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Lightbulb Who knows about Fordforums.com

Ok, i'm just wonder for us crazy fordforumers, does your family and friends know about fordforums and for some of us our fordforums addiction and what do they think about it.

Both mum and dad, know that i'm on fordforums and they do know about my addiction but put up with it. Dad reckons it's a good idea as the garage can help with our falcon queries.
Also i do every now and again mention peoples name via there fordforum handle to them, but there use to it.

Friends at uni make fun of me about it, but there not really into cars. I think there sader for going to LAN Party's etc which they reckon it's cool Yeeeehaaaaa Not!!!!
Other closer friends of mine from school and tafe are pretty neutral about it, they know i'm a Ford nut.

So how is it with your circle of people, do you tell'em about fordforums and whats there reaction good or bad.

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In my case it's....you on there again or where is he...check the computer room he'll be on the ford site,how unusual.

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Wife and kids know of course;

WIFE: I'll not have you bitching about missing the FF Raid all year again this time, I WANT you to go.
ME: Yes dear :)

KIDS: Dad are you fininshed on the computer yet, I wanna play (insert latest favourite game here). Aaarghh, are you on that car site again. Can I see FM's funny picture again please? Are you finished yet?
ME: Yes, now go away or I'll take longer.
KIDS: Are you finished yet?

Some work colleagues know.
Computer access at work - it's there to abuse.
They have their footy/cricket/sailing/holiday sites.
I have my car sites - they're cool about it.

My boss and his boss know (I've been sprung a few times)
They think it's mainly while I have lunch at my desk and provided that I'm not bouncing off the company firewall trying to get to porn or terrorist sites and I'm getting through a reasonable workload they don't seem to mind too much. If only they realised how much I could get done if I wasn't on FF so much, Hahaha.

Some other family/friends & neighbours also know, especially now.

THEM: Where's Rob, is he away with work?
WIFE: No, he's gone off with someone he met on the internet.
THEM: Oh no, your poor thing.......

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lol Raptor ditto for me.....
Wife : are you having a on-line affair ?
Me : Yes honey but don't worry I'm not leaving you it will cost me tooo much lol...and your not getting my XR8
Kidz : Dad are you on the car thing again ! when are you going to play with us ?
Me : When you're asleep lol
Kidz : You're no fun dad lol


'02 XR8 S111 220kw + a little more
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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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Yes, here too. My mum knows I'm on here all the time and so do the people at work.

There was one time when fordforums.com was #2 in the website top hit list and it almost got banned. But not quite...

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Originally Posted by Team GT Media
We love having 3FB Inc guys around!
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My mum and dad don't know about it.
My younger brother does, and he's often on here on my account just browsing through. My girlfriend has joined after watching me on here all the time, she got into it.
Some of my work mates know about it, but they are into rice so they aren't interested.
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lol raptor! :s3

Pretty much everyone I know, knows about my FF.com addiction. Some even understand it.

"To be afraid is to be alive - to act against that fear is to be a person of courage."

the house of grunt
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We Love Greb Murpy
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Ain't that the truth Grunter...
People come, say "You on that Ford site agian?", walk off, come in three or four hours later and say "You STILL there..." then as the walk off, they mubles various obscenities..

"When I joined the marines all they gave us was two sticks and a rock! And we had to share the rock between the whole platoon!"
H2 pwnz j00 foo.
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every one knows in my family (hey my G/F even wants a FF sticker for her car when I get one)
My work mates know as it's the main site I'm logged in on.
Some of the customers at optusnet know as well as I tell them to go to this site or the Ford.com.au if I'm testing for a page.

Breathe! It's only the internet....
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All my friends and family know about me & my computer habits heheheheheh

Many a message is left by friends "When you decide you want to rejoin the real world please call me" hahahahahaa

Mum & Dad think its great that I have met a great deal of nice people........Kids are much the same as the others I think, they dont really care unless they dont get their turn on here.......Often my eldest will sit & read with me ......the conversion is almost over for him I think ( he thinks hes a holden fan) hahaha

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