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What in the world!

You wouldnt beleive it but the other day I was done over by a Hyundai Excel. A very sad day indeed. Demoralised.
I was driving one of Fords finest (a 2000 XR8 ute) and off she goes, leaving hot rubber on my windscreen in the process!!
All I heard was the receeding sound of 'doof' 'doof' as the sub pulsed out the techno!
What is the world comming too?
Fast four cylinders?
Are V8's really struggling that much?
It doesnt seem fair.
I look fondly back to days when like the great race we and those pack of Holden tossers got our way...damn did we try...but its now war and we need to go the same way as before...it wasn't sporting, it wasn't really racing but ultimately I feel we need to play hard once again, but this time we must not just clear the track of the scourge against the V8 legacy....we need to also ban the four cylinders from the roads!
We got rid of those cursed Nissan Skylines that so plagued us, so finally after years of torment we could finally hope to win races again...but what! The fast fours are now ruling the roost. A scourge on your pestky little engined buzz boxs...rice burners...jap c***!!
The days of cruising by a slug 4 with a mere prod of the big toe seem a fond but distant memory. I mean we never contemplated the possibility of handling but I just can take it anymore, even the power of the horse has been wrested from out V lovin grasp.
Poor V8 drivers cant even outbreak them with $20,000 brake packages! The Holden crowd have to pay that much to just stop and it still takes them 39 metres...I mean the fours do it in about 35 with 250mm single piston disks! What gives?
I am scared to now leave the garage for fear of blown Suzuki Mighty boys! The phrase "Turbos are nice but I'd rather be blown" is not something I'd like to see receeding into the distance on the back window of an Excel.
I implore, who put the 'super' in Supercars? If it wasnt the blue oval then who else? Maybe the term is less relevant in the naughties? Maybe the dog has had its day?
Looking back the sadest day of all for me was that time in the mid '80s when there was no longer a V8, no worked six and Ford had hung its loyal subjects out to dry. I battled on, and had faith. My 5 fabulous Fords, back to back speak for my love of the marque but no more.
Well, I guess the moral of the story...like the tortoise and the hare...is that cars with engines resembling anvils have only one place left...and thats at the bottom of the ocean. And like myself if you proud former Ford loyalists are wondering that heck it was the tortise who won in the end and not the speedy hare...its just like the mythical fairytale swansong of the overhyped falcon...dreaming of beating that all conquering Nissan Skyline and making it run home with its tail firmly between its legs...somehow, I dont really thinkso...theres no yellow pages for the toroise in that one and the fairytail ends with the tortoise getting boiled up by a bunch of angry Ford hating asylum seekers with false passports.
Ironically they really turn out to be rich drug lords and decide to buy Ford. During their festive attempt at corporate raiding discover Fords hidden weapon to wipe the land clean of the pesky four and once again assert the true power of the V and blue oval. They find the new Falcon, standing there, menacing, gleaming and setting standards equal to all other cars....the poor ignorant sods stand transfixed, unable to look away...what motivates this magical machine they wonder? Opening the long hood they look inside the sparkling engine bay and they see the most amazing engine they have ever seen. An engine born in the sixties, refined in the seventies and triumphant across racing series after series from then on....powerful, beautiful, uncompromising and razor sharp...they look closely not knowing what they have found. The only words they can make out on the gleaming engine are w...a...n...k...l...e
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The cat in the hat
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Where did you score? can I have some..........
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100% Speeding (when safe)
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thats quite a story!!

Are you sure you had your foot on the right pedal?

The accelerator is the one on the right.

I have a new hyundai accent and thrashing it crazily it gets a 10 second flat time to 100.

lets get sideways!!!
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If that's not the record for the longest first up post with interesting story twist then it's gotta run it close!!
Welcome aboard tige!! :D

Chucky's saying of the month- Finish your beer! There are sober kiddies in Ethiopia.."
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ford nazi

do not fear! those cars are light, and probably turboed! what i suggest you do is talk to our man, Mr Herrod about a nice supercharger/stroker kit for your Ute! THEN you can smoke those rice burners all day long! :D


ed manual


you drive an accent?! you better have a REAL good reason for that! accent?! *shakes head*

well, i'm sort of kidding, but this IS a hyundai we're talking about...
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100% Speeding (when safe)
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i am sorry about me driving an accent :(
its a company car though. I would never, in no way buy one or recommend one.
I have an ED falcon that i paid for with my own money!!

lets get sideways!!!
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Harsh words needed ED

ED, someone needs a good talking too, in my job they were going to get me a bloody Camry:( I said I could not sleep with one of those bastards so I took a $20.00 per week pay cut and gets real cars, AU2 Forte was replaced yesterday with an SR, not a bad beast really. Got to say a little gutless though compared to the forte (due to the fact she is probably a little tight with one 49km on the clock now) will let everyone know how it goes after a few thousand km.
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ed manual

ok, ok... but i'll let ya off this time only! hehe
nah, if it's a company car then abuse it as much as you can! take your anger out at it! if you break it, oops! it broke! hehe

say, driving it at the limiter all day long, but then you'd have to put up with the lawnmower engine noise invading your driving space. just get an oxy torch! >:D
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Was was nearly beaten by a Honda VTIR Integra thing, late 90's on Friday nite. Up hill too..

I was driving my R31 aussie skyline. He launched it big where as I was merely cruising up to the lights a <5kmph in first gear.. Then I realised he was having a go when he didn't dissapear into nothing, My lane ended, but dam that thing revs, we shifted into second at the same time which is where unforunatly I lost traction(dam $60 205 rubber).. I gave in because my lane ended and Im not a complete nutter..

Of course afterwards by Sunday I had found a few more Kw when I advanced my timing, put on a VS V8 airbox, new filter.. But still..

There are some reasonably quick ricey cars, Turbo Rotories go hard (20b?) even some LS1 guys get burnt by those..

Hyundia isn't a brand I worry about much, not when those 944 porkas chase me all the way up to the maxium safe limit

The problem with the V8's is they don't rev hard enough, if they spun to 7000 rpm, they would have enough legs to wipe most 4 pots off the road.. That and you can't fit 275 rubber to many aussie sedans..
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A 12A Turbo or Ported Scrotary would be good enough to beat *most* Commodores, a 13B Turbo/Ported I'd put money on being quicker than an LS1
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