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Question Victorian Drivers License

Ok, well this question probably wont affect most that are on this board but hey, an opinion is an opinion. As many of you are very well aware, the driving age 18 years and every other state in the country is lower than this. Now this for me being a 17 year old is too old as I want to be able to drive around with a big yellow and black L on my windows with my mum. Now I'm rambling on but I am just curious to what your opinion is on the driving age in Victoria. Should it be lower say 17? or remain the same. Why is that Victoria is the only state with this stupid age? I don't like it. sorry but yeah thats just me and im sure there are other (many other) Victorian learners that feel the same as I do. So yeah, bascially, what do you guys think? i think its time for a change.. well atleast giving me an exception because im a responsible driver!
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Can't help you there - I got my full license at 15 :p
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Sorry, i disagree with you. Sure you say your a responsible driver and for your benefit i wont doubt you on that. Most "L" platers think they're pretty responsible. Take mum away from the picture, bung on a set of "P" plates and the demon awakes... I've seen so many p platers that think they're king of the road when all they are is an accident waiting to happen, and i've also seen the accidents.
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But just a thing t remember is that getting your liscence and beeing "legally" alowed to drink can be a bit overwhelming. I think its not what age you have your liscence but what experience. I say make L to 15 and then only able to go for the drivers test 2 yars later to the day you got your L. But maybe the best thing to do would be the other states to follow suite with Victoria. I know they can get thier liscence at 16 in the states and I've been told by poeple that its not the best idea america ever had.

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Personally, I don't think it matters what age or how long you have a L plate or P plate for. Just because there are 2 years on a L plate and 1 on a P, doesn't make any person a good and competent driver.

I believe that every learner driver, on top of their basic training, should HAVE to do a minimum 2 day advanced driver training course before they can progress onto the P's. And when going for the Open licence have to do a follow up 1 day advanced driver course. Testing to be extremly tough, with any shortcomings addressed and re-tested.

But wait I hear all the pollies crying "It costs to much!". Pft, yeah right.
Halve the spending on "speed kills" advertising and put that money towards better driver training. Teach new drivers why they shouldn't speed. It may cost more but if you can afford to own and operate a vehicle or even the fuel to borrow a family members car, surely you can pay to learn to drive it.

I used to speed around like a dickhead until I did one of these courses. What a eye opener! I couldn't believe how easy it was to lose it and how hard it was to save it, without prior knowledge. One thing especially that still sticks in my mind even today, was a simple thing the instructor said about people speeding, dodging traffic and concerned that by letting people pass you will never get there.
"On a 1 hour trip to the coast if even 60 cars pass you on the highway, you will only lose 2 minutes of your total travel time."

I wish I had done the driver training when I was younger, I still scatch my head and wonder how I didn't kill myself or some poor other bugger.

Here endith my rant.

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roll So?

Originally posted by Brendan
Can't help you there - I got my full license at 15 :p
l was driving at 12yrs on country roads and got my Ps at 16yrs in SA but yet l'm still crazy

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mmm.. yeah i'd have to say that i agree with all the points made. its just frustrating sometimes to hear of friends that say they are driving around at 16 - it seems to make life alot easier.. oh well - my time will come. So in the mean time, i'll have to enjoy the new trams that Melbourne is getting (hoorah :rolleyes:)
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I am going to sound like a Grandpa even though I'm only 22 but I don't want to be sharing the road with sixteen year old drivers.

I think they need to drop the age limit for L's down but keep the P plate licence at 18. The licence testing in Vic is an absolute joke I think I could have passed it after a weeks driving on my L's. It needs a major overhaul.
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I know that in most states in America that the learners driving age is 14 and 8 months but to obtain that they have to go through 24 hours of classroom work aswell as 4 hours driving with an instructor. then when they go for their "P's" or equivilent at 16 they have a driving test and are written test. a similar system should be introduced hear becuase to get my L's here i could of passed it with my eyes closed - it was that easy..
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p plates

I Just got off my p's yesterday hooray! Why do p platers have a bad rep, because they leave vic roads with there licence and think they are Craig Lowdnes. I made mods to my car 17" wheels exhaust, lowering and so fourth did you see cops pulling me over no because I didnt drive like a spastic. Alot of it is immaturity I say keep the age limit at 18. The government is after less crash fatalities not more
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