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2000 Taurus, int. won't start

Greetings, I have recently replaced the Alt, and starter ,( due to different issues) and now, 3 mos with out issues, another issue has popped up.

Well, here goes. When I turn the key, normally I hear a "virr", as the fuel pump , in the tank , brings every thing up to pressure, and I turn key to "Start", the vehicle fires, and starts.

WELL, sometimes now, it does not " virr", and when this happens, I turn the key, and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!???????

I tried adjusting the shift lever, putting the car in neutral, standing on my head, tuning in hard rock, opera.............nothing

I turn the ignition off, then back on, some times it "virrs" right away then, sometimes 4-6 times, turning key off, on off, on before it "virrs", and then I turn the key rest of way , and it fires off, and starts.

It first starting doing this, after sitting overnight, in the cold, but now, it does it whenever it feels like it, but NOT ALWAYS??

I am guessing relay, or?????????????????? any ideas?????????????????

I do not take it to my local dealer (the one that sold it to me, 20 min. before the tranny fell out of it) , and it is a great car, looks great , I love it, BUT wish it would start when asked!

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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start


I think you diagnosed it yourself. While it could be the fuel pump, it is
unlikely since it works sometimes (the wirrrrr). I'd start be replacing
the fuel pump relay. It should be either under the dash or under the
hood. You'll have to look for it, or check your owners manual.

If the new relay doesn't fix it, you'll have to test for voltage at the
motor. You might want to try and pull the connectors and make sure
the connections are clean at the pump (in the gas tank).

You don't say how many miles you have on the car or what engine.
Typically a fuel pump will do over 200,000 miles. I've got that on my
95 Taurus wagon, been through 3 xmissions but still on the original
fuel pump.

There is 1 other obscure possibility, there is an inertia switch in the back
(if a wagon) in the trunk if a sedan. I think the 2000's still have this.
Again, check your manual. It's possible that this switch is going bad
and breaking the circuit to the pump. Next time it happens try pressing
that switch and then see if it will start.

Good luck, let us know what you find out.

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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start

OK, Thanks, it is a Regular overhead cam engine, with 110,000 miles on the odometer.

It is a sedan. The problem is real intermittent, it will do it for 6-7 times in a row, then go for days without issue.

I figured a relay was the most likely issue, but any number of things( Crash switch bad) could also be it . I don't do anything most of the time to "fix" it, just turn key off, then back on (sometimes number of times) fixes it.

Thanks for the help so far, any one else????
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Mark Brad
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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start

Hello bfast54,was wondering if you had figured out your Taurus problem.I inherited a 2000 Taurus and it just started doing the same crap as your is doing.I am not sure if the inertia switch is in the tank,(not a wagon,a sedan)because my issues start after putting fuel in the car and also the fuel guage bounces around a whole bunch,like a 1/4 off and just keeps going up and down.After I have the issue of a no crank,but all lights work and no noise from thr fuel pump,a good 15 to 1 hour time,the car starts and goes for a while,but scres up mostly after putting fuel in it,filling to the max,or 20 bucks once my daughter did.I also noticed the neutral safety switch is full of trans oil,may clean it out.This is being drivin by my 16 year old daughter and I DO NOT NEED HER STRANDED,as the world is a bit goofy now adays.Is you find time,or anyone,please e-mail me or update this post.Thaanks again and god bless to you all who helps me,Mark....e-mail is baconater357@yahoo.com
Thanks,please help,fear for my daughter driving this,we live south of Chicago and just kiddy corner from Gary,Indiana.
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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start

Since it does it when the tank is full, I'd suspect something in the sending unit/fuel pump area. They both reside inside the tank. The inertia switch is in the trunk and usually doesn't cause intermittant problems like you mentioned. My brother had his fuel pump replaced on a Windstar and after that he had similar problems. After 2 replacement pumps and connection checking, he found the ground wire in the tank side of the fuel pump ground wire had been broken abd just barely connecting at times. It looks like you'll need to do some further checking and maybe pull the pump to check there. I'd replace it while it was out too.

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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start

Bert has a good point about the inertia switch. Some years ago I was driving my Dodge van on a road where construction was being done. I hit a bump somewhat like a speed bump at about 30MPH. The thing shut down immediately. Had to get it towed. Problem was the inertia switch.
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Re: 2000 Taurus, int. won't start

So, no shaggin' in the back of the waggin' eh.

If the ground is OK, it might be worth while getting the fuel pressure checked first before you go replacing the pump/sending unit.

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