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You from SA? Look in here!

Like to start by saying I in no way hold an official position in the E Series Club. Just a member.

As a club I feel we are not in a position to refuse membership or prevent people from joining us on events or cruises. Our numbers are too small to be selective about the types of people who join us on events. Personally I dont mind seeing everyone from BA XR's to Escorts/Cortina's to early model GT's come out with us.
If its a Ford, come out and play. Why discriminate based on model type? I know several Cortina's and a couple of Escorts who love to cruise and would love to come out with us. Is their any particular reason as to not have them come out with us?

I would like to setup an extended mailing list with email/other contact details for other people interested in joining us. Before I do though, I thought Id run it past you lot to see what comments you have.

I'm not talking about a free-for-all, spastics allowed type situation. We could open up the events to other members of for example. I know of several people who browse other areas but never venture down to the E Series area, and hence miss out on our events. By opening it up, all those people who have the new BA, or older X series will get a chance to come out too.

Thoughts anyone?
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There hasn't been one cruise were we've discriminated against make or model. We always invite everyone who want's to attend, be it a an XF, AU etc. We've even other make's of cars attend, from R31 skylines to Lancers. Just because our name is the E-series club in no way means that we discriminate others.

This club was origionally an EA club, and we slowly became more and more open to other models. An eb would rock up and we suddenly became the EA-ED club. An EF XR rocks up and we changed it to the E-Series club.

Whoever is interested is welcome to attend! I was under the impression that we did have a few non e-series owning members.

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omg sik neons bro
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well... i was from sa, up untill this year... miss it though (as strange as that sounds) .. thinking of moving back asap :p

prehaps then i'll go to a cruise with ya's :)

enter witty quote here
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From the official point of view, I will need to discuss this with Jack T and see his thoughts, on a personal point of view, Im happy to see any ford that wants to come, come along, i mean as you do say Cameron, even though we are the E-Series Falcon club, for the moment at the very least, we cant be too picky on who comes, i mean if it is all fords I do not have a problem, I only ever have the problem really when it starts getting into other manufacturers (holdens as have come out a few times) they are the only problem I have, if we keep it to ford's, im happy as far as things go, it will be good to show up the holden boys here on a cruise with a pack of fords, mmmm sounds good, as a matter of fact, now that you mention it, I will consider the next cruise open to ALL FF members and all FORD owners
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Its a good way to promote the club. We wont need other manufacturers to make up the numbers if we can generate a large enough mailing list.

If we can put together a mailing list of around 100 people, if half, or a third turn up, it'll be great deal more than would otherwise.

This thread isnt so much about the discussion of who and what we discriminate against, more for the idea of expanding our (the clubs) mailing list.

As for how we go about getting these email address', there's plenty of motoring (and non-motoring) forums around with mad keen Ford owners, post a thread on them and gather emails.
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"Steve has a car?"
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If we become "open" to all makes and models, we will become just another Ford Forums cruise and we'll lose our identity, as I said before, we were origionally an EA club, and became more lenient (spl?) as different types of models came in. I think we should draw the line at E series, making it too open I believe would cause the club to be taken over by Ford Forums, were trying to hold onto what little we have left that makes us the E series club. To be quite honest, I myself would start getting turned off if half the cars that were turning up were not E series, that's what FF meets and cruises are for.

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feed me hey
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Yes we do have a few other non E series fords in the club. One is a XF owned buy a young guy who used to live out my way but since shifted to Melbourne for Uni, Wayne (MADNC_8) used to own an XF Ute when he joined and went under the Nickname V8Uteman351, and theres also an Explorer who is a personal friend of Jack's who has attended meets occasionally, the Eseries/CCC event last year being one.

I like the idea of setting up a seperate mailing list in the way itll give the club a bit more exposure, but at the same time it may attract more riff raff like the escort owner who damaged cars at a recent SA meet as an example.

Just a few statistics for you all:

WA: 56 members
TAS: 7 members
SA: 35 members
VIC: 182 members
QLD: 81 members
NSW: 76 members
NT: 1 member
New Zealand : 10 members

Total members 470. Even though the numbers listed above add to 448, there rest is made up of people who dont live anywhere. They dont give us a location that is.

So at a rough guess, Id say SA most likely has the best turnout percentage. If NT had a meet then they'd have a 100% turnout i reckon


Dot Aye You
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Aren't most of the members at E Series owners anyway? Cant imagine more X Series owners here than E Series, and definatly not enough B Series around yet to challenge the numbers!

Seriously, whats the E Series club without

As for being turned off the cruises with too many non E Series, i dunno wot your cruises are like in Vic but here in SA we arent getting enough cars to any of our events. Like i said, our numbers arent great enough to go discriminating againest model types.

I bet $20 Shav will hit 2000 posts by years end...
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just a quickie

anyone (in SA) go on the All ford day cruise last year? maybe that can be an event the club could attend later in the year.... it was one of the best cruises i've ever been on

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