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My parents influenced me 29 78.38%
I was influenced by success on the race track 4 10.81%
I am not passionate about Fords 4 10.81%
Good marketing has influenced me 0 0%
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Question Why are you a Ford fanatic?

Having the opportunity to have a cold Crownie with the Ford execs at Bathurst made me think.

As a person who has no financial interest to be gained from Ford doing well or not in the sales race, why then are we passionate about Fords.

I thought about this and the reason I came up with was because when I was much younger and my dad was an engineer at Brog Warner, he would always bring Fords home that had highly modified engines hooked up to the transmission that he was developing at the time. (XP coupe with a Boss 302, VE Valiant with a 440 big block etc)

When I got a bit older he would always take me to the races and we would religiously follow the Fords and the Ford drivers (as he was good friends with a few of them) I always remember watching Moffat in the GTHO's and the Superbird coupe's and Dick in the XD through to the AU.

So I guess that's where I got a passion for Fords and Fords success on the racetrack. Children follow their parents in things which have passion and interest.

What is it that makes other people passionate about a product that makes no difference to a lot of us financially, whether it fails or succeeds?
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Boat Hunting ;)
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My family have always driven fords, so I guess it was just natural.

When people always asked me if I was a holden or ford man I said I didnt really care but preferred fords.

After a while i was so sick of the majority of holden fans talk what seemed to be utter B/S, i started to read up on it myself, and just became addicted to fords!! So i dont think ford attracted me, but holden drove me away! if that makes sense.

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a little bit sideways
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funny, but i dont really know how or when. when i first came to oz (yep...im an import) i thought that as holden was an australian company, then i would be a holden fan. i used to love the monaros, and wanted one of those LE monaros.

when i was in high school, my dad bought a laser. i think he did it cos it was cheap to run...anyway, i still wanted a monaro, but began looking at other cars. mini coopers, xp coupes, v6 capris and rs2000's. having no money was no fun, but the first car i bought that actually ran (i got robbed by a family friend on the first car) was an xb. rough as guts, rusy as hell, but i loved it.

then bought a 2 litre escort, and have never looked back. the thing i loved most about the escort was that it was very underrated. no dickhead in their vc commodore thought i had a chance. that thing won so many traffic light derbies. i especially loved beating bogans. :s5

i suppose that was it really...

You wash your car like it was your firstborn child, you tend to its needs like it was your own body, you protect it like it's your family, then you drive it like you stole it.

Weapons of rice destruction

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T5 Expert Operator
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For me it was kind of an interesting story why i'm a die hard ford fanatic. I guess the back ground of it all was dad buying the EF which incidently is the first Ford we ever owned. At that time it was power, style and space that dad decided on the EF Falcon compared to the VR Commo.

My the time year 12 came along, i had my P's and was driving the EF to school. What made me become a blue blood was all my friends and class mates were 98% Holden and there brainless bagging of Ford really pissed me off.
I got my licence in my driver instructors car which was a VR Wagon Manual direct comparison with the EF and contrary to what the crowd sayed "Commo craps over Falcon" i felt dead honest the EF was a cut above in all apsects to the VR no if's no buts.

Since then the passion has developed further and i really don't look at other brands except Ford. With Fordforums and the release of the Barra it has even more made me stick to the blue oval. In our family since 1997 we've owned 4 Fords all of them have been great cars in there own way.

"Can't Get Enough Of This" Dead right. :s5 :s5

Motor May 2001 Quote: "Believe it or not, there are actually a bunch of weirdos out there who reckon a six cylinder is the dux gutz. Bugger it: I'm one of them" :s5

