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Would a radar accelerator beat speed cameras?

As a technological ignoramus I have no idea if this has any merit.

Given that speed radar works on the speed of return of the signal from the car being detected, would it be possible to build a simple device that accelerates the return signal so that the home station gets a stupid speed, like 400km/h, which couldn't possibly be right?

Nice if it could work.
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I think it would be better if the gizmo slowed the signal down otherwise the ingnoramous speed camera person will most likely send you a bill for being 350km/h over the speed limit!

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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Yes, very true. I was living in Sydney when speed cameras first came out, this poor bloke got a huge fine because the speed camera said his Mitsubishi van was doing 275 KM/h. Must of been the octane boost he put in his tank

Holdens are made to keep dickheads out of Fords
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You would never get a speeding fine for 350kmh over the limit. The handheld raders the police use have a limit to the speed they trap, after which they ignore and this probably applies to fixed cameras as well.

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Hmm interesting..

Just drive at 350Kmph..
Scarey tho, if there are all these out of wack reading that they have to have built in ignore systems then how accurate are they?
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Dunno about other states, but here in Sydney, the Fixed Radar traps use 2 spaced Contacts on the road, and not the Doppler effect on Radar.
So in theory, the only way you can trick these things, is by changing lanes between the road contacts (Dunno????)

Reminds me of when I was young, walking home drunk as a F@rt with 8 of my friends, and finding oursleves a Red Light Camera.
All of us tried jumping up and down on the road sensors on the intersection, whilst the Traffic light was Red.

It never took a photo, but I wonder what the Cops would have said about the scene, if it ever did !!
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Simple tech explanation -

1. Radar operated speed cameras
In the case of these (as with any radar) it is possible to jam the signal by transmitting a permanent low power signal that is stronger than the return signal fromm the reflection. Such devices do exist on the market but they are restricted to one radar band which is ok if the State u live in only uses one band. Some of these devices purport to actually take the incoming signal and diffuse it but this is technically a very difficult task and the claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

2. Victorias new pole mounted LIDAR cameras.
These are a much tougher act as they use a narrow laser beam to measure speed (based on the round trip time for the diffused beam). They are set to a very narrow angle of attack so that you are in the beam the same instant the reading is tsken. Not very likely that any of the existing technology is going to save you against these.

3. Handheld Laser
Works on the same priciple as the one above but you actually have a narrow window while target acquisition is made. Some of the laser diffusers and jammers on the market may help in this situation but you'd have to be lucky.

4. Handheld Radar
This will almost certainly diappear over the next few years. It is the least accurate due to it's wide beam and the difficulty in targeting created by the ever widening beam. This is further exacerbated by the fact that radar will always be attracted to the largest / fastest object not necessarily the one the operator can see. (These same faults apply to the fixed cameras but their 24 degree angle of attack helps to reduce the effect),

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We have a simple yet effective anti radar device over here - an articulated truck that parks infront of the speed camera mounted on a pole.

There's Kiwi ingenuity for ya!
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Theres a permanent camera up at broadford.

Well "was" apprently someone took it out with a shotgun.

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