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Need to get to 100Hp, or die trying.

I have a 86 Taurus L with a 2.5L HSC and a 3spd ATX tranny. Ive done alot of work to this car, and it runs almost perfectly. The only problem is the stock 88hp, yeah thats right 88. After many months of searching i have realized that there is jack for this engine. My question is anyone have any ideas? I was thinking a diablo chip, but thats way to much, and anything like a turbo would trash my tranny.

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good luck

I can tell you how to gain a few HP, but I dont know if you can get up to 100 without spending some money. If a chip is too expensive, then you probably dont have enough to put on a new exhaust or intake. Besides, chips wont help that much in such an old car, most of that stuff can be done mechanically. You have probably read that chips advance your ignition timing so you have to use 93 fuel. Well, in 91 and older tauri, you can do this mechanically. If you need detailed instructions, respond to this post and I will tell you. You can also remove your intake silencer box. I did that to my car and I believe I gained about 10 hp. If you really want to gain some power, advance you timing all the way, use premium fuel, and then dump about 2 bottles of octane booster into your tank. You might make 20 hp doing that.

Your tranny can probably handle about 160 hp, so dont discount forced induction yet, but thats really expensive.
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Thanks for the info. Ive been reading through threads that talk about advancing the timing, and have been checking my book on how to do it. I think im going to give it a shot, i just have to get a light first so i can figure out original setting. When you talk about removing the silencer box do you mean the air feed tube that goes behing the drivers side quarter panel, or are you talking about the actual airbox? I was thinking about taking out the box and just running a tube with filter into the original air pickup, but havent figured out how the vacuum accessories would hook up.
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Re: Need to get to 100Hp, or die trying.

I had a 86 sable with a 3.0. I don't know why you have a 2.5. I tried to get more power and i got some. I got rid of the muffler and had side exhaust. I ran my car without any airbox whats so ever and I tried the timing advance to 15 btdc and 3 weeks later I was burning up spark plugs like no other. I was running lean and had serious preignition. I ended up blowing up a valve in the 2 cylinder. I would buy a faster car because you aren't going to see another 100hp without nos and your car blowning up.
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Re: good luck

Originally Posted by minutiesabotag
Your tranny can probably handle about 160 hp, so dont discount forced induction yet, but thats really expensive.
Yeah. Truth is a forced induction kit (supercharger/turbo) will cost you a few grand.

My 97 Mercury Sable with the 200hp Duratec engine cost me $3750 when I bought it a year ago. (I found a desparate seller with a high milage car)

With these cars as cheap as they are, doing any expensive work to boost up the power of an old engine really isnt worth it, when the more modern versions of the same cars with larger engines already exist.

Before you consider dumping thousands of dollars on upgrading your engine, just shop around and buy a dirt cheap newer car. Youll wind up not only with a faster car, but an all around better vehicle that has benefitted from 10 years of extra development in the car industry.

Just my $.02

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air silencer

If you look at your intake, you will see that there are 2 boxes, one has the filter in it, do NOT remove that, without a filter, your engine will die in a few weeks. The other box is connects the air box to the drivers side fender, all that does is silence the intake. By removing it, you will gain a few hp, without doing any harm to the engine. You probably wont even notice the increased sound, I only hear a difference at 3000+ rpm, so cruising is still quiet.
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