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(FPV-Tickford Club of NSW Member and Co-Founding Member of 3FB Inc, Ford Forums Food Bandits)
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351 - What a magic number
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My influence was similar to Plonky's, as my Dad is an 'A' grade motor mechanic, and I've always been in, under and around cars forever...
We've always pretty much owned Fords, with a couple of exceptions.
Most of my childhood experiences relate to Fords in some way, probably starting off with our old Cortina, and the XW ute Dad made up into a HO look-a-like..... I can still remember the Super-Roo decals on the front guards, and it's just grown from there.
Different customers cars, a 1969 SCJ Mustang, a black and silver XBGT hardtop, an XD ghia with a worked 351 C, and also our own Fords..
Our first car that I remember most was our early 1970's F-100 that Dad rebuilt after an Uncle killed it. It was a classic that truck, went everywhere, towed everything, and it ended up with a 300 Cu In Canadian 6 in it.
We've had a number of Falcons over the years, with my most favourite being our XB GS sedan, which Dad bought off a customer after the customer had blown it up. She ended up with a very serious 351C, a C4 and nine inch diff, all fully rebuilt ready to go. And go it did... I never got tired of sitting behind it, between the exhausts and listening to that sweet noise!!!!! Myself, I've had a number of Falcons, utes, sedans, and a wagon, which I spent a shitload of money on and transformed it from a stock XE 'S' pack, to a virtual ESP!!!
On to an ED XR6, then an XR8, and now trying to save for a new BA XR8 or Pursuit ute.....
All my clothes have Ford related prints and stuff on them, every wall in my house a Ford picture of some sort, and my collection of die-cast Fords is growing very well thank you...
It's gotten to the stage that if anyone buys me a present at all, then it must be a 'FORD something". Otherwise there's words to be said!!!!!
The racing heritage that I have grown up with and learned about, has etched a permanent mark in my life, and I just dream of having been able to see the GT40's, the early GT's and GTHO's, Mustangs etc race and conquer all comers...
I suppose I'll just collecting and building on my Ford collection to relive the memories.
As for our current troubles, I think they will in time be addressed; Either way, I'm proud to hold my head up high, and wear my Ford gear with pride!!!!!!
Yes, I am a Ford Fanatic, and proud of it!!!!!!

Ed :)

Original XD 351 Ute - I got one!!

HSV - I just don't want one....EVER!

My XF 3 on the tree ute is ALWAYS stuck in third......
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Two SC 61's = trouble
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Is there any other cars made???Hell we even went on holliday's and made a big B line to the Ford Museum in Detroit.Does that make me a Ford fanatic ???
Why be like sheep and follow everyone else!!
Besides most young ones these days follow G.M
for they win and drive a Corolla, Honda,Excell..

Don't be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark...Professionals built the Titanic!
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Passengers, myocardial infarction material..
R.I.P Possum...
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But wait ... theres MORE!
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For me its the pain and suffering that really draws me to the blue oval , call me a sadomachoist but when I can go to work today boasting how we will win and walk out with my tail between my legs it really makes me happy.

There is truely nothing like unrequited love that we all seem to have suffered with the AU V8 supercar teams and can only hope for a quick out of court divorce settlement before we move in with our new wench...... the lusty BAAAAA !!


hmm , think its been a long day........

Old style Himalayan Yak Herding Specialist. Ask for our group discounts plan.
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I just love my Fords cause there made here, designed here and have always been ahead IMHO. What made me a Ford freak was when my dad was given an XF for a business car before that we had a vc commo and a sigma. Since that sexy car I've never looked back. I love 'em simple as that.
I love to post heaps of facts as to why I like them as I always back my opinion with facts but I can't be bothered it's sleepy time. I'll edit when I'm at work.

Breathe! It's only the internet....
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Editor on P Plates
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When I first got interested in cars, my mum had just bought new one of the original 1979 iron head XD's with no power steering - we called it the sherman tank.

We drove that car everywhere on school holidays - practically all over Australia, so when Dick started racing the TruBlu XD in 1980, I naturally had to follow that as we owned one.

Then the Rock happened at Bathurst and I donated $10 of my pocket money, and I've been a DJR/Blue Oval boy ever since.

Haven't always owned them (our last three cars where very practical Hyundais), but my first Ford was an Escort (it was Escort or Gemini and I couldn't drive a Holden!), then a Festiva and a Laser.

Now, 5 years further on I've got my Barra XR coming, mum is very keen on the new Focus, and the more Ford looses on the track, the more I'm passionate for them to win again!

Editor: Street Fords Magazine - Issue #1 on sale MARCH 2005
E-mail: jr@streetfords.com

Co Founder: 3FB Inc.
To see my old BA Falcon XR6, click HERE
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No More Shaggin Wagon
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I used to be a big holden fan but when I got my license and a Ford XF Wagon fell into my lap at a good price I snapped it up and just loved it.
Then a few weeks later I blew away a mates VC Commodore (i know nothing to be proud of really but i thought it was cool) I decided i might keep this car for a while.
I may have been influenced by my parents, my dad keeps telling me I was concieved in the back of his Holden Sandman.
(ahhhhhhhhh TOO MUCH INFOMATION) so maybe that turned me. LOL

Go the Fords.

1996 EF2 XR6 Manual
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