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What weird things have you found in/on your car??

Today while I was changing my rotors, i pulled off the passangers side rotor to discover a big mother huntsmen type spider.

Now I am pretty aracnaphobic, so I just shat myself and went looking for some fly spray so i could "deal" with it. But, murphys law, I couldn't find any

But i found an old gift wrapping roll, and used that to "scare" him off.

Not very pleasant......

So what have you guys come across???

EL driver...
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Frogs love my car. They sit on the bonnet. maybe they think it looks like King Frog ( If you squint I guess they do look like frogs )

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a little bit sideways
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the spiders...not the spiders...DEAR GOD MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

i really dont like spiders.

especially huntsmen spiders. :sook:

the things i have done in order to get them off my car...wwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy over the speed limit one evening with one sitting on the glass sunroof in a vain attempt to dislodge it. i failed. across two lanes of peak hour traffic in the city (god escorts kick nicely off the mark) to pull over. i kicked the bastard so hard i dented the bottom of the door. he fell off and ran across the road. i hope he died. i smakced one with a brrom once. that took a lot of guts.

i hate freaking spiders.

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On the EF i found a spider once when i was washing the car, was hosing the under carriage of the car when the spider came out, naturally i tried hose the spider away but he went back and hid on the under carriage. I couldn't be bothered looking for it so i left him there.

Looks like the spider loves the high speed club runs like i do.

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Ages ago I was stripping an old Renault on this guys farm.... I was hesitant to stick my arm underneath so when I finshed getting what I wanted on the exterior I tipped it over onto its side..... well what I found was a community of redback spiders.... I shit myself. I then went to the local store and bought some tins of flyspray and a cigarette lighter..... spraying them with flames is alot more fun than I expected. :)

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Two events that stand out in my life are:
I was at the drive in when I was a kid. My mum and a friend were in the front, me and my brother in the back. Both mum and her friend are aracnaphobic and a huge spider decides to join them in the front seat. Well they both bolt out the doors, slamming them shut, leaving me and my bother, somewhat startled and more than a little scared. You see the car we are in is a 240K datsun coupe. You should have seen my brother and I trying to scramble out of those bloody small side windows.....

The next was when I was doing pizza deliveries, funnily enough in another datsun. I had just gotten a new mobile, and it had vibration alert. Well this spider is climbing along the front screen, and then disappears down the vents. A few minutes later I feel some thing crawling in my pants. I nearly shit myself, doing 100 on the freeway smacking the crap out of my pants.....After a while I realise it's just me bloody mobile :(
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Originally posted by eb_5litre
..... well what I found was a community of redback spiders.... I shit myself. I then went to the local store and bought some tins of flyspray and a cigarette lighter..... spraying them with flames is alot more fun than I expected. :)
Very disturbing behaviour there EB!


Gee they have smiley's for every application.

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Not a car,but i was riding my motor cycle along the highway at a rapid rate of knots when a LARGE hairy spider walked across my visor.....I REALLY CRAPPED myself,so I lifts my gloved hand to swipe it away and it decides to run under my helmet,I grabbed both brakes slid to a halt ripped off the helmet threw it on the ground and the mongrel thing just camly walked across my shoulder like it owned it,so i flicked it off and did a war dance on his head,big tough bikie ehhh!!

i got my L's on the 11th of june,so watch out!!!

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Several years ago I was in my old car with a mate and we went to 7-11 to get something. My mate went inside the shop while I waited in the car. As I was parked in a bad spot I started the car and was half way through a 3 point turn in the middle of 7-11 ( as you can imagine this is a difficult task on its own with a non power steering XC in the small carpark of 7-11). As I was doing this I noticed something large scuttle across by bonnet. I couldn't determine what it was as it quickly disappeared down my grill. A few seconds later it reappeared and too my horror it was the biggest spider you have ever seen in your life, I mean easily over 5 cm across, and was walking straight across the bonnet towards the windshield. As you can imagine I was in a state of panic as:

1/ I had my window open
2/ My driver door was busted and could only be open from outside.
3/ I had the car in reverse still
and 4/ there was a 2 cars waiting for me to complete my manoeuvre so they can get out...

It kept on walking towards me and straight up the drivers side of the windshield and onto the roof !!!!. It was about 1 foot away from my face!!! At this point my mate comes out of the 7-11 and sees me screaming something incoherently.
In my panic I was trying to open the door realising that it didn't work, while looking at my open drivers side window expecting a giant spider to jump through. At that point scenes from arachnaphobia came flashing through my head !!!!

I put the car in park, undid my belt and gingerly put my hand outside and opened the door handle from the outside, and jumped from the car. At this point it time my friend also saw the spider on the car and was saying NO WAY I'M GETTING IN THAT CAR!!!!

The spider then proceeded to walk down the A-Pillar and disappear somewhere under the wheel-arch. We both waited 5 minutes waiting for it to reappear but to no avail. The whole time we still had two cars waiting for as to move out of there way, and an audience of about 4-5 people watching us.

Hesitantly we both got in the car shut all the windows and the whole time I was driving I had the interior light on as it was night. My mate kept on nervously looking around. At one point he felt something brush his left leg, but luckily it was only his right leg.

The spider has never been spotted since......


PS: Believe it or not I'm not actually that afraid of spiders !!!

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i too have found my share of spiders, but as this post is about all wierd things found in cars and not just spiders, i will not bore you with more spider stories. When i got my first car (XF falcon, auto) i pulled the gear knob off the T-bar to change it to an EB style one and while i had it off i took off the plastic thing that the P,R,N,D,2,1 is written on and in the greasy box underneath it was over 8 dollars in change including a few dollar coins. I figure the previous owner must have kept toll money or something on the plastic surface and it must have slid down there.
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