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What Your Car Says About You...

BMW M3 (17" DTMs & Remus Exhaust): I am a Curtin / UWA / ECU overseas business student

BMW 7 Series: I enjoy fixing "accidental" scratches down the entire length of my car

BMW 850i: I have so much money it literally makes people vomit spontaneously

Honda NSX: I cannot get an erection

Morris Mini: I enjoy taking radiators out and bonnets off

Mitsubishi Magna: I get sucked in easily by slick ad campaigns

Holden Commodore VL: I like being reminded my big Aussie six" is really a Skyline motor

Suzuki Swift GTi: I can't wait to get off my "P" plates

Mazda RX-7: I can't afford a Porsche

Mazda RX-2: I spend lots of time in my garage and enjoy getting dirty

Mazda RX-3: I live in my garage and enjoy staying dirty

Holden Sandman: I saw Mad Max 367 times

Holden Berlina: Im a very good Amway salesperson

Holden Statesman: Im a pimp

Holden Statesman HSV: I have a kilo of cocaine in my wheel well

Holden Commodore GTS-R: I'm in a mid life crisis and reckon Johnson is a slow old codger

Volkswagen Kombi: I'm leading a militia to overthrow the government, and this is a car bomb.

Toyota Corona: I teach fourth grade special education

Holden Gemini: I delivered pizza for four years to get this car

Nissan Skyline GTR: I slow down to 120 in school zones and don't like Jap Super bikes

Subaru Impreza WRX: I slow down to 160 in school zones and don't like Jap Super bikes or GTRs

Mazda 323 4WD Turbo: I wish I could afford a WRX

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR: This is faster than a WRX, honest it is

Toyota Celica SX: I mistakenly think this was the actual car that won the WRC, like on the ads

Holden VT Commodore (Pursuit Rims): I enjoy having people slow to 60kph when I pull up behind them

Suzuki Sierra: I will start Year 11 this year

Suzuki Vitara: I will start Year 12 this year

Nissan EXA: I have always said, half a convertible is better than no convertible at all

Toyota Corolla KE: I have just graduated and have no credit rating

Hyundai Excel 1: I lack any originality and am basically a lemming

Hyundai Excel 2: I'm a receptionist and this is my first car

Ford Taurus: I'm sure this shape of car will catch on eventually

Volkswagen Beetle: I still watch Partridge Family re-runs

Toyota Tarago: I enjoy being reminded, every ten minutes, how much my car looks like a wombat

Jaguar XJ6: I am so rich I will pay $60K for a car that is in the shop 280 days a year

Kia Sephia: I learned nothing from the failure of Daihatsu Corp

Lamborghini Diablo: I only have one testicle

Fiat X-19: This car is made in the same country as a Ferrari

Mercedes 500SL Stretched: I will beat your ass up if you ask me for an autograph

Mercedes 560SEL: I have a daughter named Missy and a son named Ridge

Mazda MX-5: I do not fear being decapitated by an eighteen-wheeler truck

MGB: I am dating a mechanic

MGF: I've just dumped a mechanic

Mitsubishi Starion: I don't know what it means either

Nissan 300ZX: I have yet to complete my divorce proceedings

Holden Commodore VN: I just stole this car and I'm going to ram raid an Adidas store

Honda Civic / Prelude with 17" DTMs: I have a switchblade in my sock

Porsche 911 Turbo: I have a three inch ****

Porsche 944: I am dating women that otherwise would be inaccessible to me

Subaru Liberty: I have always wanted a Japanese car even more inferior than Isuzu

Camira: So what if it breaks down all the time, at least I don't owe money on it

1967 Mustang: Classic, not plastic.

Impreza WRX: Im a herd animal

Toyota Echo: I like to pay more to get less.

Honda Civic: Be original... Just like your friends.

VW Beetle: I like putting out engine fires (see Audi 90)

Hyundai Excel: I'm going to increase its performance with a rear wing

Toyota Camry Wagon: I'm the new breed of Volvo drivers

2002 Monaro: I have no idea about cars, but all my rev head mates think I am a hero.

Ford Laser: I don't have a choice

351 GT: I like people from the next suburb to know when I'm coming around

Suzuki GTi: I spike my hair, wear lots of metal chains and bop to R&B music

Mercedes-Benz A160: Look! It has Mercedes badges!

Hyundai Accent: At least it's not an Excel

Commodore VK: Come steal my car, it's not as if the key's any ****ing different

Commodore VL: I'd like a Skyline, but all my revhead friends would laugh at me.

Suzuki Mighty Boy: You only need 3 Cylinders, any more and your being greedy.

Subaru Impreza RX: My car has Rally Heritage! I can pretend it's a Rex!

Suzuki Swift Extreme: I'm too stingy to pay GTi insurance

Toyota Paseo: Hey at least it *looks* sporty

Pre 1992 Lancer GSR: I'm hoping people wont know this isn't the 4WD Turbo version..

Ford Falcon EA-ED: Looks like shit, sounds like crap, goes like shit, but you just can't kill the bastard.

Nissan R33 Skyline: Look at what my daddy bought me. It's even got an original Nismo sticker!

R31 Skyline: No, really, it's fast. I think..

R32 Skyline: These won at Bathurst. Remember? No? Oh Well...

R33 Skyline: I bought a Skyline, hooray. What do you mean it's the slowest one?

R34 Skyline: My parents own a "small corner shop in Tokyo"

Hyundai Excel: So what if it's not a real car? It has a nice stereo. No wait! Come Back! Pay attention to me!

VH-VL commodore: You'd think my most valuable possession would not be easily stolen with a screwdriver wouldn't you?

Land Cruiser: I went through some mud in the school parking lot last week.

Holden VN Commodore: I have 13 kids and receive indigenous payouts from the government

Saab 9000 Turbo: I'm in a mid life crisis and can't afford a WRX

Mercedes E Class: My name can not easily be pronounced by anyone with English as a first language

Ford Maverick: It's a Nissan... really it is

Toyota Hilux (with big FOX racing sticker): I've never ridden a motorbike before but I think it would be fun

Toyota Prado: The women at child care laugh at my poor attempt at a land cruiser

VT-VX Clubsport: I just wanted one... like 50,000 other people did

HSV Senator: I'm not a very good pimp (see Statesman)

Falcon XR6 Turbo: I'm a VL turbo driver with too much cash

Commodore S: $8000 for spoilers is worth it, I swear

Astra Convertible: I'm an over paid sales woman with a wanky title like "Account Manager"

Toyota Lowlux: Totally defeats the purpose of a Ute but my mates think Im fully sick

Ford AU Falcon: Built Ford Rough

BMW X5: My car will never ever see dirt

BMW 3 Series: It's got BMW badges... and its more common than Melbourne police eating souvlaki

Audi TT: It's almost a Porsche...

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

LOL love it, all excpt for the EA-ED one hehe.
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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

Pretty good :-)

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...


that's good.

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

Everytime I read that its changed.
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do YOU have rubber?
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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

Hmmm couldn't find my model. Oh and I'll be sure to not carry the cocaine in the statesman in future
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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

lol! I have to assume that I am also a pimp being a Fairlane boy but that is all so true! From Porsche 911 Turbo to VL Commodore.

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

The first batch were pretty spot on. Don't know about the bottom half though... how many times does the Excel get mentioned?

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

Lol @ the Excel, and the Excel, and the Excel :s6:

I like the list...some classics in there.

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Re: What Your Car Says About You...

yer I like reading it again, always some good ones

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