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View Poll Results: Would you support the phasing out of the Tickford wings on Ford Performance Vehicles?
NO!!! The Tickford Wings ARE the symbol of modern Ford Performance 75 81.52%
I'm not fussed either way. As long as there are hot Fords available 17 18.48%
Voters: 92. You may not vote on this poll

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Arrow Would you support the phasing out of the Tickford wings on Ford Performance Vehicles?

Would you support the phasing out of the Tickford wings on Ford Performance Vehicles?

What does Tickford mean to you as an enthusiast? Would you like to see Tickford fall by the wayside for another brand of Hi-Performance Ford Vehicles?

Personally, Tickford IS Ford Performance Vehicles to me. I want to see Tickford Dealerships with spanking GT's & XR's taking up the fight to HSV. I can't sit here without saying my piece on this rather important issue. The established brand that is Tickford would be lost along with another generation of Ford Performance fans if a change of branding were to go ahead in my honest opinion. FTE as a brand sucked. Theory is right on the money. All Ford need to do is change the FTE branding to Tickford and you're on a winner. So much of a winner it is blinding people in the Glasshouse by the obviousness of it. I just can't stand to see another stupid mistake being done by people who should know better.

I have had the pleasure of owning a Tickford branded vehicle before & I can't wait to get my hands on another one.

Cast your vote and give me some constructive thoughts on this rather touchy issue.

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This definitely is a serious topic, and in light of recent events with Prodrive etc., most timely.

My 2.2c ....

Tickford has built an image over the past 10+ years in the Falcon range. Image takes time. Ford knows this more than anything. Surely the Tickford name will not be removed, as this would leave Ford in the same predicament it was in 10 years ago - ie. no brand recognition and no street cred.

Tickford has arguably provided Ford with the lifeline it needed from the woes of the AU. SINGLE HANDEDLY. I challenge anybody to argue against this. Tickford provided power gains and improved styling in the XR and T-Series range, and without those models in the lineup, where would the AU have ended up?

If on the other hand, the Tickford name is to be faded into the background, in favour of something new or different, then this also begs the question - where does this leave the Tickford name! How can another new venture possibly hope to succeed, in light of the failure of FTE?

Big questions indeed - let's just hope that the new cars bring home the goods, and overshadow any possible politics happening in the background.

Oh, and as for the Tickford wings, I have yet to see another design I like more on a Ford, bar the Cobra decal on the XC Cobra. If the wings go, then whatever replace them had better be good!

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I agree, Tickford have built a very very solid reputation in it's 10 years as the performance arm to Ford Australia. Instantly everyone recognises Tickford as a "hot ford".

It's a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Keep the Tickford Wings i say.

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a little bit sideways
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the wings have gotta stay!!! it sets the tickford cars apart from all others omn the road. it is a classy, subtle reminder to all comers that this is no ordinary falcon (or the odd fairlane).

keep 'em.

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Tickford Ruled; FPV Rocks
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Ummm, let me think about this one..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tickford IS the modern day performance arm of FoMoCo in Oz, without question. Fte is confusing and i agree with everyone else here that it just muddys the waters on what Tickford are for those who have no idea about Ford. But to me, a Ford without Tickford is akin to Mercedes-Benz without AMG, BMW without the M Division, dare I say it, Holden without HSV. Let's be honest, the only exciting thing to happen for Ford since the era of the last GT and the dumping of the V8's, was the introduction of a dedicated skunkworks in Tickford Vehicle Engineering. It showed Ford Oz still had a heartbeat, when many thought it did not.
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Tickford Ruled; FPV Rocks
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And yes, Tickford have done a MAGNIFICENT job on the AU since day one. Whilst AU sales in general have been lamentable, need I remind everyone that AU I XR sales were the highest of all the XR's since their introduction (not sure on AUII and III although I'd assume the 220 kw XR8 is doing very well). AU I's were also not available for a long time either, as AU II introduction was brought forward.
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No! No! and No! (Just in case you are in any doubt).
While I have been a supporter of FTE and put my money where my mouth is I accept the reality that it has not been an outstanding success. Part of this has been product and part lack of marketing. However - in accepting that I would have to say I have a strong leaning towards retention of a brand that already has strong market presence even from the Holden fans.
If this were to happen I would have to take the view that the glass house has lost the plot altogether. From my view whatever issues there are between Ford/Prodrive need to be resolved rather than lose the brand strength.
What can possibly be gained from this sort of move? I can't see Tickford dropping into the background so does this mean we get a competing range of vehicles? FPV / FEV or whatever on one side and Tickford on the other. This is not an HSV/Holden situation where there is room for both because they were coming from a position of strength - this would only further confuse and fragment what little loyalty Ford hasn't managed to completely destroy the last few years - although that's probably precious little.

I HOPE someone who counts ends up reading this - and listens to the opinions of the poor punters who buy your image leading vehicles - but you'll excuse my cynicism if I say that there isn't much hope of that based on past history (which is all we can assess things on).

All we have ever wanted is some loyalty in return (we are easily pleased) and I guess your beleagured dealer network could do with a little of the same.

Which reminds me - if we are going to kill off the FTE brand AND Tickford to replace it with whatever then what happens to the poor delaers who put up the brass to sell the FTE range of cars? This (not insubstanial) investment hasn't exactly been a winner for them financially so where's the loyalty to them?
Or (for that matter) the poor bastards who are already burnt that bought S1/S2 TS50's for $85 large plus who now find that there XR cousins were given the same engine, the leather trim and the brakes for considerably less money. You've burnt them once and are you seriosuly gonna' burn them again? Or is it a case of there's so few of them anyway it won't much matter (even if these are your most loyal customers)?

Ahh - don't know why I bother - must enjoy the sound of my own voice.
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I am going to go against the flow here.. I think that Ford themselves need to benefit from the performance arm .. ie, not marketed as a Tickford, but a FORD .. there is no mistaking who makes it then (not that there really is but you get the ping)
I think the T series while being fantastic cars need to have FORD platered all over them and be available from a Ford dealer... not a FTE dealer. Really, unless you are into Fords would the Joe Average know what FTE means??

(I await the barrage)
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I can understand both arguments, the TIckford wings have a great reputation, but whether the car had them or not wouldn't change the performance of the car, just the "wow" factor. Most people who are worried about this "wow" factor would probably not care about how good the car is.... thats why they but HSV

/me ducks for cover....

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In past threads on this topic, I've been a supporter of a scenario where Tickford cars wore Tickford badges only! Ford or Tickford - as there is Holden or HSV.

I'm not for the current situation where we see Fords that are Tickford modified in some way (the XRs), or Tickfords that still bear Ford badges (T-Series).

I am for keeping Tickford, but if we see something like FTE, FTV, FPv, whatever - cars with a badge that is unique though yet still retaining a strong link to Ford.

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