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When did the BUG first hit YOU?

I was just reading through an old thread that popped up again recently,
and got to thinking... when did the 'mod bug' first hit me?

Like probably most people on here, for me it was when I got my first car.
An XF Falcon, just after I left school, nearly 4 years ago.
Didn't have much money so I didn't go down the performance path, instead
took the path of appearance enhancement.

First thing I did was strip back the beige paint and give it a custom black
with blue pearl paint (cost me a total of $1000 as I did it all myself).
Bought some cheap replica EL Tickford wheels, lowered it, spent $300 on a
dead Fairlane, used the interior, sold the rims on it and got my $300 back!

I was quite happy with my cruiser.
From then I started working and was able to spend more money on it.

This time around though, I've gone back and taken the other path.
Performance mods first, then appearance.
The Fairlane is my first V8 and I'm making sure it's one hell of a V8!

So when did it first bite you?
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

Got my first car at 18, TC Corty, and straight away was into pulling it apart and modding what I could, and dared to, and havent stopped, my wife doesnt understand the Mod Bug but thats life.

I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

I was born with it! Been fighting it ever since. I used to mod my bikes when I was a kid. Then my first 2 cars copped it. Then went through a whole car once and never changed a thing (thought I was cured)...then got the XR and got on here. Now its back and its worse than ever!

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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

im too poor to mod my car atm, but probably over the summer ill get a rear ended EL and chuck everything into the EA.

1990 EA Falcon GL on gas. Poineer MP3 Deck with Alpine 5.25" 2 ways and $9 6x9s. FPV seat covers and floor mats... they add 10kW at the rear wheels!

Coming Mods: Multipoint Fuel, 5spd conversion.

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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

Yeah got it when I first got my ford. Only started with appearance in the begining becuase didn't know much when I was young but as you get older you learn heaps more and I would rather do a performance mod first instead of an appaerance mod now.....................how times change.

Wish I hated cars though becuase they cost heaps of cash.

2000 AU II XR8 - 5 spd, 18" wheels, Exhaust, Sports Suspension, slotted/drilled brakes, sunroof, TS50 snorkel
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

Mine started with the XF since its the only car I've owned so far. Started when my cousin came over one day and pointed out how ridiculous it looked standard height and that. I was happily driving it around for a few years with it standard... just to make the story even worse :)
Anyway he introduced me to lowered springs and i think that started my bug. From then on it wasnt low enough so out came the angle grinder.. then the pinstripes made their way off the car, and i picked up a set of pursuit rims (ooh i thought they were the best back then!) then the angle grinder came out again cos i still wasnt happy, then the xg front grille as well as colour coding the rear lights and the side mirrors, then tints, then the stereo bug hit me, and then i got the exhast/extractors, then the proper mags, then chrome door handles and lastly the clear rear indicators. I think thats it ? dunno :)

Xtreme 275.6 rwkw, 12.93 sec quater, Phoon CAI, Siemens Injectors, StealthFX BOV with XBOX entertainment.
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

I got mine I was 16 and bought a mini to play with and learn about cars. I learnt that I shouldnt buy a mini as a first car!
I did the interior and little things like that then I bought an ED. I did the stereo. I bought some springs to get it lowered then I wrote it off.
I bought a cheap XF for $700 and was happy after it was lowered, that is until a VL beat the pants off of me.
That was when the real bug bit.
The head went straight to COME racing and I had a new cam, intake and carby fitted. I blew that engine and was looking to either turbo or get a V8. Got a 351 in the end and loved every minute except when it came time to fill up.
The last 4 months I have been driving a dead stock EB with a new Head unit and its been hell. That will all end this week when I get it back though with a shiny new GT30 strapped to it.
I have spent more money on mods than the actual purchasing costs of all my cars combined.
Total mods are up to about $17000 including all stereo gear ever purchased and total cost of buying 4 cars and getting them on the road is $9450.

I wish I didnt just add that up. I couldve bought an AU ghia by now.

Twin Cam EA falcon
SWB Ford Maverick
06 SV650S
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

Mine started with my first car, an XE S-Pak. I hit a rock while driving and busted my mufflers so i went and put a 2.5" exhaust and a set of extractors on it. I then chopped the springs so it would sit a bit lower. About 12 months later i picked up the AU which stayed stock for the first couple of years i owned it due to being waaaay to busy with work and also living in Darwin with its huge ricer scene.
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

I started with my 1st vehicle and it still hasn't stopped to this day.

Herrod mod's,mmmn.
XW Wagon 221-2V,
Laser a maser.
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Re: When did the BUG first hit YOU?

I think the bug was in me all along. All my "rides" have had to deal with my sickness. As a kid I remember doing things to the "Chopper" bike, like extra lights and stickers and many other riced up bits to it. Then the BMX copped the same treatment. At 13-14 years old got a "Freestyle" BMX and did everything possible to it, used to be able to spin the handle bars around non stop..COOL!.

Got my first car, a MKII Escort at 16 and... well, I was infected. Up untill now I've owned 12 cars, 10 Fords and 2 Mazdas (one was powered by Ford) and they all have been modded some way or another. With the TS50 I hope to keep mod's to a minimum. Suspension and wheels are the only mod's so far. I keep telling the bean seed inside my head "Enough!, been there done that!" but it doesn't seem to be getting through. Anyone know a Doctor who can help me with this infection?
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