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Multi Car Owner
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Who Are You!?!?!?!

So we know we are Ford owners. What else do we do to make our lives go.......

I have a soon to be 6 yr old boy, TREVOR!!
Married 10 years (I'm 33)
Born/raised in Cincy, OH. now in Nashville, TN (6years)
Drive a ex cop car, 1994 Chev. Caprice (Wife drives Marq)
Wife just grauduated with masters in Speech Therapy
I am working on getting Microsoft Certifications (A+,Net+)
Just got a dog, now 9 week old Keeshond (eddie)
Cincy Reds Fan/Cincy Bengals fan/TN Titans fan
Love talk radio, sports and talk. G GORDON LIDDY fav.

how about you...............

70 Camaro SS // 87 Mustang GT Conv - 119k
93 Z71 - 264k // 01 P71 - 87k // 05 Dodge Magnum R/T - 122k
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***** Idiot....
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Location: The Sticks of Central TX
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Non Ford Owner
Drive an Impala SS Wife Drives Honda <rice Rocket >
Married 6 years
Im 30
Certifications < Crazy> Seriously...Master CNE, CCIE, SysAdmin
Have 2 cats...gonna kill one
Minnesota Vikings Fan, Stars Fan
Run this Server out of the goodness of my Heart. hahhahaha
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Mod/Multicar Member
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Location: foxboro ma
Posts: 149
i am 33, ive been married for 5 years
i have 2 girls one just turned 3 the other one is 7 months
i drive an 82 f100 and my wife drives a 88 cadillac. i'm rebuilding a motor in a 92 crown vic that she will drive when its done.
i am into old cars. i'm restoring a 54 dodge royal. i belong to the new england chapter of the hudson-essex-terraplane car club. i dont have one yet , i hope to be buyig one soon. i will be starting to restore a 63 f100 this fall that i hope to be driving next spring.
i am a layed off auto mechanic.
i watch nascar as much as i can and go to the local tracks when ever we can get a baby sitter. other than that i keep busy working on my house and keeping up with the yard

82 f100
63 f100
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Classic Mustang Member
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Join Date: May 2001
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Posts: 92
Me? Ok, here's my stats......

Two daughters. One is 20 and the other is soon to be 18 (need to inform EVERYONE no lewd comments about upper end teens or young adult females or my daughters....that is what sent me packing from the "other forum board")(Please, keep it to yourself!).
Married 24 years
I'm 47
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona (thus the handle ZoNiE....I deserve it).
Now reside in Glendale, Arizona (one city over from adjoining Phoenix).
Own, free and clear, my own 2500 sq. ft. livable, three car garage, home situated in "yuppieville" (park a car next to the curb here & see what happens next...the little notice in the mail).
Own & operate my own home business in the field of architecture (it's done "ok" for us).
Drive a 97 Dodge Dakota (only when I need to....I don't get out much).
Wife is a bookkeeper for the same outfit going on for 26 years.
She drives a 97 Nissan Maxima.
Have two cats & one Australian Shepherd.
Ok, this is where I get ripped...but that's ok. I was a sports fan of several teams. However, after a few walkouts & strikes & the money these player make & what they do with that money afterwards....lets see how does that go.....pfffffft, yeah right. I don't support or have been a fan of any team for some time now. Especially baseball, & football. (what a joke here in this part of the country). Sorry, just my opinion.
Listen to good ole rock n' roll or talk radio (mostly).
Gave up television (was begining to hear too much liberal pap & whining)(& believe it or not, about the radio, no I don't listen to Rush).
All time favorite movie: American Graffiti.
All time favorite book: The Bible.
All time favorite food: Mexican (tex-mex mostly).
All time favorite past time: winning trophies at car shows or blasting my way across the desert, off roading.
All time favorite song: too many to mention here.
All time favorite people: my family.



68 Mustang Coupe...My Show Car. ............................
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Mustang 5.0 Coupe Member
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 39
Posts: 44
Smile me . .

I am 23 yrs. old Texas female that drives a mustang (bad combo I know!)
Receptionist *ring, ring*
I was born in Austin and have no plans of ever leaving!
I am getting a new motor in my car as we speak!
Not married but have a great guy, DOUG
I am a SA Spurs fan - saw them lose Monday night at the Alamodome :fmad:
I love the LSU Tigers, UT Longhorns, Minn Vikings, N.O. Saints and of course the Cowboys
I'm a TV junkie; Frasier, Just Shoot Me, COPS, AMW, Weakest Link, Win Ben Stein's Money, 70's Show
I collect Barbie's and make Barbie clothes (pics coming to my webpage soon)


<a href=http://www.geocities.com/robin_302/stang.html>Been beat by a girl lately?</a><BR>12.54@106.2 60' 1.614<img src=http://community.theunderdogs.org/smiley/happy/tails.gif><BR>
<img src=http://www.colvinautomotive.com/robinsig.jpg>
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The SparkleHunter™
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Location: Gettin' ready for MiniChucky!
Age: 40
Posts: 10,144
Hmmm let me see..

