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YES its a 5 Speed!!
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Tongue wanker stories

Dont ya just hate it when u get those idiots that lie out of their arses to be excepted or sound cool... its espicially prone to happen at school, i'll tell ya a few stories of this one idiot at my school...

to put u in the picture he one of those little dweebs that will cruise around in a mazda 323 with a huhge alloy wing and thihnks its cool... he loves his rice

Story 1
he was tellin me this one time he was at work (chicken shop) that these two blokes pulled into his shop with a nissan skyline R33 GTS-T... well aparently this thing had been worked over to the moon... u kno absolutely sik moitt!!! anyway he was tellin me that he got along so well with these blokes from melbourne that they stayed around till he knocked off work to take him for a spin in it... but then they even let him drive it and rally it around!!! pretty good blokes i say considering they neva knew him before that

Story 2
he was tellin me how fords are shit and all the rest and i just laughed at him... he tried to tell me that he and his brother in their 1985 nissan pulsar dragged off a new BA XR8.... right.....

Story 3
one day at school he was tryin to tell me he went for a spin in the fastest VL in my town... yet it wasnt even a turbo VL, apparently they were being chased by the cops and they outran them by doing 280 kays an hour... i sh*t u not!!! straight from the horses mouth!!!

Story 4
the other day he was tellin me at tennis that his family just bought a new suzuki baleno... sur enouf there was one parked accross the road but the funny thing is he tried to tell me that it had so much power it bags em up easily in not only 1st and 2nd BUT 3RD!!!! well i guess stalling it doesnt count as baggin em up!!!

anyways thought it was good for a laugh and maybe you could share some of the other bullsh*t stories the ricer and commodore boys come up with to make up for their inadequacies... if u get what i mean

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Re: wanker stories


Time to change schools, maybe FF can branch out to that area!
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Re: wanker stories

haha.. i heard some bad ones when i was in school.. but that guy really needs a bullet ..or to be smacked down with heaps of people watching
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YES its a 5 Speed!!
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Re: wanker stories

lol.... thats what i reckon!!! im sick of his bs!!!

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Tickford wings are for Tickford cars...
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Re: wanker stories

What a tosser, that one about the XR8, the one about the VL, ahh the whole lot. Some guys are full of it. Stay tuned for more next year `eh..
This is a perfect example of that saying "they have to build commodores to keep the idiots out of fords"
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Re: wanker stories

Yeap! Heard plenty of them - because the sudden surge in Rice-mobiles.

My mate at work has been telling me how quick his Pulsar is. It's got the CA18 in it and is manual so they are pretty squirty off the line - especially considering his is a Jap-spec one.

Told me how he beat an EB/ED the other night that "must have had headers and exhaust coz it sounded pretty grunty". Well tonight I shut him up! LMAO!! Got a really good start off the line and pumped him! Well, only a couple of car lengths, but still! He kept up okay... Gotta get more mods though :)

* Disclaimer: all this was on a private track *

Originally Posted by Sundeep
Eh Yagz, suck my left teste mate I'll have boost for $1k, even if it is only 1 pound.

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Re: wanker stories

Hah, I remember at my prep school in 92, there was a feasome debate on whether a Landcruiser turbo could beat a V8. Of course, the diesel turbo could, because it was a turbo. And said Turbo.

Or that any 5.7 gen 3 had an option for 340kw for another $5000 - maybe with an aftermarket blower, the story of course was that it was HBD.

Other major debate for years was whether a Nissan Bluebird SSS Manual (94 model) could beat a VR v8 Calais Auto - it possibly could; never ended up racing them. Although the manual v6 tx5 can do it- well I dont know if the other drivers were really trying in the V8s defence.....
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Re: wanker stories

Heard so many of em i cant remeber. Alot of em came from a lancer driver. Enough said :)

Had a few rich kids at my school. One guy said his dad was buying him a GTS-T with a GTR engine, and it was like that from the factory . He know drives a pulsar lol

Sometimes ppl think im bsing coz most things i say come out wronge :) or i say im going to do something then dont. i usually intend to, i just run out of money or post-pone it or somethin

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Re: wanker stories

Umm have driven a friends suzuki baleno and there is no way they could do that!! well not in standard form anyway

In the garage:
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Re: wanker stories

A mate was twelling me about this celica he took for a spin (Test Drive) when he was looking at purchasing a car. A non turbo street legal car doing low 9's down the quarter and he was going to buy it. When I asked where it was he said ah the deal fell thru. He has a lot of these type of stories. He has now joined the NAVY so maybe he is better off talking crap to them.

He come out with other stories like puching out two guys at a strip club that were giving him lip from the ute. Then jumping in their ute and driving it up to another night club that we were waiting at at the time. When we asked where he parked it, he took us to a car park and said oh its gone they must have found it. Where like yeah ok mate. Hes the biggest lying wank you have ever met. The funny thing is he lies that much he starts to believe his own lies.

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