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Arrow What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson?

With this recent media hype on Michael Jackson lately, portraying a "freak show" side of him, i have been curious whether or not these alledged accusations have actually made an impact to the minds of the general public.

So what do you think of Michael Jackson?
A man that was born into the media.. A man that was deprived of his youth.. A man that was beaten as a child.. A man with an obsession of change to mold himself into what the public wanted to see.. A man with a huge heart.. A man that gives so much back to the world.. A man of musical GENIOUS!

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Are you serious...whacko jacko...hangs baby over balcony...tells young boys if you love me you'll sleep in my bed with me..ChuBBz wake up he's a total nutcase.

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A brilliant performer that could do no wrong up until the album after thriller.

As a person, lets just say he needs help.
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Ok i agree that putting his son at danger on a balcony was a stupid thing to do, he has probably lost the plot & that he does need help.. but i must say that Martin Bashir f*%#ked Michael Jackson! Apparently he didn't even give him a chance to watch the documentary before it was shown on tv & mentioned some information he wasn't supposed to. And when Michael brought up the topic, he & ITV simply said that it wasn't part of their agreement? Bashir also said that "he is a disturbing individual" about Michael, and this was days before the show (i read in the Herald Sun). wtf? Doesn't sound like the 'big Michael fan' Bashir made out himself to be to the world during his eight months with Michael. Like he cared about him, all he wanted was to secure such a major journalistic scoop, which he sure did, and it's probably the scoop of the century too.
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I'll have to agree with SB3 there.

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I would have to say that Bashir kind of stabbed him in the back. Jackson let the world see his private life because he thought that Bashir would put forward a neutral kind of documentary. Instead he made Jackson look like a prick. You could see that Jackson does have a big heart but it almost seemed that he couldn't understand the big deal about having kids over at his house and sleeping in the same bed as him. Its like he is a little kid himself. Either that or he is just plain nuts.

Jackson is a great performer but he needs help. Look what too much money does to you.
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what are the point of doco's like Martin Bashirs? What Jackson does with his face is, believe it or not, none of our business! Its easy enough to say he's a wacko, and perhaps he is but have a look at why he is. Child abuse from his father and an unhealthy, abnormal life as a famous performer does not mix well for a happy and normal adult life. Its typical from journos to make mountains out of molehills in regards to the boys sleeping in his room and his plastic surgery. Its unfortunate that most peole will remember Jackson for his face, rather than his musical genious.
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I don't think that interviewer stabbed him in the back. What did MJ expect? This guy was a journalist! Getting sensitive information from one of the most controversial performers of all time!
MJ is a great performer, everyone knows that, but mentally he's just f*cked up. Sane people just don't admit to sleeping with children and telling the world to do the same. When i read the accusations of him doing stuff like masturbating in front of that kid, I can't help but think it is definitely possible that he could have done it. I mean the guy dangles his kids out of motel windows!

Regarding the plastic surgery and all that, i really cna't help but ask why? Why do it to yourself? Its really a pointless question because there are so many opinions on this issue. I just think its a real disappointment that a kid with so much talent could fall as far as he has. Most of all, i just feel sorry for him.
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MJ should have never trusted a journalist, especially a british one.

jackos music has been a world away from the normal mainstream, and his thriller album was a masterpiece. the video for thriller was also so far ahead of its time that it completely revolutionised the music video industry, and no video since has even got close.

i question jackos mind. sadly, i think that he is a few snags short of a barbie. more than that, he is gullible and naive. i genuinely feel sorry for him.

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I loved how he told that reporter with a straight face that he didn't do any plastic surgery to his face. I know it's bullshit, but I like his attitude ! He basically tells the guy that it's non of his business and to go phuck himself. Also I reckon Jacko is right about the worlds way of thinking nowadays, you know, the fact that he has kids sleeping in his bedroom and stuff. Straight away people think Mike would mollest them. As for the previous allegations, it could've easily been a set up. I mean tell your child to say to the media "Michael Jackson touched me" and we'll be miljonairs and we can buy you everything you ever wanted. It sounds sickening, but there's a lot weird people out there.
I mean I don't know the man personally and I'm not gonna base my opinion of him purely on what the media tells me about him.
As for that Martin Bashir fella, I reckon the guy is a backstabbing bastard.

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