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Are you a 'nice guy'?

We've all seen on shows like ACA and Backyard Blitz how they help out people who are a bit stuck, but how often does that happen in real life?

I remember once Dad met a guy who worked on the railway with him, and he'd had a bit of a rough life, divorced and his wife effectively cleaned him out, and over 75% of his weekly pay was going on Child Support even though he was never able to see his kids. We took him out to dinner one night and he had the time of his life because he was able to do things like go to a nice place to eat, have great food and just generally think about things other than money.
I have a friend now who isnt exactly having an easy life, his dad died when he was about 10 and his mum cant afford to give him everything he wants, and in some cases even basic stuff that he needs. Every time we're driving round in my EF he says he wishes how he had a nice car (yes i know, he must be blind or something to think my EF is nice ), and i know for certain that if i could afford to get myself a new car and still hang onto the EF, i would give it to him in a second, no questions asked and no money changing hands.

Maybe it's just me, but it's a really great feeling to know you're helping someone, and know that even if it is only in some very minor way, you're making a difference in someone's life. Or i could just be talking crap.

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this?

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

i like to help people whenever i can.

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

yeah must admit i've had the same thoughts. However I must see a little effort on behalf of the person. Not just some bum who sits on his arse all day.

If they are working at it, and stuff just doesn't happen then i'll chip in. But i've worked for it, you can too, regardless of how menial or degrading it might be.

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

This is why i will never be rich. I give too much..

My friend who just lost her job and is at uni really likes powderfinger.. We were talking about how much she'd love to go to the concert, so i've bought two tickets and i'm going to surprise her with them.. and no, it's not to get her into bed either I'm just a 'nice guy'

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

My Neice (16) was kicked out of home, She was left with basiclly nothing, now we are not excatly rolling in money but i spent at least couple of hundred on her for new clothes and made sure that she was feed well, she moved in with her boyfriend (19) to start off with, she then rings me and tells me he went to hit her so at 11.30 at night im racing down to Geelong to get her, Anyway she moves in with us, in the meantime tells me she might be pregnant AFTER i took her to the docs and got her the pill, i say to her ok then you and you b/f will have to look for a place to live together and be there for the baby, she has lived with her grandmother since she was 16month as her mother was not fit to look after her, Anyway she goes running back to her grandmother (who is my hubbys mother that we have NOTHING to do with) telling her that I kicked her out cause was pregnant.

Thats gratertude for you, These days im a little more careful who i help as my hubby and i were burnt in the biggest possilbe way by her lies.

I feel great when i help people but i tell you, i felt like a fook after that.

Im normally the first one to help out with a loan if i can or to drive friends or family somewhere.

I still would do this but i would be more careful.

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

Yeah I think I'm a helluva nice guy, (choke, splutter...!!). Seriously I have found it rewarding to take an occasional break from self-indulgence to help someone in need. Especially older folk who can't manage certain things anymore. But then again I am prepared to help anyone with a genuine need if I can. But then there are some people who have to learn to prioritize and learn to help themselves, because that is the best survival tool. There are times when help may not be there when needed, and such a person will be lost without the skills to get out of a scrape. I think Australians are fantastic people in terms of helping out their fellow human beings.
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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

i tend to help ppl who try to help them selves
if they try and fail and i am usaully there to help them pick up the pieces but if they just sat on there arse and did nathing i wouldnt help them
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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

im a nice guy, but i dont have much money etc to give, so i cant really help out in that way (i need help with that!!)
so i just be a good friend to all my mates and help out whenever i can

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

I'm with Big Pete & frdpwr on this one. I'm not a money tree nor do I live as if I have one, but, I like to help out where ever I'm able to.
Whether it's labouring to clear the yard, minding a pet or there kids or if it's just a sympathetic ear. The light that shines from the eyes of a grateful person is indeed an experience to behold, then there's the sponge who thinks and wants every ounce of your generosity to be on call 24/7 for there every wim.
There's a fine line between needing a hand and needing a kick in the ass and we're sitting on that line. The trouble is, is that some times it's hard to distinguish if the person that we're helping is genuine or genuwine?

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Re: Are you a 'nice guy'?

i try to help people whenever i can, and i would do anything for my family and friends, even go as far as saying that if my own death would result in another person getting another chance, i probably wouldnt think twice. But i agree, there is alot of satisfaction to be found in doing good, even tho the old saying 'nice guys finish last' really does, well has, come into play in my life a fair bit. all in all, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, i guess i sorta base my personality around that line.

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