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Thumbs down VX R8 Owner Still Not happy **Oh BOY READ THIS**

Hello Guys
I have been posting my problems with my new Holden VX R8 Clubsport for the past 2 days, thought some of you might be interested in the problems.

Geoff Polites I would also be interested in your comments, I would even be prepared to look at a swap over and then use this as a marketing opportunity! LOL

POSTING AS PER LS1.com site.

Just to refresh the regualars:
I purchased a brand new 2001 VX R8 Clubsport with all the options, $75.000 worth. After a week lots of problems started to arise, regular visits to the dealer where curtious and well received! Action Very little.

After 12 months and contact with HSV and several pow wows with management there is still 49 outstanding issues with the vehicle:
1st major,
1/ engine stuffed, I am still waiting for two engine kits including blocks to be delivered from the states, they dont keep stock here.
2/ clutch has 5 mm activation from 150 mm height, and shudders, they have only now admitted there is a problem, fix maybe a new gear box as the gear crunch.
3/ repaint, half the car has been repainted, front bonnet, spoilers front and rear inc skirts, the roof and boot now need doing.
4/ the LHR tail light lens still sticks out from the body by 4 mm, you can fit your fingers under it.
5/ the boot looks like it has been hit and is still not aligned.
6/ the rear little pillar windows on both sides are two small and do not seal, consequentally water gets in the car.
7/ tyres bald at 10.000 kms, replacements waiting, no HSV tyre placard installed on the body as per standard.
8/ Gear stick hits console in 4th and worse in 6th (physically moves the console).
9/ Drivers front door vibrates when shut.
10/ front passenger door vibrates when shut.
11/The lip under the rear boot near the glass is full of rust 1mm to 3 mm round.
12/ the rear bumper does not fit.
13/ rear boot hits the bumper ass and removes paint (third painting).
14/ a bubble appeared in the rear bumper paint, when touched it popped.
16/ Indicators occassionally stop working for a day or so.
17/ Front spoiler insert mess has lost most of its matt black paint after 9000 kms.
18/ Rear windscreen does not fit, it has dropped several mm and hits the boot.
19/ the rubber seals that run over the roof and finish at the boot are hitting the boot when opened, one has come off.
20/ Sunroof buckled, one side is higher than the other, not sealing properly.
21/ grease from the s/roof keeps comming in the car and leaving marks on the headlining.

Fixed items.
1/ diff has had a kit put through it.
2/ door trim replaced as there was a tear in the side from fact.
3/ instrument cluster cover changed as there was scratches from delivery.
4/ Air bag sensor malfunctioned this was replaced, drove around with no air bags for 4 days.
5/ passenger front door seal replaced took 2 months, sagged from fact.
6/ bumpers realigned.

To many to list.

What is the outcome after nearly 12 months of ownership?
ZIP! I have the car booked in for th 18th of March 2002, they are taking the car for 2 weeks with a loaner for that period. No new replaced will be given. I have asked for several items of recompence and still no reply on acceptace of this, passing the buck.

I will not! Repeat will not buy another Australian car for this price again!!!! Oh! they played dumb on the piston slapp for 10 mths until I had my management Pow Wow and then all the truth came out, It's a real problem.

Thanks for listening this is my therapy.


p.s the dealer has been exceptional in all approaches, it is Holden Australia that could not give a F**ken S*it about me the CUSTOMER, WHERE HAS THE FOCUS GONE?????????????
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Mate I am sorry to hear you have had such an ordeal! I hope you can get something worked out. Just out of interest have you had a look at the quality of say a Series 3 TS to compare it against?
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This is unbelievable!!

have you got any pics?? I find it hard to comprehend that Holden would neglect their premier customers (IE the ones that go for the premium brand HSV as opposed to the base model customers), play stupid with them, even go so far as not fixing the problems!

It'd be interesting to see if you get anywhere with this. On LS1 I recall reading a thread where there was mention of contacting ACA.. Is this one of your cards up your sleeve?
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Mate that sounds nothing but ordinary. I don't blame you for feeling the way you are. May I suggest you take a look at the new T3 range. From personal experience the service from Tickford is nothing short of A1. I for one would hope that Tickford would do something about this in the same situation.

Shame on HSV IMO. This sort of inaction is just crap. Hope it works out for you mate.

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You need to go on ACA like the guy with the commodore ute did, I am sure that will spark some interest from Holden.
Trade the lemon in on a T3 and have some happy motoring.:s6: :s5
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Re: VX R8 Owner Still Not happy

Originally posted by VXR8 Not Happy
Ford Focus? hehehehe

I feel sorry for ya, after spending that much money on a car and having everything imaginable go wrong with it.

I don't think Uncle Geoff will give you a TS-50 after saying you'll never buy an Australian car again for that kind of price price though!

Good luck in the future, but don't rule out a Ford as your next car, as you can see Ford Australia DO give a damn about their customers.
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No I havent yet, I must say the basic T series did not impress me as the appointments were to low, I did like the model that had the 220 kw (although not enough) 12 months ago and Fairmont Interior.

I like the top end but with comfort and real handeling.

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Sorry to hear about your car Paul. Your story just goes to prove my point I have made on a number of occasions about Australian built cars. I would never buy a new Aussie built car period. They depreciate like nobodys buisness from day one and seem to be very unreliable. I would however purchase a secondhand one as they offer great value for money. Take my NFII Fairlane I bought in December. It was $52000 new in 1996 and in December I payed $14000 with a mere 84000Kms on the clock. I know the build quality on the vehicle is second rate but Iam willing to live with it because of the price I payed. I hope you get some results with your car. If not sell it and buy a Japanese or European built car.
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Think laterally. Try commercial blackmail.

Holden is looking to export 20,000 Monaros to the US as the new Pontiac GTO. Worth BIG money to them.

Why don't you and the other blokes with similar problems explain to Holden how you're going to band together and bring these build / assembly / quality problems to the attention of A Current Affair etc in Oz and to the US GM bloke who's pushing for the Monaro and to the US GM dealers (so easy to do in the Internet age), as well as the US motoring press. If this is the best Holden can do with your cars, why will the Monaros be any better, particularly the first couple of years of production? Of course, there'd be no need to do any of this if Holden fixed up your problems and satisfied you that they had lifted their game.
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Sorry to hear about your car man!

We need Lemon Laws like they do US, instead all the car companies/dealers have to do here is to just to show that they are attempting to fix the problems.
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