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Setting Timing - '93 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan

3.0 Vulcan in 1993 Taurus GL

During an intake manifold replacement I (of course) had to pull the distributor. Got it back in and the car starts but seems a bit more sluggish, as if ther tiiming is retarded.

There are remarks about timing on the underhood sticker that's just above the radiator, saying essentially: " Check the timing by disconnecting the SPOUT connector. If the timing is not 10 deg. BTDC then consult shop manual."

Would you check the timing with a strobe type timing light? If I had a shop manual, what would it say about how to deal with this if it's not 10 deg. BTDC??

Thanks for any insights!

Tom Finlay

'89 F250 7.5L, '92 Taurus SHO w/exhaust mods (wow - a Taurus with a clutch!), '93 Taurus GL 3.0 daily driver w/ 305,000 miles and counting (very reliable after rebuilt trans. install).
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Re: Setting Timing - '93 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan

Disconnect the SPOUT connector, use a timing light connected to the #1 plug wire, start the engine. Aim the light to the timing marks on the crank, if its not 10 BTDC, loosen bolt & slowly twist distributor until mark is aligned at 10 degrees. Tighten distributor bolt, remove test equipment and reconnect SPOUT.


1. Place transmission in NEUTRAL (M/T) or PARK (A/T) with A/C and heater in OFF position.
2. Connect an inductive timing light.
3. Disconnect the single wire in-line Spark Output (SPOUT) connector or remove the shorting bar from the double wire SPOUT connector.
4. Start engine and allow to reach operating temperature. With engine at timing rpm, check or adjust initial timing to specification. NOTE: To set timing correctly, a remote starter should not be used. Use the ignition key only to start the vehicle. Disconnecting the start wire at the starter relay will cause Ignition Control Module (ICM) to revert to start mode timing after the vehicle is started. Reconnecting the start wire after the vehicle is running will not correct the timing.
5. Reconnect single wire in-line spout connector or reinstall the shorting bar on the double wire spout connector. Check timing advance to verify distributor is advancing beyond the initial setting.
6. Remove test instruments.
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Re: Setting Timing - '93 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan

Do as it says. Set the timing after the spout is removed. Move the distributer to set the
timing. No problem. No offence but if you don't know how to set ignition timing you might want to send it out. Bad ignition timing doesn't always make the car run sluggish.
Maybe other problems ?
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