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96´ Transmission - Refill / Oil - Amount ??? help please

Hi there.

It would be great, if i get a little help please ...

I had changed my Tranny Oil on my 1996 Mustang V6 , 3.8 Automatic. They drained the complete "old" Oil amount, out of the Converter + Pan and cleand the Pan, put new Oil Filter back on.

... but

There is no way to check on my ATF - Oil Dipstick, if there is really enough in it ???

... because it always shows, there is to much in it ....

They got 13 Liters in, so because of the Dipstick is showing to much, they took 0,8 Liter out and like i told, the dipstick is Once again still showing to much !???

So it would be great, if somebody can tell me, the correct ATF - Fluid amount in Liters for my 1996 Mustang Torque Converter and Pan Refill, so that my tranny feels great and runs without Problems ...

Thank you very much
and have a great ride with your Baby´s !!!



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Re: 96´ Transmission - Refill / Oil - Amount ??? help please

Hey Sabrinachen,

Are you checking your tranny while it's hot in neutral & running?
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Re: 96´ Transmission - Refill / Oil - Amount ??? help please

According to the Haynes bible it is 13.9 qts which sounds like a lot but translates as 13.1 litres and yes it should be checked engine running at operating temperature. Hope that helps
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Re: 96´ Transmission - Refill / Oil - Amount ??? help please

Here is a great link to an Amsoil application page where you can get all types of info for any Car & Trucks even heavy equipment lubrication needs. Like capacity amounts and specs. Even part #'s For filters,wipers,etc.. You can also order products direct.

Hope it helps.

For instance: Here is your cars info.

1996 FORD MUSTANG 3.8L 6-cyl Engine Code 4

<TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Oil Filter:</TD><TD width=120>EAO34</TD><TD width=240>Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter

</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Oil Filter:</TD><TD width=120>51516</TD><TD width=240>WIX 51516 Oil Filter</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Air Filter:</TD><TD width=120>EAA289</TD><TD width=240>Absolute Efficiency Air Filter

</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Air Filter:</TD><TD width=120>46289</TD><TD width=240>WIX 46289 Air Filter</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Fuel Filter:</TD><TD width=120>33097</TD><TD width=240>WIX 33097 Fuel Filter</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=120>Trans Filter:</TD><TD width=120>58955</TD><TD width=240>WIX 58955 Auto Tran Filter</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

<TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=100>Plug.................</TD><TD width=120>IXIRIDIUM</TD><TD width=120>TR55-1IX</TD><TD width=120>NGK7316</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=100>Plug.................</TD><TD width=120>VPOWER</TD><TD width=120>TR55-1</TD><TD width=120>NGK2683</TD></TR><TR><TD width=15></TD><TD width=100>Wire Set..........</TD><TD width=120>WIRESET</TD><TD width=120>RC-FDZ040</TD><TD width=120>NGK52115</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

<TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=150>Blade Class</TD><TD width=150>Driver</TD><TD width=150>Passenger</TD><TD width=150>Rear</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=150>NEOFORM</TD><TD width=100>T16200</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100>T16200</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100></TD><TD width=50></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=150>EXACTFIT</TD><TD width=100>T201</TD><TD width=50>[1]</TD><TD width=100>T209</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100></TD><TD width=50></TD></TR><TR><TD width=150>EXACTFIT</TD><TD width=100>T209</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100>T201</TD><TD width=50>[2]</TD><TD width=100></TD><TD width=50></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=150>WINTER</TD><TD width=100>T37205</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100>T37205</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100></TD><TD width=50></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD width=150>OKTANE</TD><TD width=100>20 inch</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100>20 inch</TD><TD width=50></TD><TD width=100></TD><TD width=50></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
1.With colored end tab on packaging
2.With colored end tab on packaging

Engine Oil
Grade 1......API*
100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil
SAE 5W-20 XL Synthetic Motor Oil
SAE 0W-30 Synthetic Signature Series Oil
All Temps......5W-20[1]
Manual Transmission,T50D.....MA5
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Automatic Transmission.....MA
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Torque-Drive™ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD)
Controlled Slip Differential, Rear .....GL-5*[2][3]
All Temps......80W-90
SAE 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Severe Gear 75W-90
Standard Differential, Rear .....GL-5
All Temps......80W-90
SAE 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Severe Gear 75W-90
SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Power Steering Fluid.....MA5
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Brake Fluid.....HBH
Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid

1. Use Ford part no. XO-5W20-QSP or equivalent
motor oil meeting Ford specification WSS-M2C153-H.
2. IDENTIFICATION: see upper left DIFF tag, code on plate at
driver's door.
3. Traction-Lok axles add 4oz of friction modifier Ford part No
XL-3 or equivalent meeting Ford spec EST-M2C118-A

EX Cobra
0 Fittings, 0 Plugs

Engine, with filter..........5.0 quarts[1]
Cooling System, Initial Fill..........12.0 quarts
AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Automatic Transmission, Initial Fill..........5.0 quarts[2]
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill..........14.0 quarts
Manual Transmission, T50D..........5.5 pints
Differential, with 7.5 ring gear Rear..........3.2 pints[3]
Differential, with 8.8 ring gear Rear..........3.8 pints[3]

1. After refill check oil level.
2. With ENG at operating temperature, shift through all
gears. Check fluid level in PARK and add fluid as needed.
3. Fill to no more than 1/4 to 9/16" below fill plug hole.

Oil Drain Plug.....19 ft-lbs
Manual Transmission T50D 5-SPD
Fill Plug.....17 ft-lbs
Drain Plug.....17 ft-lbs
Manual Transmission T45 5-SPD
Fill Plug.....13 ft-lbs
Drain Plug.....17 ft-lbs
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