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Question 1997 Taurus EV icon not going out, what is up?

I have plugged my OBD11 reader into car as I lost all info due to changing out the battery and cables and now the only icon that is still blinking is the EV and I have no idea why, there were no codes before, and I have driven it and why will the ev not reset?
Any ideas?
LIke what to look for?

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Question Re: 1997 Taurus EV icon not going out, what is up?

The what icon??? Do you mean the the check engine light???

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Re: 1997 Taurus EV icon not going out, what is up?

I mean the icon on the obd reader is not going out, it must be sensing a fault and yet it had no issues before I took the battery out to change.
There is a set of icons and a red, green and yellow light also, and the yellow light it on also showing there is something up.
but all I did was change the battery and I would imagine it should have reset it self once I did the drive around to reset all the other icons on the readers.
The other systems obviously completed there checks, but not the EV system.
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Re: 1997 Taurus EV icon not going out, what is up?

Must be Evaporative system. If the ambient temp is too cold it will not complete the test cycle.

Description of OBD II Drive Cycle
The following procedure is designed to execute and complete the OBDII monitors and to clear the Ford P1000, I/M readiness code. To complete a specific monitor for repair verification, follow steps 1 through 4, then continue with the step described by the appropriate monitor found under the "OBDII Monitor Exercised" column. When the ambient air temperature is outside 4.4 to 37.8°C (40 to 100 °F), or the altitude is above 2438 meters (8000 feet), the EVAP monitor will not run. If the P1000 code must be cleared in these conditions, the PCM must detect them once (twice on some applications) before the EVAP monitor can be "bypassed" and the P1000 cleared. The EVAP "bypassing" procedure is described in the following drive cycle.

Drive Cycle Recommendations
Most OBDII monitors will complete more readily using a "steady foot" driving style during cruise or acceleration modes. Operating the throttle in a "smooth" fashion will minimize the time required for monitor completion.
Fuel tank level should be between 1/2 and 3/4 fill with 3/4 fill being the most desirable.
The Evaporative Monitor can only operate during the first 30 minutes of engine operation. When executing the procedure for this monitor, stay in part throttle mode and drive in a smooth fashion to minimize "fuel slosh".

For best result, follow each of the following steps as accurately as possible:

OBDII Monitor Exercised Drive Cycle Procedure Purpose of Drive Cycle Procedure
Drive Cycle Preparation

1. Install scan tool. Turn key on with the engine off. Cycle key off, then on. Select appropriate Vehicle & Engine qualifier. Clear all DTC's/Perform a PCM reset. Bypass engine soak timer. Resets OBDII Monitor status.

2. Begin to monitor the following PIDs: ECT, EVAPDC, FLI (if available) and TP MODE. Start vehicle WITHOUT returning to Key Off.

3. Idle vehicle for 15 seconds. Drive at 64 Km/h (40 MPH) until ECT is at least 76.7°C (170°F).

Prep for Monitor Entry

4. Is IAT within 4.4 to 37.8°C (40 to 100°F)? If not, complete the following steps, but note that step 14 will be required to "bypass" the EVAP monitor and clear the P1000. Engine warm-up and provide IAT input to the PCM.

5. Cruise at 64 Km/h (40 MPH) for at least 5 minutes. Executes the HEGO monitor.


6. Cruise at 64 to 128 Km/h (45 to 65 MPH) for 10 minutes (avoid sharp turns and hills). NOTE: To initiate the monitor TP MODE should = PT, EVAPDC must be > 75%, and FLI must be between 15 and 85%. Executes the EVAP monitor (If IAT is within 4.4 to 40°C (40 to 120°F).


7. Drive in stop-and-go traffic conditions. Include five different constant cruise speeds, ranging from 32 to 112 Km/h (20 to 70 MPH) over a 10 minute period. Executes the Catalyst Monitor.


8. From a stop, accelerate to 72 Km/h (45 MPH) at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Repeat 3 times. Executes the EGR Monitor.

SEC AIR/CCM (Engine)

9. Bring the vehicle to a stop. Idle with transmission in drive (neutral for M/T) for 2 minutes. Executes the ISC portion of the CCM.

CCM (Trans)

10. For M/T, accelerate from 0 to 80 Km/h (0 to 50 MPH), continue to step 11. For A/T, from a stop and in overdrive, moderately accelerate to 80 Km/h (50 MPH) and cruise for at least 15 seconds. Stop vehicle and repeat without overdrive to 64 Km/h (40 MPH) cruising for at least 30 seconds. While at 64 Km/h (40 MPH), activate overdrive and accelerate to 80 Km/h (50 MPH) and cruise for at least 15 seconds. Stop for at least 20 seconds and repeat step 10 five times. Executes the transmission portion of the CCM.

Misfire & Fuel Monitors

11. From a stop, accelerate to 104 Km/h (65 MPH). Decelerate at closed throttle until 64 Km/h (40 MPH) (no brakes). Repeat this 3 times. Allows learning for the misfire monitor.

Readiness Check

12. Access the On-Board System Readiness (OBDII monitor status) function on the scan tool. Determine whether all non-continuous monitors have completed. If not, go to step 13. Determines if any monitor has not completed.

Pending Code Check and EVAP Monitor "Bypass" Check

13. With the scan tool, check for pending codes. Conduct normal repair procedures for any pending code concern. Otherwise, rerun any incomplete monitor. If the EVAP monitor is not complete AND IAT was out of the 4.4 to 37.8 °C (40 to 100 °F) temperature range in step #4, or the altitude is over 2438 m. (8000 ft.), the EVAP "bypass" procedure must be followed. Proceed to Step 14. Determines if a pending code is preventing the clearing of P1000.

EVAP Monitor "Bypass"

14. Park vehicle for a minimum of 8 hours. Repeat steps 2 through 12. DO NOT REPEAT STEP 1. Allow the "bypass" counter to increment to two.
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Re: 1997 Taurus EV icon not going out, what is up?

Wow thanks for the input, that is going to help, I probably was not that light on the foot so will have to see what happens, and I will have to put some fuel in as I know it was close to half a tank, and I chose to drive unfortunetly during a bad time of day, will have to try again and see what happens.
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