I'm a 25 year old trade signwriter who is currently working as an (gu)estimator in a road construction company. We look after Signs and Linemarking in our area.
Born in Melbourne Australia, currently residing in Canberra, our nations crapital. Will be moving home in the next 12 months.
Not married but been with my girl for nearly 5 years now, no kiddies but. She's from Melbourne too so as you can guess so is the rest of our families.
If it wasn't for our planned overseas jaunt in september I would be the proud owner of a brand spanking new XR8 Falcon. This trip is costing $20k!!
I sold my baby (XR6 ute) to get the deposit for our house, which is another reason why I don't have the XR8 in the driveway!!. Current rides are a '99 1.3L Ford Festiva and a '99 Ford Falcon S pack (company car soon to be replaced by nothing, GRRR!)
Sports teams are the Collingwood Magpies (AFL), Melbourne Storm (NRL) and the Australian Cricket Team :thumbup:
Fav TV show is the simpsons (don't watch much TV, too busy here!!) and all time favourite movies is the back to the future trilogy.

Chucky's saying of the month- Finish your beer! There are sober kiddies in Ethiopia.."
Another BSR BigCall™
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Ranchero Member
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Location: Tucson, AZ
Age: 48
Posts: 53
Well, here goes....:p

I'm 32, single, no kids. One dog (part Spitz mixed with whatever else wandered into the yard).

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ (it's just a few blocks from Hxll), and still stuck here.:( The bank owns my home but I'm buying it from them.

My job is basically a "babysitter" for adults (I'm a Surveillance Officer for the Adult Probation Department). I basically drive around all night in a POS Contour (sorry Contour guys, but this one IS a POS - that's what you get for low bid) and make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to...and not doing what they aren't supposed to.:rolleyes:

Aside from my '71 Ranchero, I have a '98 Jeep TJ that is my primary driver, and gets 'wheeled - hard - on a regular basis.:D There are a bunch of pics in my Webshots albums (click on "My Pics" in the sig).

Other than auto racing (NASCAR and NHRA, mainly), I don't care for professional sports - too many attitudes, egos, and way too much money.:fmad: I do like University of Arizona college basketball, but I'm not a rabid fan (and NO, I didn't participate in the riots when they lost).:mad:

I have varied tastes in music - anything from classical to heavy metal, but really like bluegrass, alternative, and hard rock (yes, I know, strange combo:p).

1971 Ranchero
351-C/2V, C4

My Pics
My Website
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Posts: n/a
Well, for the nitty gritty details.
I'm 47, have one daughter (married) who's 26 and has given me a beautiful 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. Son 18 who is perennially lost. Married to current wife 10 years, had a couple others that couldn't put up with me.
Almost 3 year old dog named Nickey, she's a Golden Retriever & Black Lab crossbreed. And a 9 year old cat I see occasionally named Katey. She hangs around less frequently now that the dog owns the roost.
Love anything with a motor on it, I even try to hop up a weedeater. Ride an old Harley when I get the time. Drive the SVO maybe twice a month, just like driving the truck more.
Senior Engineering Manager for a fairly large (3700 employees) national company, have been with them for 29 years. So the Engineering part is self made in my "spare" time over a 10 year period. Get to travel a lot because of it, have been to Europe several times, and can only think of maybe 5 states I've not visited.
Other hobbies would include working on PC's (got to hop them up too), reading SF books or PC magazines, crashing radio controlled airplanes, fishing, boating, most any outdoor activity. Some PC games, mostly racing. I love playing Nascar Racing just so I can wreck Mr. Gordon.
Favorite sports team , Oakland Raiders. Glad they moved back because I still had all the old Oakland stuff.
Favorite TV show, any thing that races. Nascar (Dale Jarrett is my guy), lawnmowers, whatever you can compete with.
Other than the SVO and Mazda B4000, we have a 95 Grand AM that we keep for the gas mileage, and my wife has a 2001 KIA Sportage we bought because she thought it was cute and had a cd player.
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Ben L
Posts: n/a
Me? Well at least this will be quick... hehhee

I'm 25, I'm in the Air Force based in Florida. I room with one of the other guys in my unit that owns a house, basically my rent and utilities are $375 a month and the rest after a couple hundred dollars more a month in bills is play money. :) I used to have a y2k GSX-R 750 but I totaled it last month, guess we weren't meant to be. I'm lucky to be alive, owe my life to the Arai helmet company. :D I'm starting to collect a good bit of parts in my garage, I've got a 302/T-5 combo from an 89 'stang GT just sitting in the corner staring at me, it's going to the machine shop for a .030 over bore, etc. in a while. (No, unlike Bassn I don't plan on having this motor back together anytime soon :gok: ) I pretty much at this point go to work, do what I'm told and come home. Single, no pets, no crabby girlfriends (just split up with one in April) and living the good life. Well as good as it can get with a couple broken bones from my motorcycle accident and no steady source of ...uhmm... female companionship.

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Bring Back the 24hr!!!
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Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Ford - No Victories!
Age: 34
Posts: 5,809
I'm 18 and I'm studying Info tech @ university in Bathurst, the site of one of the greatest racetracks in the world. Living in a house of torture they like to call a dorm and eating what the department of catering at the uni likes to call food.
Yeah, I'm another of those darn aussies
Living in NSW born in NSW but consider myself an honorary Queenslander cause I was born so close to the border, and support QLD teams in just about all forms of sport that matter.
Was quite a long way to becoming a competitive long distance swimmer however illness dealt me a creul blow so i turned into the IT geek I am today.
Currently tring to figure out how to:
A) Pass MGT 100 (freaking stupid subject that has nothing to do with IT so I don't understand why I have to do it)
B)Pay for my next computer upgrade
C)Put an XR8 (V8) engine into my old 6 Cyl Falcon.
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