cars a year.
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hmm, the comment about the new Torana is interesting. Any idea what kind of engine theyre going to use? Holden would have to be mad if they were to use the LS1 in it, 1 in 10 engines appears to be a dud. It would be interesting if they were to revive the old 308/304, albeit significantly revised. But then again, they'll probably just de-stroke the chabby V8 when it gets built here, build the Toranas and sell em for $40k a pop..
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Saw the news again this time the had a 15min story on it this time.

Vauxhall is finished, the factory will be sold to make way for a sporting venue.
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Details of the "new Torana" are sketchy at best. Basically they are going to use the old Opel Omega platform with revised front and rear metal, possibly using commodore headlights/taillights. No the LS1 definately won't be used. It will be a maxium of a six cylinder job only. Could be the Buick 3.8, but most likely the new V6 will arrive by the time its out. So engine options would be 3.0 and 3.6 (unlikely to use commodore new 3.8L) DOHC 24 valve V6. Turbos are a possibility. Four cylinder engines are also a possibility, holden using there own 4 cylinder engines.

It most likely won't be called Torana. It will weigh 1300-1400Kg, so fuel economy will definately be up over the commodore, and braking and performance too. It will replace the Vectra in Australia, UAE and markets in NZ and South Africa await as well. basically in markets where the vectras FWD is not perfered. Also some markets may not like the new vectras quirky design so it will fit in there, perhaps Brazil, some export to the USA maybe.

Its a car that Holden most likely won't be able to support with local sales, exports particularly in the Middle east will be its major market. It may sell in the UK/continential europe as the Omega.

I don't know if Holden will go through with it, but they have some money to spend, the ability to do it and it won't cost them a massive fortune to get things going. It would seem to make more sense than when they tried making the Vectra here. It would mean that Holden could insulate itself from any government CAFE type ratings in Australia and be ready for oil crisises. It may make a its own hyrbid simular to the ecommodore except using the smaller/lighter chassis.

I don't think it will be any cheaper than a commodore RRP. But will appeal to people wanting something smaller than a Commodore. Maybe they will be able to screw them together better as well? Eventually Holden would like to make the platform even smaller so the commodore and the torana would be more destinctive in seperation.

No doubt HSV will beforever tempted by making a SL-R 5700 or SL-R 6200.. It might even happen, perhaps in combination with Lotus. Lotus would love to have the Carlton back again..

Could put ford in a tight position. Can ford make a Escort here? Or atleast sell something simular.
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Originally posted by IPhido
Details of the "new Torana" are sketchy at best. ...... No doubt HSV will be forever tempted by making a SL-R 5700 or SL-R 6200
The latest Street Machine have indicated something like this (V8 4-door sedan) could be eligible for V8Supercars

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me thins the latest SM article is "let's fill some space" material. the "torana" and commodore would be too close. it would only be marginally smaller than a commodore so i don't think there's much truth in that.

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