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mad The Western Ring Road!

Ok, I travel the length of the ringroad from Werribee to Greensborough and back every day and i feel like its time to have a bit of a rant

Now just a few of the things that ^*&( me off about the ringroad are:

- The electronic speed signs dropping from 100 to 80 or 90 for no apparent reason than the fact that they are 100m before our ever so popular cameras, then back to 100 about 200m after. If this isnt revenue raising i dont know what is...

- People who drive 15km/h under the speed limit because "its safer". Newsflash, its not safer. when all of the traffic has to brake and change lanes to get around you it increases the likelihood of an accident.

- People who also feel that once a single drop of rain hits their windrscreen they must brake as fast as possible and thus cause evryone else who is actually remaining at a sensible speed, to swerve around them!

- People (trucks take the cake here) who like to sit next to each other, blocking all lanes and causing traffic to bank up behind them for kays. Apparently the part of their brain that tells them they are being d&*ks is missing or something.

- The people who sit in the left hand lane of the freeway and just stare at you when your trying to merge coming off the on-ramp. "Hello, im running out of road here!"

- And finally, the person who see's me coming up behind them doing 110 and then merges into my lane doing 90!

Well thats me letting off some steam. Its finally gotten to me seeing that almost all of these happened to me on my way home this arvo and i've had enough. Does anyone else suffer from these things or am i just having a bad day and suffering through a plague of morons?
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Re: The Western Ring Road!

Western ring road? Oh, you mean REVENUE ALLEY!!!

Btw, I agree with EVERYTHING you said too!

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Whats traction?
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Re: The Western Ring Road!

Yeah the eastern is just as bad with the drivers, no revenue camers or variable cash limits though.

My main gripe is with retards merging at 60kmh and when all the traffic is doing 70 or so on a clear sunny day.... GET OUT OF THE RIGHT HAND LANE!!!!

Just like a Tsunami.
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Re: The Western Ring Road!

Couldnt agree more

Watch out for the Falcon Ute with the Tickford Sticker
The Au Wagon
and the ss with baby on board on back window

also saw a Xtrail the other day with cop lights
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Re: The Western Ring Road!

Got to be one of the worst roads in Melbourne, the further you travel along it the more tossers you encounter. I use it just about every day for work (the full length) and the amount of people who dont have a clue about anything is enormous

BAXR8 Ute 5M- 13.51@106.03
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Re: The Western Ring Road!

I would agree with that stretch of road being useless (Ring Rd) as I use it a fair bit. Geelong road would also have to be right up there with the Western Ring Rd as I drive it twice a day I also have these things happen to me without fail every single day. People have no idea how to drive and never bloody will. Why do the wankers insist on doing road works on a road during peak hour traffic has got me tossed.

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Re: The Western Ring Road!

Yep, I have wondered about those damn 80 and 90k zones that last for about 300 metres in the speed camera areas.
No merge lanes, no traffic, 9pm coming home from the airport, 100 to 80. wtf is that about???????????
And its not just the Ring Rd for tossers in the right lane doing 85. The SE arterial almost causes me to have a seizure every morning, as truck after truck lines up in the right hand lane, to do 80, and 70 all the way from the tunnel, through Burnley, to Warragul Rd, then pulling up the hill from Warragul Rd and sit there for 15ks all the way to Dandenong almost while all traffic moves to the middle lane to pass them.
I see the same 10 trucks do it every morning. I have rang their companies to tell them their truck drivers are arrogant *ucks. This has resulted in no action.

Steps will now have to be taken..............

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