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Woo Hoo, I got my licence!

I passed my test on Tuesday, first time. Bit of a rip off though. $41 Test, $66.60 extra after you pass. This is in Canberra.

My beast is ready for action. By myself that is without the old folks. Its a 5spd manual. Kept up with a SS VP from the lights.
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i was the sort of person who wasn't bothered with driving, and had to be nagged to get it (could have had it by 17th birthday, got it after 18th).

finally got it and started driving around the EA which was my parents at the time. after 1 week i found myself loving every little bit of it and having WAY too many close calls with gutters (while spinning :)

my advice is to nurse the thing in the wet. i mean REALLY drive carefully. don't even accelerate coming out of corners, wait until you've straightened up.
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**** thats a shitload to pay for a licence. I paid $120 all up for mine which included an hour lesson before the test, use of the car for the test and cost of the actual licence.

I'm with Phreeky here, be real light on the accelerator in the wet, and I mean real light, first go in the wet I went right on a roundabout and I hit the accelerator like I normally did in the dry and the ass end went walkies on me.


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Hahaha, i did the exact same thing Ed. My 1st car was a front wheeler and i thought that i could take a round-a-bout in the wet! It was the 2nd day i had my wagon. I gained some respect for my wagon after that incident. Hey Phreeky,
i also wasnt bothered with getting my license at 17... I regret it now coz im 23 and am still on my P's!! 1 point left too *grrr*

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i dont know why, but there is an abundance of drivers on this forum who didn't get their licence until a few years after they COULD, and some had to be harrassed into it.

why is this so?!?!?!?

to me, driving was everything and i got the licence as soon as i could. hence me only being on P's for ONE year, instead of THREE! thank god i did it when i did!

some of my mates ****ed aorund so much that now they are on THREE year P's when they COULD HAVE been done quicker than me!

each to his own, i guess!
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sicko, the reason i didnt bother with mine was the fact that i didnt get a car till i was 19 and my folks only had an auto and i wasnt gonna get a damned auto license...also it costs way too much moola for lessons, so i had to wait till i got my car.
I didnt wanna be a try-hard and run out the very day i could to get my P's, there was no point in that. Maybe only to impress my friends huh?

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Chris EA
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I was a really late starter. I only got my P's when I turned 24. Only got 5 months left. Just too busy to do anything about it.
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Got my license on my 18th B'Day, can't get it any earlier than that! Got almost 11 months to go, no points lost, no speeding fines, I've done nothing wrong Mr Plod! Almost got done for stupid driving, but the police dropped it, and the other guy involved is gonna get done in court, though the pussy keeps backing out! Okay, you wanna hear the story? okay... February 2000, coming home from a party, approaching a roundabout, to turn left, a stranger, then my friend in his car, then me in my parents AU... stranger goes into right lane, my friend goes into left, and I follow... Friend turns left, I begin to turn left, when the stranger also decides to turn left... Taking out the front right of my folks' AU, and doing about $10k damage to the side of his VS (Are they worth that much? ). Anyways, next day He presses charges against me for reckless driving... police drop them... 6 months later he sues me... Sent it on to insurance, court appearance is coming closer... He backs out after realising he's ****ed, and now gets his own insurance involved... 4 months later, he backs out of court again... and now I don't know what's happening, or when we're going to court! lol Meanwhile, the little *bleep* did some minor damage to my previous car, and scratched the word '****' into the side of the AU... :( He's gonna get done bad!! :)
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Mess him up good Acid!
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maybe it is just me, but i was not too proud to drive my parents auto as my first car and to get my licence when i was around 17 (NSW) on an auto.

i had to have P's for one year! how easy is that?

if you think walking and catchin buses is cool, and if u think getting your licence as soon as u can, is try hard then i really dont know what to say!

to me, it is a hell of alot easier to get your licence early, be independant and go where u want to go when u want to.

by the way, the KC laser was my first car - i was hardly tryin to impress my friends, let alone anyone!
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