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VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

I cant decided what to get! I love the look off the SS but i love the feel of the XR8!

Can anyone help me with my choice! just forget your a ford fan, pretend u love toyotas! just give me some honest advice about which would be better to have.

Thanks :)
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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

I'd go with the XR8, If something drives good, you'd be better off with that rather than a nicer looking ride. And the AUs can scrub up very nicely.

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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

The VXSS is my fav commo when judged on visuals. How have you chosen other cars? It comes down to extent. How much better does the better look outweigh the better feel in some use of the word "magnitude"?? See only you can judge this because it is a preferential thing. Personally I would look into making the XR "look" better or the VX "feel" better? Which is easier to do? What don't you like about the feel of the VX?

Make the decision based on another variable eg ¼ mile times, cost, ease of modification, sexiness of people posting on associated forums :s6:
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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

VX SS really doesnt handle in te same league as the XR's but it does have more power. I guess in the end it's down to what you want to use it for. If its for drags etc then go the VX but as a daily driver and/or track car the XR8 has the balance and poise to be the best choice IMHO!

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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

VXSS is more popular, and looks better IMHO. Actually, I think the VX is probably the best looking commodore of that body series.

And I better be the first one to mention the gen3's apparant oil problems - although every car brand has some sort of problem, its to my understanding that whilst this problem exists, its not a widespread problem, and if your future car has it, well so be it, keep your eye on it and its just another running cost, not some dire exploding engine like some people like to make out. Ford have had its share of problems before too - from the infamous glove box rattle, blowing headlight bulbs, failing power windows, breaking diffs and eating waterpumps.

Plus the VX is the newer car, 2000-1, AU is 98.

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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

Go the VX SS, I wouldn't touch an AUI with a 10 foot turd pole no matter how many people on here tell you to.

Remember anything with a Gen3 in it will attract very good resale. AU1 XR8's are nothing special and no one wants to pay $30,000 for a second hand one. But I bet you'll pay over $30K for a VX SS. Especially a M6 one.

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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

If I had that choice I would choose the SS in a millisecond. I have driven them hard and they handle better than 99% of drivers will ever get out of them.
Chuck in a few grand of bolt on mods and very low 13s are easy. Do the same to a s1 XR8 and you might get mid 14s.
In the end, get what appeals to you. You have to live with it, not anyone else
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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

Ive been in a few VX SS's and dnt tell anyone i sed this but theyre a pretty nice car IMHO, more power than the xr8 but meh! but at the end of the day im a ford fan and i think the xr8 is a top car, just lacks the starightline grunt of the ss, so test drive both and see what u like!

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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

I had an AU1 XR8, and to be truthful, there's nothing wrong with them, but there's always more power in a stock Gen 3 than a few grand can get you in an AU1 XR8.

If you really meant an AU2 XR8, then get it and forget the VX SS. Don't ask why - you'll know why when you've had it a few months.

If the AU1 and the VX are the same price (or at least within a thou or two of each other), you have to ask what is wrong with the VX (it should be way more), or why is the AU1 over-priced (it should be way less).

At the end of the day, it's your decision. I looked at VTSS's when I bought my XR8, and the ONLY reasons I went the XR were less dollars and it felt more solid on the road. If I had have (shortened to "had've", or as a lot of people write it, "had of" - sorry about the grammar/spelling lesson) bought the SS, this post would most likely be on LS1.com.


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Re: VX SS or AU series 1 XR8

As JC said, AU1 XR8 and VX SS are not in the same price bracket. Whats wrong with the SS or is the AU1 well over priced ?
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